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Legislature of Candidates, Bill Number U4P-A/R-002/id=480






  • U4P-A/R-002/ID=480
  • Republican Bill
  • SECOND Bill Proposed
  • Sponsored by: KEMPITE



Introduced Pending Technical Review by Legislative Counsel

An Act concerning border security and immigration reform.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of Candidates of U4PREZ.COM:


1.a- Construct the high tech, San Diego style, double tiered, security fence.


- An imaginary line allows for imaginations to run wild. It leaves our border open to

security risks, economic burdens, and general societal vulnerabilities. A border that

is not clearly defined adds to the difficulty, confusion and chaos that hinders effective

patrolling of the border. As history has shown, in the area of terrorism, the same

applies to our northern borders as much as it does to our southern border. The vast

geographical difference between the two borders creates a need to further look into

the effectiveness of the same type of barrier in the north. This San Diego security

barrier is a double tiered fence that extends far below ground and high above

ground. In between the two fences is a high speed roadway that allows for

patrolling of the border. The fence also utilizes heat sensors, cameras and break

detection security systems which will help to alert the exact location of any breaches.



2.a- Implement The use of bio-metric identification cards to those entering the legal

immigration process.


- Use the technology available to us. Incorporate the use of tamper proof bio-metric

immigration and Visa cards. This will make tracking easier and help to maintain

proper, legal hiring practices. Any type of “guest” worker program must be linked

to the Visa process and requires use of this bio-metric card.



3.a- Create an executive review panel that updates and revamps immigration laws, the

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the process to gain

citizenship and Visas.


-The current process has proven to be inadequate. We are not enforcing all the

existing laws and the institutional bureaucracy formerly known as the Immigration

and Naturalization Service is overburdened, unruly and ineffective.

The existing laws that are not being enforced must either be struck down or




4.a- Immigrants whom currently maintain their illegal status will have 10 months to enter

the citizenship process. During this time any illegal immigrant who reports to the

USCIS to enter the process will not encounter any legal penalty nor will they

receive any expedition of process. However any illegal immigrant identified as such

by local, state or federal entities will face deportation if not documented by the

USCIS and in the system.


-The laws we have neglected to properly enforce have created a generation or more

of illegal immigration. In light of our own negligence to properly enforce our laws

we must re-commit ourselves to the application of a new streamlined process and

effective regulations and grant those who we have allowed to fall through the

cracks 10 months to enter the process of “legal immigration“. We cannot expect

individuals who have broken the law and have no regard for the law to step

forward, appear in court and pay a fine or fulfill a sentence. This is unrealistic. By

having a 10 month grace period from the time this bill is passed till the time it

takes effect allows illegal immigrants to begin rectifying their situation. After that

time any immigrant whom maintains their illegal status and is detected will face

deportation. Without such action the United States will simply be perpetuating an

underground , illegal immigrant culture that that dodges the law.



5.a-Enter into mutually accepted, increased economic and law enforcement

development programs with Mexico and link this to overall diplomatic relations and

most favored nations status.


- There are reasons why the vast majority of illegal immigration takes place at our

southern border and not our northern border. It is the quality of life maintained in

Mexico. To deal with the problems that we, ourselves, face in regards to illegal

immigration logic dictates that we deal with the source of the problem and not

just the effects caused by the problem. This means we must constructively

engage our friendly neighbors and utilize diplomatic incentives that encourages

Mexico to get it’s act together by improving their own overall quality of life,

specifically in the area of law enforcement and their economy.



6.a- Seek the cooperation of state and local governments and encourage detaining illegal

immigrants whom are detected through other minor and major infractions of the law

and report them immediately to the USCIS. Eliminate the potential proliferation

of sanctuary cities.


b.-Bar federal funding to states and localities that restrict any government agency from

sending information to, or receiving information from, federal immigration

authorities regarding an individual's citizenship or immigration status.


- Existing policies allow for the illegal status of immigrants to be ignored when local

law enforcement entities encounter illegal immigrants through such events as

traffic violations or loitering. The greater legal infraction of illegal immigration

should not be overlooked and a coordinated application of the law is the least we

can expect from all levels of government.



7.a - Provide adequate funding for the Border Patrol and USCIS.


- Maintain an effective operation for the process and monitoring of immigration

through funding the needs for proper but not inordinate levels of staffing, and all

means necessary to achieve our goal of acceptable immigration and border




8.a- Increase Penalties on businesses which hire illegal immigrants to a sum of no less

than 25% of gross total receipts for the first offense for the first offense, 35% for

the second offense and upon a third offense the owners of the company will face a

Fine of 45% of gross total receipts plus a maximum prison sentence of three years.



Open Arms-Secure Borders addresses not the only the existing problem of illegal immigration but it also addresses the source of the problem. OASB secures our borders,

Constructs, patrols and maintains a southern security barrier, penalizes businesses that hire illegal immigrants, implements tamper proof, bio-metric identification cards for immigrants entering the process legally and for visas of all sorts. OASB also eliminates the use of sanctuary cities and streamlines the existing bureaucracy by reducing red tape and enabling the federal government to work in conjunction with state and local agencies in order to enforce our immigration laws effectively and efficiently.

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