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In a nutshell:

Tyler Bailey was born November 23, 2004 with a rare condition called an "omphalocele" that was repaired and Tyler seemingly thrived.  When he was only two months old, he endured a medical catastrophe that could have been remedied had his surgeon responded in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, that surgeon chose not to come to the hospital until it was too late.  Tyler lost 95% of his intestines and has been dependent on I.V. feedings ever since (15 hours per day), leaving him a medically fragile child.  Tyler also cannot talk though he has much to say, making for some frustrating times.  To add to this already difficult situation, Tyler cannot walk.  As his parents, we have lived a nightmare, but we continue to do our best to give our son a happy ending though the challenges are sometimes seemingly insurmountable. 

Please see "All About Tyler" for more details about the tragic events that we have faced and check out my blog for the latest news.

General Bradley, Laura and Tyler Bailey

Mike, Laura and Tyler Bailey, Summer 2009

Despite Tyler's many disabling conditions, we try to give him a fulfilling life.  It is our hope that he will enjoy being a child and have many pleasant memories in years to come and little memory of the horrific events that he's faced.   We feel that it's imperative to give Tyler a fufilling life that he enjoys - a reason to  live. 

Look who's riding a horse!  Why it's Tyler, of course!

Tyler began hippotherapy at Carousel Ranch and he's loving it...











 Here's an old picture of Tyler (October 2006) which I've titled, "The Screaming Monkey" that's been circulating on email (others created) with the title of "This Will Make You Smile" and there's probably a few other titles that I'm not aware of ...and it's been taken by a few "fun" photo websites.

Why was Tyler "screaming?"  Well, it turns out that at that time, Tyler really didn't like grass at all.  We didn't know that, so it was a mystery why our monkey was throwing such a fit.  Poor little monkey, tortured by that nasty grass!  : )


 Our Newfoundland, General Bradley





Our dear General Bradley lives up to the Newfoundland standards.  Not only his he massive in size, but he's gentle as a lamb, making him true to form as a "Gentle Giant."  He loves Tyler and just wants to play with him all day long.  We never need to worry about Bradley hurting Tyler.  On the contrary, we need to worry more about Tyler getting too rough with Bradley.  Tyler has this little game that he likes to play with Bradley called, "Let's See How Far My Fist Will Go Down Your Throat" and Tyler thinks it's very funny.  Bradley has never complained nor has this game ever stopped him from playing with Tyler.  Bradley must think it's a pretty fun game too because he keeps going back for more.  Perhaps they both think I'm the party pooper by stopping them?

"Hey look!  I found a pocket on Bradley's face!"


When Bradley's mouth is free of Tyler's fist, he's always close by watching over him.  As a family, we have witnessed why Newfoundlands are the number one breed for children:  They are devoted, gentle, smart, nuturing and still tough as nails! 


Bradley watches over Tyler, being careful to avoid Tyler's tubing.


Bradley continues to amaze us with his insight.  He knows that Tyler cannot walk.  He also knows that Tyler needs support to stand, so what does he do (without being trained to do so)?  He stands in place so Tyler can steady himself

"Lean on me, little friend.  I won't let you down."








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