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  Grassclan is well known for their running skills.  Also, much like Sunclan, they live on the moor.  But unlike Sunclan, Grassclan's moor is mainly grass.  Their camp is a big cave with many other caves leading out from it.  Grassclan usually eats rabbits and squirrels. They're camp is in a moderatly sized cave surrounded by hills. They have a look-out rock to look over the camp cave.

GrassClan is the least developed Clan, with no apperntices or kits. This is because several ages ago GrassClan was part of SunClan, and then they broke up. They are working hard to produce kits and get the Can going!


Grassclan cats

Leader: Tanglestar~A large calico tom cat. very strong fighter. he doesn't like to take care of his fur, he'd much rather hunt for his clan. But when it gets too dirty, he cleans it up.



Graypelt- A gray tabby tom with light gray eyes.

 Medicine cat:

Winterswish- A beautiful white she-cat who has retired early because of the great battle when a Dark Rose army member broke her right front leg, rendering her incapible of hunting and she walks with a limp. When the medicine cat spot was left open, she decided to take over and ask SkyClan to guide her.

Medicne Cat Apprentice:

Clovertail- A white she-cat with stunning green eyes.


Nightmist- She is a black she cat with yellow eyes. She is small for her age but she is extreamly loyal to her clan. She has some pretty cool battle moves. She is very close to her mother and brother. She wants a mate and kits. Mother: Sorrelfoot, Brother: Midnighttail

Midnighttail-  A black and gray tabby tom with green eyes. He is strong and very skilled at fighting. He tries hard at all he does and is loyal to his clan.Wishes for a mate and kits. Mother: Sorrelfoot, Sister: Nightmist

 Smallheart- Flameclaw's only surviving kit. brave and true. orange tabby cat


Mothdapple- A beautiful golden brown tabby cat with sparkling green eyes. She is friendly and corporative though you don't want to be her enemy. She loves to hunt and can't wait until she gets her own apprentice.


Blackpaw-A strong and muscular she-cat, with a pure black pelt and bright amber eyes. She's short tempered and a great warrior.

Mudpaw- A quiet tom, he's a bit spiteful but usually keeps to himself. Loyal to his Clan and leader but may challenge the warrior code. 






Flameclaw- Red/orange she-cat. Was once a kittypet, but ran away and became a rouge. then she ran away from the rouges when they killed 2/3 of her kits, mainly because they had a clan father.   

Grassclan Roleplay

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