Hello and thanks for visiting my trader page. As you can see I have lots of hockey and some football on the list now and will be adding more as I trade and buy/sell with other members.


I currently do not have a want list together ( I do the UD Young/YG Canvas Set each year so always looking for those) but I have wants so if you see something on my list you want to trade for , Just email or post and we can talk from there. I am always looking for Pittsburgh Penguins  Crosby, Malkin, Lemieux.

I am easy to deal with and I will  list all good traders I have dealt with at the bottom of my home page, the list is ever growing and is in alphabetical order, from the beckett,  SCF and UCB trading forums.

Thanks and happy trading

email is [email protected]">[email protected]

Trader ID for Facebook is Jim Pieters

Trader ID For SCF is 09232003

Trader ID for Beckett is 09232003