Twelve Acre Academy


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Horses, Alpacas, Goats, Chickens , Oh My


Nova - Black Tennessee Walker



ARI Registered Huacaya Alpacas:

Ilianni - Beautiful Grey Female -  $10,000

cria - true black by Iliani - $2,500 until 1 yr. 

Jewel - True Black - born 2000 - $4000

Ruby - True Black - $5000

Gabby - True Black - $5000 



Metrolina - son of Norma D and Metro - Dark Silver Gray - $2,000

              - born April 2007, ready to sire for $300 breeding.

Greyson - VAOBA blue ribbon winner - $8000

             - born 2009 , ready to sire - $500


Down Town Metro Brown - $5000 

            - born 2008 , ready to sire $300


Terminator - unregistered - $500

Boots - unregistered - $3000





Lil Joe Thorn - ADGA Registered LaMancha Buck  - asking $600 

                                   - Breeding fees include:

$50 drive-by at our farm   

$75 with 30 day board 

OREO - TMGR registered Mini-Mancha Doe -  currently in milk with the richest creamiest milk we've ever had. - $450

doeling - by OREO and Li'l Joe - born Dec 2012 - ready to bring her mom's rich creamy milk to your farm.  Will breed before you pick her up if you are interested in line breeding.  - $200

Moonshine - TMGR registered Mini-Mancha Doe - Huge udderr and teats - $450

Doeling - unnamed F1 Mini-Mancha by Moonshine and Li'l Joe - Born Dec 2012 - ready to come to your farm.  Her sister Ruby is already working hard on 6R farms here in NC.  Her black, white, grey, chocoalte color pattern offerrs lots of diversity. Will breed before you pick up if you are interested in line breeding. - $200 

PICS in Photo Gallery

will negotiate if in a group sale.


Our little ones are doing great things on other farms:  

White Lightning - TMGR Registered Mini-Mancha Wether - 2007 fixed male, great companion for horses, solitary doe or as children's pet, etc.  NO Buck smell, NO Horns. - asking $100 SOLD

2009 Wethers by OREO - lovingly known as ONE HORN WILLY and HOLSTEIN  - $100 each SOLD

DoubleStuff - 2008 TMGR MiniMancha Buckling by Li'l Joe and Oreo - $200 sold

Pepper Mill -  2008 TMGR Wether by Li'l Joe and Moonshine with horns.  - $100 sold

Dash of Salt - 2008 TMGR MiniMancha doe by Li' Joe and Moonshine - $400 sold

Hershey Kiss - 2008 TMGR MiniMancha doe by Li'l Joe and the perfect little doe "Chocolate"  $400 sold

PRINCE - 2010 Purebred LaMancha Buckling by Lola and Li'l Joe - $100 SOLD 

PRINCESS - 2010 Purebred ADGA LaMancha Doeling by Lola and Li'l Joe - running the pasture at 6R FARMS here in NC - $200 SOLD

RUBY - 2010 doeling by Moonshine and Li'l Joe  - F1 MiniMancha sure to bring her moms large udderr and milk production to the youth run "6R FARMS"  - $200 SOLD 

Lola - ADGA registered purebred LaMancha Doe - kidded in March.  - $450

JUMPY - 2009 Doe by Moonshine and Li'l Joe -  TMGR registerable (you can still name her) Mini-Mancha born in February 2009. she had a single birth in 2010 and proved to be a great mom. Currently in milk.  Due to herd size, I am reducing her price from $400 to $250.

Doeling - by JUMPY - More sedate than her mom, but just as beautiful - born in March 2010  - ready to leave and start working on your farm.  Will breed before pickup if you are interested in line breeding. - $200  







Indian Runners - they make great pest control.  You can see them catch mosquitos in the air !!! - none currently for sale -




Barred Plymouth Rocks, Americanas, Black Giants, Bantams.

Mostly layers - none currently up for sale -

Give us a call, if you are intereted in a Rooster.



Barn cats:

Great mousers, Mama teaches hunting skills, but we only have enough land for so many. 

Let us know if you plan to take one home and we'll have a starter kit ready for you. 

 Ethan loves working with the horses






















 Moonshine is an easy milker


 Li'l Joe teaches the boys










 Oreo's 2009 boys with Metrolina











 Mama duck with babies on the nest.