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90's Girls Problems 10/26

Posted by Ally Tucker on October 26, 2011 at 5:30 PM

90's Girls Problems Twitter Account Revealed-- 10/26/11

Why do I love this Twitter account like I loved JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)? Because it completely sums up my childhood. Every single tweet I read makes me laugh because I either was "that kid" or I knew "that kid." I'm not sure who runs this Twitter account (my instincts point to Aunt Becky, Mark Summers or Lori Beth Denberg....), but whoever it is, they are brilliant and must have lived the 90's exactly like me. Much like Kristen with her "Jay Bilas Goes To Work" posts, I will attempt to pick out a Tweet each day and analyze/elaborate on the information for some of you younger and older readers who may not understand. Saddle up your My Little Ponies and enjoy the ride!

Tweet #3:

@90sGirlProblem: 3 minutes is never long enough for the Temple Run. #GoBlueBarracudas 

Before BIG BLUE NATION (#BBN), there was BIG BLUE BARRACUDA NATION (#BBBN). Go ahead and admit it, you watched the show-- and you had a favorite team. Sometimes, you might have cheered for another team because of some hottie on that particular episode...but generally speaking, you stuck with one team or another. You were either a Red Jaguar (booooo! Reminded me of U of L even at age 10), a Blue Barracuda (my team of choice...shocking!), a Green Monkey (eh), an Orange Iguana  (my second favorite team), a Purple Parrot  (they never won, ever), or a Silver Snake  (they always seemed kind of evil to me). 

Legends of the Hidden Temple was an action-adventure game show that centered around a "Temple" filled with lost treasure guarded by a mysterious Mayan temple-guard, Olmec (and host Kirk Fogg--underrated hottie). Teams of 2 (I always thought it was unfair when a team of 2 guys competed against a team of 2 girls--though I felt like Billie Jean King when the girls beat the guys) competed for "artifacts" known as Pendants of Life (INTENSE!)  to win the game. Strange concept? Perhaps. The 90's was famous for a lot of things, but one of the things that the 90's often don't get enough credit for is having some of the best game show challenges for kids. Legends of the Hidden Temple is just the tip of the ice berg temple. 

In today's 90's Girl Problem's Twitter analysis, I will dive head first into the Agro-Crag best competitive game shows of the 90's. 


I wanted to be on that show sooooo freaking bad! Seriously. I would "play Guts" with my neighbors to help ease the pain of my parents not letting me actually try out for the show. 

I can't quite put my finger on why Guts was the most intriguing of all of the game shows for kids. Perhaps it was the quirky hosting duo of Mike O'Malley and Moira Quirk (get it, quirky duo? Badum-chhhh) the British accented referee who they always made try to pronounce the word "bouy" for the water competitions in the crazy "wave pool". I giggled every time. 

(You just know those 2 hooked up once or twice over the years...)

Or perhaps the "SPILL YOUR GUTS" segment in between competitions, when Moira and/or O'Malley would ask the kids about their sporting and non-sporting interests. Some young girls plan out their weddings as children...I planned out my "SPILL YOUR GUTS" answer:

My name is Ally Tucker and I play soccer, basketball and I'm on the swim team. I love all sports but soccer is my favorite. When I'm not playing sports I collect marbles and play outside with my neighbors. I invented a sport called "Rollerblade Basketball." I also like to read and earn Book-It points so I can get a free Personal Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut.  My favorite tv show to watch is 90210. #TeamDillon

But the most likely reason that GUTS was the coolest show of all time? Two words: Or maybe 1-word: Or maybe a hyphenated word:  AGGRO-CRAG

"What Would You Do?"

Let me just ask the obvious question: Was there a show on television on Nickolodeon in the 90's that wasn't hosted by Marc Summers? I remember the show, in theory, but I had to use my good pal Wikipedia to remind me of the details:


"During each show, the audience viewed a previously taped segment or stock film featuring children or families or others put in unusual situations. The tape was stopped before the outcome and Summers asked the audience to vote on either what they would do in the same situation or what the outcome would be. After the results were tallied, the outcome was played. Special guests, usually performers from other Universal Studios attractions, appeared on What Would You Do? and picked audience members to perform gross, silly or extraordinary stunts. Stunts could involve handling animals, painting, dancing or creating sound effects."

Thanks, bruh   Wiki.  

My favorite segment on the show? The "WWYD Medley Cards." At the end of each episode, Summers and a random audience member would have a WWYD card taped to their forehead. They could either choose to do what the unseen card said, or go to the Pie Pod. Some examples of the WWYD cards?


  • Hold 300 worms
  • Eat Ice Cream with Ketchup
  • Crack Eggs on Head (ooooohhhhh no he didn'ttttt)
  • Sing with a Dinosaur (um, what???)
  • Hold a Leech (That's the only one I would never do)


"Family Double Dare"

(Family Double Dare was ahead of it's time....Modern Family prequel?)

Again, another show on Nickolodeon hosted by Marc Summers (the Ryan Seacrest of the 90s).

All you need to know about this show is that I had a cup that looked exactly like the cups from the show. As a result, I have told every person I've ever met that I was on this show with my family back in the day. I have told them that our episode never ran on air, but that we have the tape somewhere in the basement that they gave us of our episode. I feel like I just ruined a "Late Night Confession" to Usher with that one, but guys....I apologize. I lied. We just happened to randomly have cups that looked exactly like Double Dare Cups. I was never on the show. GASP!

I was unable to find a picture of the cups, but they were clear with blue stripes. You know the ones....But I did find this picture of Marc Summers.

"Wild & Crazy Kids"

Yet another show hosted by Marc Summers. JUST KIDDING! Omar Gooding was the host. And a few other random puberty-ridden kids. 

The premise of this show? Well, basically, to do gross stuff that makes kids under the age of 13 say "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" or "RADDDDDD"  or "AWESOOOOOOOOOME!" 

And the common thread seemingly holding alllllll of these great shows together?



And more slime....

Maybe I just don't watch enough Nickolodeon anymore, but these childhood game shows of the 90's were pretty awesome. And weird. But mostly awesome. And also all freakishly similar in theory. 

I miss the 90s....

Stay tuned for the next addition of 90's Girls Problems ....

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