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Posted by Ally Tucker on April 15, 2011 at 11:55 AM


I was bored at work today and started reflecting back upon some of the TV shows and/or series that I have been a big fan of at various stages throughout my life. I'm the type of person who always has a few shows each week that I make a point to either watch or record. I'm not one of those people who, if I like a show, I try to catch it when I can and when I don't--"oh well." I also enjoy picking a series or 2 each summer of a show that I haven't necessarily kept up with on actual TV, and buy a season and watch the whole thing over the course of the summer. I have a lot of friends who do the same thing. (Sidenote: Don't you love how when you buy a season of a show, if there's a cliff hanger at the end-- you can just keep watching...you don't have to wait until the next week?) 

Anyway...I made a list of all of the shows that I could remember really loving throughout my life. I'm sure I've missed some that I will think of later...but the following shows have been ones that I either watched religiously when they were on air, or plowed through the series on DVD during the summer.


If there has even been a better sitcom that was as consistently funny season after season as Friends......I can't even finish that statement because I don't believe that any show matches up. Don't bring Seinfeld at me either. Just look at the ending of Seinfeld and that's enough to cause you to lose the argument. 

I jumped on the Friends train a little late in the series. I think I started watching the new episodes every week around season 4 or 5. I bought all the seasons beforehand though and caught up quickly. I now own all of the seasons and can truly say that this is the one show that never fails to make me giggle. Even if I have seen the same episode 45 times....I will still find myself giggling at the humor. 

Girls love the show. Guys love the show. It's just plain hilarious. I will always maintain that this show is my all-time favorite. Period. 

(moments like these are the reason this show was so brilliant)


I have never been so entranced and obsessed with a show as I became with LOST. My friends and I randomly started watching it my sophomore year of college. I bought season 1 on DVD because I heard it was good. We all piled onto my couch one night to give it a chance. Five hours later (even though we all had tests or homework we should have been doing) we were still on the edge of our seats (literally). 

Lost was a flat out brilliant show. A plane full of people crash on an island. Sounds simple enough...But...The writers used mystery and hidden clues to really keep you constantly wanting to figure out what the hell was going on. The element of confusion was just enough to keep you feeling like you were always "about to figure it out," while never really revealing too much to you. My favorite part of the show was the character development through the flashbacks. 

If you weren't on the Lost bandwagon before--jump on people. It's addicting and just so good. 

So You Think You Can Dance

Officially my summer obsession. If you think Dancing With The Stars can even begin to hold a candle to this show...think again. These people can actually dance. Check out the following videos and if you don't want to watch it--you're crazy!

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Big Brother

My other summer obsession. I really have no explanation for this. Read Brandon Daulton's blog entry about it if you want to learn about it. It's mostly a waste of time but I can't help it--it's my guilty pleasure

Modern Family

This is the closest thing to a truly "great" sitcom since Friends went off the air. You have to give this show a chance.....Need proof? Please watch this clip...

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Prison Break

I think this show might be one of the most underrated shows. I watched 2 seasons in an entire summer...in like 2 weeks (sad, I know). I couldn't stop watching though.

A little teaser: A guy (a pretty hot one...see pic above) is desperate to get his brother out of prison for wrongfully being accused of murder. In order to get him out, he lands himself intentionally in the same prison. Before going into prison he gets an intricate series of tattoos all over his body (see pic above) with different clues and blueprints for how to break out of the prison (oh, did I forget to mention he's a brilliant engineer who helped plan the prison's development?). 

The show is high drama in every sense of the word. The side characters are really entertaining. You will find your pulse rising with the action of the show. Promise.


My brand new obsession.

I've touted this show on the blog before, but I've really fallen in love with it in the past 2 weeks thanks to my roommate's incessant begging for me to watch it. The show has the basic staples for a good television show: Good cast. Good story lines. Good music. Good writers. Good laughs. Good moments that make you reach for the tissue. Good drama. 

I resisted at first but seriously...I'm in love.

American Dreams 

If I had to give one show the title of "Best Show That Never Made It & Was Cancelled Way Too Early" I would give it to this show in a heartbeat. Not many people even seem to remember this show (which is why it was probably cancelled). It was truly wonderful though. 

The show had such loveable characters, but even more so, the show was set during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement in Pennsylvania. The show was a great blend of interesting story lines, with historically relevant material and AMAZING HISTORICALLY RELEVANT MUSIC. The little trademark of the show that I liked the best was that one of the daughter's in the main family (played by Brittany Snow, pre-John Tucker Must Die stage), was a regular on the once popular show "American Band Stand." Each week, a current musician or band (such as Usher, Matchbox 20, Alicia Keys) would come on the show and play an older singer and sing their songs. Such a good concept.

The only way you can still watch this show is to try to find it on DVD on a sketchy website (I can vouch for the sketchiness...you may or may not get all the discs you paid for). Maybe you can find it somewhere else but if you never had the pleasure of seeing this show--you really, really missed out.

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I may have only ever watched one soap opera (only for 1 year) religiously. I just so happened to pick THE WORST SOAP OPERA OF ALL TIME that happened to have a really weird "black magic" type of vibe to it. My only defense? Timmy. And his "marTimmys"

Ally McBeal

I had to watch the show. It had my name in it. 

If I had to describe this show in one word it would be QUIRKY. It was a weird show, but I loved it.

Dawson's Creek

I was in high school, okay?  TEAM PACEY, btw.


I am near certain that my entire generation watched this show every single morning before school. Like any good show, it got a little weird when they went to college (and Zack put on the Freshman 15 like WHOAH), but what a show. What a show. (Bonus points for anyone who watched when it was called "Goodmorning Miss Bliss" in the early years and was set in Indiana....true story)

(Is there anyone's presence in this picture that surprises you?)

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(Anyone remember this little gem?)

Friday Night Lights

Where has this show gone? Someone please tell me....

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