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Absurd Campus Sing Awards

Posted by Ally Tucker on April 4, 2011 at 7:55 PM

After watching all of the 2011 Campus Sing videos, as a Campus Sing enthusiast from back in my day--I felt compelled to hand out some awards. And don't worry...if the above picture brings back fond memories, nightmares, or piques your curiosity--we will eventually post some old campus sing videos so you can see why a picture such as that was ever taken of me. 

WIthout further ado, my "Absurd Campus Sing Awards." I hope no one gets offended. They are all in good fun and each sorority/fraternity/MFI (if ya don't know what that means...you obviously didn't go to Transy and you just will wonder for all of time) did a great job! Congrats to all.

(**Editor's Note: At the time of writing this article, the Pikes and KA's had not been posted yet. I will add awards for them later.....if they deserve them)

Best Entrance- Phi Mu's Circus Entrance
Best Ending- Indy Girls - The MFI girls always find a way to kill it with a clever ending. Props.
Best Actual Dancing- Tri Delta- All I have to say is that times have changed since I was a campus singer and thank God I never had to do some of those body rolls....yikes
Best Use of Suspenders- Phi Mu - Always a good choice ladies.
Why Are 90 People Standing in the Back Looking Bored Award- Chi Omega
Most Likely To Make the Professor Judges Uncomfortable: Tri Delta & Phi Mu's "Peacock" dance (Peacock? Really....just like my Mom says when I call her MOTHER TUCKER..."I know what you're insinuating!"
Best "I Have A Job But I'm Required to Participate" Award: Tri Delta I was literally LOL-ing when I watched the girls holding the clouds in the background. Hilarious and probably not intentionally funny at all. Even when I was there--we had "Cloud Holder" types. Loved it. 
Most Enthusiastic/Supportive of Other Groups: Chi Omega  I have always really found it cool how they clap along and cheer at the good parts. They make everyone feel like they are Lady Gaga
Speaking of Lady Gaga...Best Make-Up: Chi Omega
Best "Surprise We Included This Song" Song: Tri Delta The last song "You Make My Dreams Come True" was a precious ending to the theme
Best Overall Theme: Phi Mu- I thought the circus/freaks theme was actually the most clear-cut and best executed...with that said...
The "Probably A Few Minutes Too Long" Award- Phi Mu I have to admit, even when I was at Transy, the Phi Mu's always went a bit on the long side with their routines. 10 minutes is pushing it. In contrast...
"Less is More" Award- Tri Delta  6 minutes...perfect. I didn't get bored and the songs switched at a good pace.....although....
"Too Little Is Not Enough" Award- Phi Tau - I left the room to check on my laundry and when I got back the routine was over. 4 minutes is probably not quite enough.
Best Use Of Random Guy Standing Without Moving: Pikes
Most Clever Performance: Pikes Well done. Nailed it. 
"You Might Have a Future in Stripping" Award- Tri Delta Seriously, I don't know how you guys got girls such as Kristen Geil  (fellow blogger, what up girl?) to pull off such moves. Deja' Vu...amateur night. Just sayin'....
Most Awkward Moment- Phi Tau Dream Girls Chant It just felt a little forced for me. That's all.
Favorite Solo: Phi Tau's Scottie McKelway Forget the John Wall Dance or the Dougie. I'm gonna hit my "Scottie" next time I'm at the club
Most Embarrassing Performance I've Ever Seen: KA......yikes
Precious For Trying Award: Jasi Flynn Apparently Jasi was the one in front of the KA's giving them the cues....I give her credit...she tried. And it was kinda precious. 
I Hope You Get Paid For This Award: KA Rose Court
The "I Own Campus Sing Award and I Don't Care Who Knows It Award"- The star Sig (who I will lovingly refer to from now on as "Sir Gaga") I really have no clue who that guy is....but you all know who I'm talking about. He stole the show. 100%. I hope he's half as awesome as I think he is after watching that performance. I bow down to you sir. Brilliant. 
MVP: Holly Milburn- Holly....my friend, I laughed really hard the whole time I watched your all's routine and it was all because of you. Practice pays off, but not practicing also pays off because that was so entertaining. Love you Holly Pat!

Other Random Campus Sing Musings/Things That Have Not Changed Over Time:

- Is it just me or does every sorority have at least 2-3 girls who can do some kind of cartwheel or some kind of flip? I used to think it was really neat, but now it's almost expected and just as average as a kick line....speaking of kick lines....
- I thought this was going to be the 1st campus sing I had ever seen that did not use a kick line. In fact, I prayed that it would end without a single one. AOPi....you just had to go and do a damn kick line, didn't you? My advice for future Campus Singers....NEVER DO A KICK LINE. 
- I love picking out the "Easy Dances" and the "Hard Dances" that the groups do who split up (aka not everyone dances each dance). You can spot them a mile away. I was always volunteering for the "easy dance" seeing as I had no formal dance training (Miss Jill, my tap/jazz/ballet instructor from 1st grade might disagree). I have love for the non-dancers. I also have love for the extreme dance enthusiasts and experienced dancers in each group. The 1 dance randomly thrown in is always like 85x faster than every other dance in the routine. 
- Speaking of varying levels of experience.....there's always a few girls in the front who flat out "go after it." They hit so hard and dance their guts out. Unfortunately, no one else around them is hitting half as hard or on the same pace....so they stand out a bit. But it's fun to watch nonetheless. In contrast, there's always the few girls in the back who the girl in charge of making up the dances probably hates (that was me...sorry Betsy May). These girls rarely know what move comes next and they are always 2-3 seconds behind. Sometimes they throw a hand in the air when everyone else is "cheerleader posing with their head down." (Holly Milburn, you were awesome. Did I mention that?)
- Now the Sigs have always been the unique ones of the fraternities because they have always done a creative dance routine. All I have to say is that they never disappoint and I always love the creativity they put in. Their finest moment this year was "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as a song choice and the strangely emotional "You'll Be In My Heart" song. Why did I feel a twinge of emotion at that point in the show? 
- Ribbon Dancing is always a good choice. Bravo Phi Mu, bravo. 
-Also, I want to give a shoutout to the Indy girls who have figured out the formula to the most entertaining style of performance in Campus Sing. They don't just do a dance team/cheerleading routine. They throw in some random tricks, stunts, cool stuff. Watching 50-60 girls (or guys) all doing the same interpretive dance moves can get a little boring, but the Indy's have found a way to include a wider variety of things. The other sororities have started to follow that lead and have started incorporating more of that kind of stuff in their routines as well. Keep it up people!

OVERALL WINNER IN MY MIND: A O PI for one reason and one reason only.....They wore Jorts. That is all. 

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Reply Kristen
8:33 PM on April 4, 2011 
Oh my god I am laughing out loud. For the record I dominated campus sing the one year I did it- sophomore/beyonce- and I'm dying to learn deltas sweet dreams dance. After rewatching the videos I have so much respect for anyone who can dance. I've said it before ad I'll say it again- my greatest regret in life is that patti let me quit dance before I learned how to not embarrass myself. Oh well I'll always have wiggling.
Ps I disagree that our dance made judges uncomfortable... Phi mus was way more sexual
Reply Richmond Bramblet
9:14 PM on April 4, 2011 
You might want to amend your awards once you see the gem of the KA performance...
Reply Liz Lane
10:41 PM on April 4, 2011 
I was definitely a "cloud holder" girl and proud of it. Y'all wouldn't have wanted me to dance all gangly and awkward like-- would have ruined the night for a lot of people. Cloud holders represent!
Reply Hannah
12:39 AM on April 5, 2011 
Hey now, be nice, their music didn't work!
Reply Hannah
12:40 AM on April 5, 2011 
That last one was directed to Richmond, haha...
Reply bernie
3:09 AM on April 5, 2011 
phi kappa taus tribute to weekend at bernie's was one of the most epic depictions that i have ever seen in person
Reply Richmond Bramblet
9:34 AM on April 5, 2011 
@hannah I know, I kid I kid... I went back and watched a couple of times, it's just funny watching Jasi at the bottom of the screen... Plus they attempted a kick line...
Reply Aunt Sue
7:50 PM on April 15, 2011 
These videos are wonderful! Wow, we never had anything like this at Hanover, but then that was way before the age of videos so what good would it have done. With less than 1000 students in the entire school everyone would have been on the floor at one time or another. Does make me proud to be a Phi Mu though--way to go Mu's!!
Reply Ashley
2:45 PM on May 5, 2011 
I definitely would have been a cloud holder in my day...or else I would have been one of those people who is at least two steps behind everyone else. I would have proudly volunteered to be a cloud holder to avoid the latter. Love that the guys have to actually dance now!