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Birthday Presents and Sports Bras- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on December 14, 2011 at 10:55 AM

9-25 10:05 pm

I'll list B-day presents tomorrow.

I'm doing basketball. @ the end of the season, I am GETTING MY EARS PIERCED! YEA! YEA!

Editor's note: my parents clearly knew the value of a well-placed bribe. 

Bad news: After the soccer game (we lost 5-0), Alex was getting something out of the cooler, when 2 people sat on it WHILE HER ARM WAS STILL UNDER THE LID! The Pearson family thought nothing of it, but by the time they got home, Alex's arm had swelled. Badly. They made a trip to the ER. We think it's probably a sprain.

B-Day Presents:

McKenzie: Bath and Body Stuff

Laura Beth: n-book, pencils, pic. frame

Cassie- Mad Potter Gift certificate

Lauren- Owl and Pussycat certificate

Kelley- Pillow Pal and Harry Potter #2

Morgan- tiny stuffed animal and $5

Steph- candy and tiny stuffed animal and case

Mal- Pillow Pal

Millers- Piano Pins and Photo Album

Mackenzie- soap and necklace making kit

Caroline- stamps w/ ink pad and frame making kit

Mary- $15 to Joseph Beth

Anne- stationary

Alison- Notebook, pen, inflatable pillow

Kiki- <3 shaped bookmark, <3 shaped box (w/ initials and date inscribed), and Bath Crayons


Where- Southland Bowling

Goody Bags- Lip Smackers, UK tatoos, pen, post-its, shoelaces, candy

My lane- Anne, Mary, Mackenzie, Alison, Mallory

Games- If you get a strike, you wore a tiara/pick paper out of cup. Do what it says (Ex: Bowl w/ eyes closed, lie on belly and push ball/lie on back and push ball w/ feet, etc

Mom might have a brain tumor.

now i sometimes wear a sports bra. i am so embarrassed.

EN: The above sentence was written in miniscule letters. I was very embarrassed. 

Gotta work on Energy poster tomorrow, so NIGHT!

9-26 8:30pm

Lost 2-0 @ game (soccer)

Went to Darryll's.

I've started a diary on Microsoft words saved on diary. The password is crazy8.

I called Alex. Her arm's not broken, but she has to wear it in a sling til Wednes.

My Energy Poster looks GREAT! I mean it!

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