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In Which I Pray the Rosary- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on July 19, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Start of Diary 3! 


Today we had school pictures. Everyone was all worried about their hair and smiles.

Melissa and I are entering The Harry Potter Candy Contest. You have to make up a new, magical, bizarre candy. Our candy will probably be this (nameless @ the moment): A gummi-type candy in the shape of something, like a broom or something. Whatever you eat, you get. Caution: You can only get one gummi @ a time.

Another caution: You can get letters, like a silver W for Wisdom, but you can also get a red A for Angry (or a blue S for Sad, etc). Choose your gummies wisely.

PS Letters only last for one day, but the brooms and stuff you have forever.

Like it?

Alison's entering, too. Hers is kind of a cracker that's licorice and flavored, w/ things inside (separate packages for girls and boys).

Candies anymous on package.

Names: Charm Gummies

Geil's Greatest Gummy Charms*

*=Best so far.

I want to describe all the Girls In My Class:

Vannessa: <3s monkeys

Alison: tough competition 4 anything

Hope- Wild

Alice- hilarious

Melissa- ditto Alison

Elizabeth- babyish

Eunice- ditto Shannon

Morgan- talks a lot

Terri- dives

Kelley- same initials as me (KMG)

Laura- I HATE her. Dork

Lara- <3s soccer

McKenzie- very popular

Cassie- Swims FAST

Ashley- joker, born on 10/31

Stephanie- quiet

Kara- stupid.

Later (9:50 pm)

Oh, Lord. Tonight was VERY eventful. You see, I have to write about monsoon on a certain piece of paper.

Guess what?

I lost that certain piece of paper.

I thought it was downstairs.


My room?


The kitchen, then.

Couldn't find it.

Finally (@ 9:30) I went to bed. I started to cry a little, cuz Mrs. Glover isn't exactly nice about that stuff. Then I very reverently said a decade of the Rosary, and prayed to St. Anthony oh, about a bazillion times. I even cuddled w/ my huge bear I got when I was born, Mommy Bear.

@ 9:40 Mom came to my room, holding a sheet about Rachel's soccer team, the Iguanas, and MY REPORT!

To make a short story shorter, Mom took the sheet (which had parents phone #s on it) off the fridge to call Rach's coach. She hung it back on the fridge w/ my report under it! Thanks, St. Tony.

Today's date was quadruple 9's. (9-9-99)

Today was bad cuz it was school pic day, and I worried about what everyone else was wearing (jeans & t-shirts) while I was wearing a skirt. School picture days r bad.

Daniel Wachs wore uniform. As far as I can remember, he's never NOT wore uniform. 

11 days till my BIRTHDAY!

It's 10:04, and I'm tired, so goodnight.

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Reply McLeod
11:19 AM on July 20, 2011 
YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS! I've been anxiously awaiting the start of this diary.......No shame in my game!