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Gorphfs, Cooties, and 3 Way Calling

Posted by Kristen Geil on June 1, 2011 at 10:55 PM


A exchange student (Isabelle) got moved back to 3rd grade today.

I feel stupid 4 2 reasons. 1: I applied 4 my job @ school today. Found out that I had applied 4 teachers' job. Tomorrow I will ask M. Glover if I can change my application. 

2: I fell on my left temple (got the wind knocked out of me) and cried. It was kinda nice to be fussed over.

I hate my soccer coach. He's insensitive and makes us do stuff like line up in our positions (I was goalie 4 that, and got a cramp of boredom). I'm using a new pen. My old one ran OOI (out of ink).

A Dream

Melissa and I are swimming in front of what looks like CKS. A girl starts chasing us. We swim towards a canoe but can't make it, so we swim 2 CKS. Inside, it is a hotel you could get lost in! We run around trying to lose the girl. We run through a kids room, where all is large. Then we go past a card room where my dad is playing spades w/ a fat man. The girl catches Mackenzie. I run into a bathroom and lock the door. The lock breaks and I get captured.

Alice had a dream about Gorphfs who stomp on Cooties and eat them and Ooglis who stand around. 


Got to change my job, but Meliss got it. 

Read Downriver.

Debbie figured out how to get 3 people to talk on the phone @ once. She tried it out w/ me and Eunice. We talked 4 11 min. Here's how:

1. Dial #

2. Press flash.

3. Dial other #

4. Press flash (Talk!)



Put beads in my hair.

Read Tuck Everlasting and River Thunder.

Been bored most of the day.

Now Maria sits on the other side of me @ school. My job is mail/messenger. 

Got new shoes from old navy.

@ Mass today Fr. Greg spilled inscents. Eeveryone was coughing and sneezing. 


Sometimes I hate Melissa Smith because she's so perfect. Teachers <3 her, so do all adults. But other times I <3 her too because she's so nice and funny.

We made up a Gorphf song (to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus")

The Gorphfs and the Cooties go hop hop hop,
hop hop hop, hop hop hop
(repeated) (cept for ___________)
And the Ooglis just stand around.

The Gorphfs eat the Cooties and the Coties eat the things,
Cooties eat the things, Cooties eat the things (Repeat cept 4 ____________)
And the Oohlis just stand around. 

Like it? 
She's crazy.

Other Private Thoughts

Sometimes I hate Eunice because she's so popular. She always has @ least 1 person hanging all over her. Sometimes that person is me, then I like Eunice.

17 days till Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday. (Did you know I was born on Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday? I was born on a holiday!) Basically,


(Or 2 weeks 3 days)


(My pen still doesn't work)

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