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Posted by Kristen Geil on May 23, 2011 at 2:35 PM


Steph's sleepover was great! She has this huge pipe that rolls down a little hill (People push you and about 2 other people, of course). I positioned myself so when the tube rolled, I did flips!

Lauren, Alice and I played Nintendo most of the time. I was always the 1st one to die, but Alice and Lauren made it all the way to Donut Plains (the 2nd world!)

Alice and I were forced to listen to "All Star" (by Smash Mouth) all night. If I hear it one more time today, I swear I'll... I'll... do something bad.

B-day list (continued)

Nintendo OR a Gameboy (color of black and white).

@ Steph's, 1 of her presents was a spy kit. Something in the kit was headphones connected 2 a gun-like thing. You pulled the trigger, and heard other people's conversations! One conversation went like this:

(2 13-year olds [Ragen and Christie] and 5 10 and 11 year olds playing Truth or Dare in the kitchen. Alice and Kristen listen and watch)

Ragan: Laura Beth, I dare you to sip milk while doing a handstand.

(LB does a stand against counter. Christie holds her feet. LB succeeds in drinking milk)

LB: All right! Ragan, I dare you to eat a grape while doing a handstand!

(Ragan flips up against a door. Christie holds feet. Alice and Kristen join the crowd, watching and listening. Ragan doesn't do it)

Alice and I spent most of the night spying. It was so fun! Another highlight was when Alice was trying to walk on the tube while it was rolling. She fell off and the tube practically ran over her arm! She had a bad day. It didn't help when I accidentally threw dust on her (!). Steph's goody bags were turqoise scented candles.

All in all, I had a good weekend.

Mom's nagging me (Yikes!) Night!


KILLER homework today.

No, worse than killer.

Killer x2?


Rachel got a toy she ordered today. It's like a remote control race car, except it's a cat.

Shoelaces for my party came. They're neon green, pink, yellow, and orange. They're also curly.

Practiced soccer. Sometimes I can be VERY pathetic @ punts.

I forgot. @ Steph's, Alice and I were looking @ her books. Alice tok 1, and all the books fell off her shelf! We picked them up (even the ones behind the dresser) and put them back. They fell off again. We put them back again. We went outside to tell Steph what happened. She said, "Oh, you could've just left them there." Aaauuuggghhh!!!

I forgot. From the "tooth fairy" (mom) I got 20 Backpack Books (tiny books on keychains to hang on your backpack).

I <3 my stuffed animals and blankets so x1,000,000,000 much. I got most of them when I was born,

I <3 them.

We all have major colds.

Especially Kris.

My nose is so stuffy. I can't breathe through my right nostril. My nose clears up a little when I stand.

A few weeks ago Alice, Debbie, and Eunice slept. We watched a movie, told ghost stories, sent 2 balloons to China w/ all our names on them, and talked. We also went to the Mad Potter. I'm giving Eunice's pottery back tomorrow. Well, night.

Wait! The Energy Poster Contest has started. The theme is "Energy 4 the New Millenium." I have some ideas 4 my poster about energy.





If yesterday was killer x2 homework, then today was x10.

My desk was practically empty!

No kidding!

Hardly anything happened today In fact, I think it would be safe to say nothing happened. 

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