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Stabbings and Sleepwalking

Posted by Kristen Geil on May 13, 2011 at 2:25 PM


School is so TOTALLY great! I sit beside Alison, and in front of Alice and Melissa, who sit in front of Eunice and Elizabeth. 

Both 5th grade teachers gave us the "please-don't-throw-up-on-my-shoes" speech where they talk about if you feel like you're going to throw up to go to the bathroom.

@ soccer there was a Super-Soaker fight!

The New Kids

Ashley- joker, cool

Steph- very, very quiet

Greg- ?

I was up til about 12 last night. After I had been asleep for awhile, I woke up (3:00 a.m.)! Auugghh!

We've started selling wrapping paper. Depending on how much you sell, you win prizes!

Peeked in Rachel's room; she was doing a "Choo-choo Train" game..

Today I told an awful secret about this guy Eunice likes (He stabbed 2 people). I said it in front of Ashley, Hope, Melissa, and Eunice. Eunice got mad for a second but seemed to forgive me (she sat next to me @ lunch, and stayed with me and Alison during recess).

I still feel guilty.


We finished our homework.

Guess what! Mom says last night I SLEEPWALKED!

(The scene: A 9-year-old girl [Kristen] walks out of her room, down the hall, and through the family room. She ends up in the kitchen. Her father [Jack] follows her ) (Her mom is @ the table)


MOM: Okay

(Kristen doesn't respond, but keeps smiling. Mom leads her towards her bed. Jack follows)

(In the hall)

JACK: Goodnight.

KRISTEN (pleasantly): Goodnight!

(Scene fades)

Isn't that hilarious?!


I hope I sleepwalk again! (I was dreaming about getting my ears pierced)


Didn't sleepwalk.

Kristen lost her tooth!

During social studies!

W/ Mrs. Pearson!

I was pretending it was a ballerina and twisting and turning it.

Today a boy in my class (Drew) couldn't say "Interrogative". So Mrs. Glover and him got up and marched around the room, saying, "In-ter-ROG-ative", and hopping on the "rog"!

Sleepover at Steph's tomorrow.

Just had a nosebleed.

Maybe when I finish this diary, I'll get a notebook just 4 dreams.

You sure do have...um...


She means interesting, Kris. 

Yeah! I meant "You sure do have interesting dreams," Kris.

Yeah. Right.

Today @ school, Alice kept pushing her desk foward so I was squashed up against my desk. One time I pushed backwards so some books fell out of her desk. The rest goes like this:

A: You're going down. You'll be dead on Monday, Kristen.

K: How will you kill me?

A: I'll lock you in a locker with only 2 OREOS.

K: I better make my will!

(I've arranged for Alison to sneak me food. But I'm making a will anyways).


Clothes- Kabby and Melissa

Beanies- Rachel

Swim stuff- Alison

Soccer stuff- Eunice

Books- Melissa

Anything to do with animals- Vanessa

Stuffed animals- Rachel

Dirty and clean underwear- Alice

Everything else- Salvation Army (If Mom and Dad want too)


Kristen Michelle Geil

Witnesses: Mandy Geil

Kate Geil

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1 Comment

Reply Ally Tucker
5:19 PM on May 13, 2011 
A) Greg sounds really mysterious.....
B) Who makes up a secret as a child that someone stabbed somebody? Geil.....weird, seriously weird. I'm glad Eunice didn't hold it against you though. Great friend.
C) I like how the next day you entered simply "Didn't sleepwalk." Haha best line of the whole thing and this was a good one
D) Tootherina?
E) Oops just had a nosebleed while writing this comment.
F) Sweet will. I think that a few things are confusing though: If Vanessa gets anythign to do with animals, and Rachel gets your stuffed animals...........do you see where I'm going with this?
And also, poor Alice. She got the short end of the stick. AND dirty? Really? Morbid kid.
Who the hell are Kabby and Melissa Geil?