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"You Can Find Me In The Pub...."

Posted by Ally Tucker on May 3, 2011 at 11:20 AM

You can find him in the club....with a bottle full of bub (ma-ma). You can find me somewhere else....

You can find me in the Pub.....Chinoe Pub (or Grill) to be exact. With a small cup of Bourbon Ice Cream. No, seriously. Within 5 minutes of walking into the Pub last night with my friends, a strange man came up to us and brought us a tiny container of ice cream with tiny spoons and said something to the effect of, "This is illegal to hand this out here, but I'm trying some new stuff......."  Against our better judgment (sorry Mom), we all tried a little bit. It was good. Not the point of this blog post though..moving on...

I have found a new place where I want to become a "REGULAR." You know, the kind of place where people expect you week in and week out at the same time. They start to learn your name, some of your hobbies, whether or not you like Bourbon flavored ice cream, etc. I have found that place.

Chinoe Pub.

Chinoe Pub might be known for many things (I have only been there once...last night). I now know it as my weekly karaoke spot. 

I think I've always been a karaoke-ite at heart. Anyone who came to my senior year of high school birthday party perhaps remembers the karaoke party in my basement....

(What up Lindsey? Nice moves....)

So clearly I have been a karaoke fan for a while. Then, add on to that the fact that I actually got a karaoke machine for Christmas one year. Actually, both my sister and I got one. They were $10 (seriously) at some electronics and music store. So my Mom bought us each one. I got a few good runs in with that thing in college before I accidentally left it in back lobby and the campus police took it (I can only imagine what they did with it while it was in their possession....I'm thinking maybe Miley Cyrus or Hoobastank?). A year after I had last seen the thing, I remember going to some goofy campus event and seeing it there and people karaoking with it. You're welcome Transy....don't say I never gave you anything. And quit hitting me up for donations. I'm not rich.....yet. 

And if all of that wasn't enough to lead to the day where I would become a karaoke regular....perhaps you haven't met my sister yet....Colleen.

Don't let that angelic little grin and hand pose fool you.... When it comes down to it she is 2 things ...

1) Prematurely grey-haired

2) A karaoke goddess in Louisville....

( I knew that one of these days all of those iPhotos we took would pay off....)

Seriously....people know my sister in certain karaoke places around Bardstown Road....

Anyway, with my clear affinity for karaoke and apparent genetic pre-disposition, it was no doubt that I fell in love with Chinoe Pub last night and their karaoke scene. To try to sum it up in just 1 blog entry would be nearly impossible....but that is exactly what I will attempt to do. 

Our night started off right with the most adorable little old man in the entire world (who came in with the assistance of a "Roll Easy" walker). He was not only precious as pie, but he kicked off the night with the first song. I don't even remember the song because all of his tended to blend together. But I will tell you this--they were all emotional love ballads and he had a Johnny Cash-like voice.

How did he karaoke? From his booth. Yep. He's a regular and they know him and love him there. He has trouble walking so they bring the microphone to him and he croons and swoons us all from his little booth. 

Fellow blogger Kristen Geil even went up to him to strike up a conversation after he melted our hearts with "Unchained Melody." (His rendition was so good that Whoopie showed up to bring Demi Moore back to life via Swayze and a pottery wheel). In her conversation Kristen gathered information that literally brought tears to our eyes: He is a widow. He gladly shows off all of the pictures in his wallet to perfect strangers such as Kristen. He comes to Chinoe Pub every Monday night. He was recently hospitalized for health reasons but still managed to get clearance to come to Chinoe Pub from the hospital on Monday nights because "This karaoke keeps me alive." If you didn't just dab a tear from your eye, you're not human .

Next up on the karaoke line-up was another "regular." She was the kind of scary girl with a lot of tattoos and piercings and skin showing who liked to sing equally bizarre and scary songs such as "I'm a Psycho." She was one of those types who realllllllllllly thinks she is good at karaoke. Like tries way too hard. She even started her first song with a disclaimer: "Hey guys....I'm just doing this one for fun until my vocals get warmed up...." I will be the first to tell you that her last song of the night was no better or worse than her first. Warm-up or no warm-up.
I tried to find the YouTube video for the song she sang....doesn't exist. I'm even more baffled now than I was then. So anyway...here's this video to watch instead....

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Our group of friends made our karaoke debut with song #3 of the night. Toto was the choice, obviously. We sang "Africa," which certainly seemed like a good choice at the time. Under-estimated aspects of the song "Africa": Really high notes & about 100 different "I bless the rains down in Africa" lyrics. Seriously....we sang that line like 492 times.

Basically for the next 3 hours while we were there, the DJ at the karaoke place called us out for signing up for a ridiculous number of songs. We literally probably signed up for 15 a piece. We couldn't stop. We had that can't stop, won't stop in our veins. That's why he can't stop, won't stop calling our names (to karaoke). Did you see what I did there? (If not, listen to more rap songs).

Anyway....we dominated the mic all night long. The DJ made note (via publicly calling us out--see a theme here?) of how many 90's songs we picked. For example: "I'll Make Love To You" (It's always fun to make the crowd feel awkward by singing racy lyrics to them by Boyz II Men), "Torn" by Natalie Imbrugulia (This is where I started the game called "I'm going to sign you up for a song without telling you what it is and you won't know until you get up there.....), "All-Star" by Smashmouth (not as fun of a song to karaoke to as you might think....). 

Trickled in among those 90's songs were surprise crowd pleasers such as "Camel Toe" by Fanny Pack. Yep, that song exists. Every single person in the Pub randomly was okay with that song....and our friend Amy giving herself a camel toe to sing it. Don't know what camel toe is? Google it. Or don't.  

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Another hit?  A very intense rendition of "Living on a Prayer" as well as old country songs that no one has ever heard of by Haydon Warren (girl's got pipes.....seriously). My personal highlight of the night thought was singing "We Are The Champions" with Sarah Zembrodt. You know you are good friends with someone and cut from the same thread (fancy saying for "like family") when you both sing a song the exact same way....emphasis on certain random parts, going awkwardly high for certain parts, dancing at the same moment, etc. 

Other random observation? Every guy who karaoked besides our dear sweet old man friend, picked a really melancholy rock song. Fuel's "Bad Day?" Let's just say...not a crowd pleaser.

All in all, our first night on the road to becoming "REGULARS" at Chinoe Pub's Monday night Karaoke was a pretty big success......

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Loyal readers & friends....feel free to join us next Monday!

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Reply Cole
12:11 PM on May 4, 2011 
My bacherlorette party ended at Chinoe Pub. It started at a UK football tailgate, something happened in the middle, and I called my mom at 10:00 to come pick me up from the Chinoe Pub. She made it from Winchester around ??? o'clock and took me home with my reusable Kroger shopping bag of clothes are various other items. Thanks, Judge.

Just another evening at the Chinoe Pub . . .
Reply McLeod
1:36 PM on May 4, 2011 
I want in on Karaoke night. However I play soccer games on Monday nights. If it ever stops raining, perhaps you can start your night with a hilarious viewing of me attempting to play a sport I wasn't made for with 50yr old men and end it with some Karaoke.
Reply Meredith
10:07 AM on May 6, 2011 
After reading this post, I am beyond excited for another karoake night. I've been practicing in my car, singing "the best I can possibly sing."