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In Which I Create A Triplet

Posted by Kristen Geil on May 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM


For our b-day, we''re going to have a bowling party on 9-25. 

On the class list, - = invited. ? = maybe invited.

Rachel lost her 1st tooth today, chewing on a Skittle. 

5 Skittles, actually. She also had a friend over, and went to soccer pratice.

B-day List

A pet

Harry Potter Book

Beanie Babies

Lip Smackers

Lmtd 2 stuff

Sports stuff

Computer games

Cool clothes

That's basically what we both want, but we'll be happy w/ anything. Right, Kab?



We're looking at another house. 

It's HUGE!

2 other people we know r looking @ it 2. 

Watched Amanda, Eunice, and Kate play a soccer game. They won!

Kate oldest sister was on the other team!

Kate was my best friend on the Shooters last year. Today she walked up to me, put her arm around my shoulders, and said, "How's your life been?" I said, "Funny."

Trust me, it was FUNNY.

Orientation tomorrow!

Me and Kris moved a clock from her downstairs office to our room. It looks good!

I heard Kate's coach say, "Rub it in a little, Kate, but not a lot." about her older sister losing the game!

Funny again.

Everything about Kate is funny. I think I'll make Kate our triplet. On the field, Mom got us mixed up.

Here goes...

Hi everybody! What's up?

Not much. You?

I think we'll stop for now, folks. Bye!




Orientation was fine. FYI (for your information) we're NOT buying the house.

It's her new hobby, looking for houses. 

Went to Southland Pool w/ Eunice, Alice, Debbie, and Lisa.

I went down the slide headfirst.

Even though that's not allowed?



Got on the computer w/ Dad and Rachel! Practiced soccer too.

School starts 8-25-99. 

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