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Mandy Gets Pneumonia

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 26, 2011 at 12:20 AM


Slept over @ Eunice's. @ about 12:00 we heard beeps. It was the Carbon Monoxide alarm! We didn't die though. 

L.B.'s party was fine.

Kiki babysat. She brought me, Rachel, and Mandy necklaces and keychains.

Mandy hasn't written 4 so long because she's got pnemonia. She's almost better.

Mom left 4 Washington D.C. today. She's coming back tonight too. 

Well, goodnight! (Mandy says goodnight)

P.S. Borrowed 2 books from Eunice (Watchers #5 Island and Dawn and the School Spirit War).

Watchers #5 ROCKS! Read it now!

P.P.S. Eunice's radio switched on @ 7:55. We awoke to "Baby, When the Lights Go Out" by Five blaring @ top volume. It's suprising Eunice's deaf parents didn't wake up.


Mom just got home. She brought me and Rachel and Mandy an way oversized penny, quarter, and dime. They are funny! Mine looks like this:

Insert drawing of oversized penny and a heroic attempt at drawing Abraham Lincoln on it

But it looks more like a REAL penny.


Sleepover w/ Eunice, Debbie, and Alive was good. Alice tried to do cartwheels, but end up on her butt. After 1 particularly bad fall, she couldn't get up and had to crawl to the couch I was sitting on. I nearly died from laughter!

We got hold of some balloons, wrote our names on them, and let the balloons go, hoping they would end up in China. 

Kiki babysat. Last she babysat 4 Addison, she bit Kiki on the thigh. Ouch!

Mandy's better. Night!

P.S. The doctors found out Rachel has warts on both feet; 17 on right foot, and ? on left foot.



Spindletop banquet today. Got a trophy. I had fun wandering around the huge house. 

Got new sandals.

The new Harry Potter book is, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabam." Azkabam is the wizard jail.

Kiki babysat. 

Debbie and I decided our first words into the new year will be "KABOOM"!

Made entry for a tie contest yesterday.

I'm all better! I have... let's see, exactly four words to say after this: Pnemonia is the PITS!

You know what? Rachel's gonna have homework four days a week!

Learned 2 new forms of solitare. 

Is that all, Kristen? I think it is.

Yep, it is.

Okay, goodnight! And remember, pnemonia = very bad!



A Dream

I am in a snowy state w/ lots of friends. There are lots of spiral slides called, "giant's footprints." My friends and I decide to go down one w/ a counselor. We grab one and start.

In the middle, Alix drops something. She wants to get it, but the counseler (Mary Catherine) won't let her get it. She says it's too dangerous right now. 

We get to the bathroom and realize we really needed the thing Alix dropped. So Alix crawls up to get it w/ a rope tied around her waist. When she has it, me and Adam pull her back up. We stay @ camp a few days, watching people on huge snowboards do jumps and twists.

When it's time to go, the ice and snow have turned to water. We put our stuff in suitcases. which go in a cargo boat. We put choking life jackets on, and someone else's sandals on. My sandals slip off and sink 2 times. The 1st time Eunice retrives them, but the 2nd time, the sandals sink. 

We put waterskies on, and ski up the hill.


Definitely a dream I want to remember.


Went to soccer practice. Here's a list of new kids:

Mary V

Mary M

Beth Ann





I am SO HAPPY school is about to start.

So am I! I've been so bored. I'm so used to having 15 tons of homework I miss it! (& J/K [Just kidding])




Don't worry, I'll speak for you, Kristen. She means, "That's all, night!" So, night! (She says night)

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Reply Ally Tucker
12:47 PM on April 25, 2011 
Wow. A lot to digest.

1) 17 warts on her foot? Good grief. And the ? on the left foot makes me really nervous for her.
2) "Kaboom" good choice. I will ring in 2012 with that.
3) I like how in Mandy's comeback entry she not only shares that pneumonia is the pits (what made you think to give her that?) but that Rachel will also have homework 4 times a week. Random.
4) Definitely a dream I'm glad you remembered....
5) You love lists : names, ages, popularity, etc.
6) J/K
7) Man-dy
8) Kris-ten
9) You guys.....soooo silly