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A Few Entries from Jasmine

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 21, 2011 at 10:25 AM


(Jasmine [quiet])

Cleanup was fine. I got pink paint in my bangs.

Acting was great. I tried out for 3 parts!





I got the part of Princess Angelique!

Put my hair in pin curls. Right now, I look funny. Tomorrow I'll (hopefully) look cool!

Got a call from newspaper. They interviewed me, and they are going to interview Melissa (about clean-up). Night!!

See you in the morning bright!


(combo of Jasmine/Gabriella)

Curls turned out fine.

Nothin much happened today. G'night!

Yes, goodnight!


Wesley and Cory (2 very cool girls @ acting) say that me and the guy who plays Christopher (aka Adam W) make a "cute pair." They said we look alike: it's true, we do. We're the exact same height. same color hair, we have brown eyes, and we're both tan. The other Angelique is tall, blond, blue-eyed, and pale. She's so tall when they're together. it's like, "The Tall Princess and the Midget Marquis"! 

Well, maybe I DO like Adam a little.

Okay, maybe a lot, cuz now my crushes are:

1. Adam W

2. Adam M

3. Sam

Sam teases too much, Adam M is OK, but Adam W can be quiet, loud, sweet, and funny.

Adam happens to be the best actor of the boys (Wesley's the best girl actress).

Okay, so Adam and I make a good pair.

Question is, does he like me?

P.S. Class list enclosed.

* = New kid


Today is the last Friday the 13 of the Millenium!

About my crush list. It's changed, cuz now it's 

1. Adam W and Sam

2. Adam M


Memorized all my lines. My princess costume is just plain ugly. It's a mixture of peach and orange. "It's not THAT bad," quoted from Adam (!). Maybe it's not too bad, but it's really long. I HATE that. 

Went to the mall. 


The play went well. For curtain call, I got to hold Adam's hand!

Plus, my dress didn't look so bad under the lights AND I only messed up once.

Mom filmed the parts I was in, so now I can see Adam whenever I want. 

(I don't mean to get all mushy. It's just that I really like Adam.

My Dream

I am @ camp w/ all my friends and Adam. There are 2 Indians living with us. One, Mollie, is outgoing. The other, Rachel, is my best friend. She is shy, so when I see her, I am quiet. 

One day I got to the mall w/ Adam. I press a brick, and find myself getting my ears pierced. @ lunch, Adam asks me how many pets I have. I answer, "1 chameleon, some spiders, and a ant farm."

When we are getting ready to leave camp, I realize I forgot all my stuff. I run back and get it.

When Mom and Dad see me, they don't care I got my ears pierced.

1 week later, Adam moves next door to me.


That was one of my favorite dreams EVER.

Side note- in case you were worried about me running out of diary material any time soon, let me reassure you that we still have at least 2 more to get through. I also had a dream journal. Get excited.

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