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In Which Kristen Clones Herself

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 16, 2011 at 6:35 PM


The pool was stellar! 1st we went to Eunice's house for awhileand had lunch.THen we went to the pool. After that, we went Zany Brainy. I bought an address book.

@ soccer camp I won a contest. I was in a group w/ Caroline Hamilton and a girl from Eunice's soccer team, Lauren. There's a funky t-shirt contest tomorrow. I'm not entering. Tomorrow the coaches are setting up the Slip 'n' Slip. My coach (Heather) has an identical twin, Mary.

I got sunburned real bad on my head, chest, face, and shoulders!

I think that's all. Bye!

(P.S. Eunice is REALLY nice REALLY cool and REALLY funny.)

(P.P.S. My sunburns hurt.)


Funky Jams (shorts) contest tomorrow. Slip 'n' Slide was COLD!

Rachel's on a soccer team (the Iguanas) w/ 2 girls she knows. 

Watched Dad's T.V. interview about tennis. He ended it by saying: "This year was too hot, Next year, I'm playing chess."

Ha, ha, ha!


Goodnight, little (or big) unknown adult (or kid!)!


I made it to the shootout today, and scored 2 out of 3 goals! (came in 6th)

Funky socks, tomorrow, I'm entering.

Eunice and I did "makeover" today.



P.S. Went 2 ice cream party today.

Double P.S. Got an invitation to Laura Beth Rider's birthday party. It's at Spindletop.


Didn't win Funky Socks. 

Went to shoot-out again. Didn't score any, though. Eunice won for the girls. How ironic.

Got invited 2 KY Kingdom but can't go. :(

The news is going to interview yours truly for an article about the Ecton Cleanup. We're getting new area codes.

Backstreet boys are having a concert @ Rupp Arena. Mom said she could get tickets, but I don't really want to go.

Bulletin: Tomorrow, after weeks of anticipation, I FINALLY find out which teacher I get. AAAUUUGGGHHH!



I'm in Glover's class w/ everyone in our group... cept Debbie. 

Poor Debbie!

Went to Woodsend Bend w/ Melissa. Looked 4 deer and saw tons! A little fawn kept walking toward me and Mel... It was like magic. We're gonna write a book about a girl and her baby deer.

@ Woodsend Bend, we played Trouble a million times.

You LOST a million times.




Well, maybe you only lost nine hundred, ninetry nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times (or 999,999).

What am I going to DO w/ you?

Give me Oreos?



Rachel has a lose tooth (@ age 5).

@ Woodsend Bend today Melissa accidentally scratched me on the shoulder. And scratched some skin off!

I want to be different. So from now on, whenever I don't feel like myself, I'll BE someone else.

Alexis- mad

Bryann- sad

Caroline- strong, the boss

Danielle- humorous

Eve- normal, yet different

Fransesca- stubborn

Gabriella- really cheerful

Hanna- individual

They (ABCDEFGH) are now my clones. Why? I want to be DIFFERENT! Clones are different. Aren't they?

What about moi, your twin?

You're my twin no matter what.


Tomorrows 2 things: acting class and the cleanup.

Isabelle- excited. 

Right now, I'm Isabelle. Definitly. 

The only thing I really have to explain my abrupt cloning of myself is that I completely stole the idea from a book I was reading at the time. I swear. It was called "I.D" and was part of a sci fi series called "Watchers" by Peter Lerangis. You can look it up. They were actually really good books. Here's the link-


And the extraordinarily creepy cover:

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1 Comment

Reply Ally Tucker
10:44 PM on April 16, 2011 
1) Reading this makes me understand what it must feel like to be ADHD and jump from 1 thing to the next at a rapid pace
2) The whole little/big unknown age thing was bizarre
3) Is Bryann just Bryan w/ an extra "N" or pronounced Bee-Ann?
4) Eve is really perplexing....normal, but different? Jumbo shrimp?
5) I feel like a really touching moment happened at the end there between you and your twin....
6) Good God you were (are? unknown? age 21/22) weird