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Consider Me A Bandwagoner

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 13, 2011 at 9:30 PM

Late Night Confesh Time. It's been awhile Usher.

But good news- Layson, Ally and I are coming to see you LIVE and IN CONCERT in a little over a month! Get ready to be wooed.

*so seductive*

Back to the confession. For months, I refused to get a Twitter.

I claimed not to understand the purpose and I steadfastly refuted every argument thrown my way.

~You can tell the world your thoughts in 140 characters or less- I can do the same thing with Facebook.

~You can keep track of your favorite celebrities- I watch way too much E! and read way too much Perez for that to be necessary.

~You can learn about new products, and sometimes get discounts on things- whatever, if something's really that cool I'll hear about it some other way, plus I'm inevitably too lazy to redeem any online coupon code I have coming my way.

~You can follow your friends and get their updates- again, Facebook and text messages will suffice.

I said to my friends with Twitter (of which there really aren't that many)- what's all the hullabalou about? Seems like a completely unnecessary waste of social media. And after awhile, I stuck to my anti-Twitter status just because I'd come this far in resisting and I didn't want to give in now. I can be stubborn sometimes.

(not me)

And then. My curiosity started to gnaw at me day and night. I found myself wondering, "I wonder what Kim Kardashian is doing right this minute?" My friend Connor kept advocating Twitter and passing along all the funny tweets she had seen that day. Charlie Sheen and the Bronx Zoo Cobra happened.


The nail in my Twitter coffin? My mother got one.  

(Patti, happily tweeting away, on her "fun" account, not her professional one)

The actual birth of my Twitter occurred on a Thursday afternoon almost three weeks ago. I was at my internship, texting Ally Tucker about the blog, or Facebook, or whatever was keeping me occupied at that time. I told her, "I think I want to get a Twitter." Her response, while I can't remember the exact words, was something like, "It's about f-ing time." So I took the plunge. 

I did it. I made my Twitter account. I tweeted. "Resistance is futile. Hey Twitter, nice to meet you." I started finding my friends and getting little shocks of pleasant surprise each time I received notice that someone else was following me. I chose a picture, a mini-biography, and I began exploring which funny accounts I wanted to follow (for the record, I don't really like Charlie Sheen's that much now that he's on tour. Lord_Voldemort7, TheeDosEquisMan, RealWizKhalifa, and pgeil1118 all have my ringing endorsement). 

And now? Yeah. I'm obsessed. Okay, I get it now. I love feeling stalkerishly close to my favorite UK athletes/coaches, grimacing over Tyra's carpal tunnel syndrome from writing her new book "Modelland," and cracking up at every single hashtag my mother creates (please Mom, don't stop). I get a kick out of having #longhairdontcare battles with Ally Tucker, and it is my heart's desire to get people to retweet me so I can be more Twitter-Popular (it honestly bugs me a lot that I follow more people than I have followers... so I occasionally unfollow people just because).

I also think that as a result of Twitter, my ego has grown about 10 sizes too big for my head- it's like I think my every thought is absolutely brilliant and totes Twitter worthy. I have to fight the urge to constantly update my Twitter because I'm scared stiff that people don't think I'm as funny as I think I am, and they'll unfollow me and then I'll have less followers than people I follow and it's a vicious cycle of tweets and run-on sentences. 

(another funny Tweeter- Y__U__NO)

So. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, I tweet. Probably too much. And yes, I think you should jump on the bandwagon too, if only to follow me and hear my poignant, witty thoughts and observations (@kristenmgeil).


I can't promise I'll follow you back though. 

Oh, and PS- I got a little Twitter happy during UK/UNC game and the fact that it got us to the Final Four. At the time, my Facebook and Twitter updates were linked, and I got a lot of negative feedback about me blowing up newsfeeds. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

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