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Zenon and My Guide to Making Friends

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 12, 2011 at 10:15 AM


Bought Dad's b-day presents. 

Went swimming @ LTC.

Got our pictures taken. Me, Rachel, and Mandy put tons of glitter on, and Mom made us wash it off 4 the pictures. The pictures will turn out good, I can tell.

Mandy's News

Mandy: Thanks for the report, John. And now the weather. Today was very sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful weather for outdoor activities, except for 1 thing. The temperature, which was 101 degrees. Yeow!

That ends our broadcast for tonight. Goodbye and Goodnight folks!

We went to see the classes, but we couldn't find them. We forgot one minor detail. They post them next week.

Auugghh! I can't STAND the anticipation and excitement! Anyways, goodnight!



Went to the pool today. Got song in my head.

Star gazing mega-fast

You hit me like a cosmic blast

Won't you be my Super Nova Girl!!

You put me into over drive.

I have a feeling I'm so alive. You're giving me a techni-color world.

*Stellar hydro-static

there's no gravity between us, our love is automatic!

Zoom zoom zoom

you make my heart go

boom boom boom!

Won't you be my Super Nova Girl?

I'm also going to improve my vocabulary:

stellar- cool

minor- mistake

major/mega- lots

negtive- no

graphic- beautiful

marco- good, or also cool

nova- ditto on stellar.

I got all this from "Zenon, Girl of the 21st century." a movie I watched tonight w/ Kiki and Rach.

And me!

Anyway, the movie was stellar major (really cool)!

Next time it's on, I'm gonna ask Dad to tape it. 

I can chat on-line w/ B*Witched. @ Monday @ 7 p.m. They're also in concert (w/ Five, another stellar group) @ the same time! 

Well, gotta sleep! See ya in the "morning glorius" (a pharse that means "morning" or "good morning")

Oh yeah! Melissa and I went to the pool. Not that it helped us cool off!


Dad got his Millenium CD!

News MAJOR! Eunice invited me to LTC after soccer camp! She's going too! I'm elated! I don't have to go to camp w/ only frusterating, too-nice girl to talk to!

I also saw Eunice @ church today.


scrub- end, give up.

I can't wait for acting class! It's gonna be stellar!

To Change:


a) Be cool

b) Participate in talk

c) Don't contradict a lot. Only about once a day.

d) Change my appearance a little. Maybe I can sneak some lip gloss on 4 the 1st day of school.

I'm starting to wonder about the 4 new kids. If it's a Girl...

a) see if she cool/popular. Usually, if she's popular, she's really nice.

If it's a Boy...

a) See how cute he is.

b) See how popular he is.

c) Compare to other boys

d) Make desicion!

Hopefully I'll get new friends!

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