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Childhood Trends That Need to Come Back

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 5, 2011 at 10:15 AM

As we all know, fashion works in cycles. What's hot now goes out of style in a year, then is miraculously reborn under the heading "retro." Reincarnation has never been so convenient and profitable.

Case in point- these glasses. I'm still not sold.


I got to thinking about what trends of my 90's childhood I would love to see come back again. The resulting list was a blend of function and fashion...




To a not-quite teenage girl, hair wraps were the ultimate status symbol for a few reasons. One, hair wraps are difficult to execute. Between the dangers of tying knots of thread in someone's hair and the prevalence of "tender-headed"ness, learning how to do a hair wrap properly took time, effort, and the step-by-step instructions illlustrated in this book:

I am willing to bet at least half of all girl blog readers had this book or the equally famous/useful "friendship bracelets" book.


Anyway, because hair wrap artists were so few and far between, having one made you SPECIAL. It probably meant you were recently on a tropical vacation and your parents were too cheap to let you have your whole head cornrowed (luckily, as a senior spring breaker, Sarah Byrom has the funds to finance this herself now).


Plus, you got to choose your favorite colors to be tied to your head for a month (or more), and don't even get me started on how much thought I put into what charm I should put on the end (for the record, it was usually a dolphin. Who'da thunk it...)

Oh, and point of order- a braid with three beads on the end is NOT a hair wrap, as my penny-pinching parents tried to convince me on our first beach vacation when I could have conceivably gotten one. If you can do it to your own hair, it doesn't count. Sorry.


So consider this first list item more of a warning than a wishful thought. Layson and I have discovered that a first year in our sorority knows how to hair wrap. We WILL be sporting them through all of May Term. You WILL be jealous of our hippie glamour. Be prepared.



Okay, maybe this was just me, because when I google-imaged "lip smackers necklace" all that came up was this lame-o travel container necklace set.

This is nowhere near as cool as what I'm talking about. I specifically remember having a red and gold Lip Smackers shoelace threaded through my blueberry (gag) Lip Smackers chap stick (I might still have it at my parent's house somewhere). I kept it around my neck at all times, ready to fight chapped lips at a moment's notice. Everyone was jealous. Everyone.

But, let's start at the beginning. Everyone loved Lip Smackers. Come to think of it, a lot of us still do. It was chap stick but in fun, fruity flavors, with brightly colored shiny tubes to boot. They were collectible and you could buy them in sets according to "theme"- candy, fruit, whatever those sparkly tubes at the top of this picture were (I can't remember but I know I had each and every one of those- I've always loved sparkles). What's not to love?

You can even see in the above picture, the third row down has holes at the top of the lids SPECIFICALLY for threading a shoelace through! See, I wasn't making that up!

So, we've established that Lip Smackers were (are) cool and desirable. "Why keep them on a necklace?" you may ask. "Isn't that a little lame?"

Well, yes and no. No, it's not lame because if you're anything like me, you lose chapstick constantly. Somehow the stick I'm currently using never makes it when I switch purses, never gets stuck in my pocket when I'm running out the door, melts in my car on a hot summer's day... you know the drill. Chap stick, for all its brilliance and usefulness, is easy to leave behind. So if there's an invention- nay, a trend- that makes it easier for me to have chap stick on me at all times, it can't be lame.


But I understand that some of you- males particularly- may be a little wary of wearing chap stick as a jewelry accessory. Understandable. Not everyone can be so glamorous. Here's where the simple little trick comes in: Wear it under your shirt. See? Easy! (If you need further tips, please contact Andi Mong and ask her how she managed to wear her passport under her shirt for a month while in Greece and Turkey)

Although, I guess this ad doesn't really make it appealing to guys either. Still, I stand by this trend and I look forward to seeing shoelaces and Lip Smackers living in harmony in the near future.



Speaking of shoe laces... I'm on a roll today I guess.

Mid morning confession: I had a hard time learning to tie my shoes. I think I learned in second grade sometime, and only because one of my friend's moms took it upon herself to sit me down in the cafeteria one day and explain the bunny ears principles to me.


 To this day, that is how I tie my shoes. I have never been motivated to learn the fancy way. Long hair don't care.


Perhaps, then, noticing my difficulty with a basic motor skills, my mother (ever the trendsetter) purchased curly shoe laces. All I had to do was pull them tight and VOILA- shoes stayed on feet. Magic!


Plus, they came in really fun colors.

And they're patriotic!

These shoe laces have a lot of other benefits: time saver (no wasted time tying your shoes!), safe (ever have a shoe come untied while on an escalator or a treadmill? Danger, Will Robinson, danger), and conversation starter ("Oh, I see your Shoe Springs are blue and white. Are you a UK fan?"). I can only imagine how awesome my current kicks would look with these curly shoe laces and a pair of jorts. Can you say "Cosmo"?



 Oh wait...



Enough said.

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Reply Tori
7:26 PM on April 10, 2011 
Just so you know, hair wrapping used to be my summer gig. I could've had you all in hair wraps long ago had I known your passion for them.