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In an Attempt to Distract Myself from Final Four- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on April 1, 2011 at 10:45 AM


Got 3/4 best times, and a 1 place in back. S-top is off to a good start. Most every 9-10 girls Top 16 went like this:

1. Emily Brand

2. ?

3: Carrie Shale

4: McKinely Doles

5: Leslie Ramer

7: Lauren Gates

Sam came to our tent and played around w/ McKinely and friends (and me!) Adam sang the National Anthem. 

Mom talked to Mrs. Greer. From what I heard she really <3s the house! Dad likes it though. Told Kelley and Martha we're looking @ it. They're thrilled!

I'm starting to feel kind of weird because of Eunice. I know what you mean. I feel weird after eating something funny.

No, I kind of feel like something happened to her.


Went to dentist. 

Meet Mr. Lee about park today w/ Melissa. She came over afterward. 

When I'm sure the Gates are home from Berea, I'm going to call and ask how S-top did.

It's weird. Mel wrote to Eunice a week ago, and hasn't gotten a reply.

Also: 4 my best times I got my 2nd Harry Potter Book (The Chamber of Secrets) and Schweetheart the Beanie Baby.


Eunice called Mel. 

She's back. 


Shopped for School Supplies.

Have started a story about magic.

Spindletop came in 3rd. 

Had a pizza party tonight! Coaches handed out ribbons, and we had (another) Lost and Found fashion show!

Weather: Thunderstorms.

I've decided that 1st I try and be nice to Eunice, and see if she's nice. If she's not, I have 3 choices:

a: Ignore and hang out w/ our group.

b: hang out w/ new kids

c: hang out w/ McKinely's group. They can be pretty cool.

That's it. Goodnight!


Nothing happened today. Period.

But we went to 2 stores and got more CKS supples. Rachel also bought some really cool pens (Milky Ways) that she promises I can use w/ my set. Yes!

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