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Live Swimming Mouse in Pool- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 29, 2011 at 10:30 AM


Saw a live swimming mouse in the pool during practice. 

Went bowlling. 2 games. I won game 2. Kiki won game 1. Got 2 spares. 

Full mouse story: Saw Michelle hopping up and down and screaming. Turned and saw a black thing floating. Thought they were her sunglasses and swam after them. Realized it was a mouse and followed, watching it slink over lanelines. Watched as it ran through gutters, and disapeered.

@ McDonald's Kiki, Ray and I got McFlurry's. We peeled off our prizes:


R: Buy 2 Juicy Juices Get 1 Free

Me: Free "Tarzan" book 'cept for shipping

K: Buy 1 underwear get 1 free. She gave the prize to me. I plan to give it 2 Eunice as a late b-day present! )I wonder why she didn't want it... haha!)

My arm hurts from writing, so goodnight. 

I have to write something: 



Spirit Day @ S-top today. A(n) (older) girl named Julia was writing her names on everyone's arm.

While making posters I watched 4 kids, Abby and Emmy (twins), and Colleen, and Rachel. It was funny!!

Went 2 Fred and Marcia's, Mom and Dad's friends. Did dives off their board with the Hutchinsons. I did back dive, front dive tuck, and f-dive 1/2 twist. Andy's very good @ diving. He can do a back dive tuck.

We might move to a house across the street from Kelley. I wouldn't mind moving there; it has a Jacuzzi. 

I can't wait till Conference on Monday!

My arm hurts and it's nearly 12:00 a.m.

So goodnight!

(P.S. Mandy's already asleep)


Mom and Dad looked at the house today. Kelley's house is across the street from it, and Martha's house is behind it. Like a sandwich!

Conference is tomorrow. Think I'm calm? Well, I'm not! CONFERENCE IS TOMORROW! AUGGHH!

Ditto. That's all.

Wait, this just in:

Hartland won by 14 pts in diving.



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Reply Brandon Daulton
11:11 AM on March 29, 2011 
1) I can sense you and Mandy growing apart. She's sleeping a lot, and not contributing to the diary as much. I hope things turn out OK. And I hope you don't kill her.

2) It seems like a lot of build up to conference...I mean, you were pretty nervous. And then all we get is the diving score? I wanted a full run down of points, times, records set, etc. Big let down.

3) Making posters and watching 4 kids - sounds HILARIOUS! You were easily amused.

4) Nice work with the 'cept.

5) Back dive tuck is the worst dive EVER KNOWN TO MAN. My first coach tried to make me do it. I ended up killing her. Needless to say, Back dive pike became my preferred variation of dive 201. Props to Andy.

6) The diagram of the mouse and "where it went" is the finest piece of analysis I've seen in a while.

Nice work as always, Kristen.
Reply Kristen
11:28 AM on March 29, 2011 
No worries Brandon- I was just trying to let the anticipation build regarding conference. The upcoming diary entries are definitely full recaps.
Reply Ally Tucker
12:44 PM on March 29, 2011 
This was a(n) (exceptionally) good diary entry.
Reply Brandon Daulton
2:06 PM on March 29, 2011 
Ally Tucker says...
This was a(n) (exceptionally) good diary entry.