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In which I meet William Shatner!

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM


@ the horse show, Mandy, Rachel and I gave a blue ribbon to a movie star!

From Star Trek. Captain Kirk,

Dad loves Star Trek. Saw Betsy Wilson from camp.

She was in St. Michael's Left. I sometimes slept in there.

She gave out a trophy.

I <3 my stuffedbear Bo, blankets (got 2, they're exactly the same) Green, and Mommy Bear. I got them all the week I was born. Whenever I'm scared I chew on a corner of Green, and I feel better.  I sleep w/ my head on Mommy Bear's right paw, and snuggle up to Bo.

Little Miss Sophisticated.

And what about your collection of Barney Movies?

Uh, for my kids.

Uh-huh. Anyway, I will never throw away or forget Mommy Bear, Bo, and/or Green(s). I love them all alot. More than words can tell. 

@ Spindletop, this sign had a picture of a green Darth Maul. Underneath it it said Darth Hartland Mall or Dark Hartland Mall. They spelled "Maul" wrong.

Guess they neversaw the movie.

Guess not. Well, that concludes our product demonstration. Goodnight!



I love Morgan so much. She's so old and sweet. This may sound weird but besides Mandy, Morgan is my fav' family member. How Mom and Dad found Morgan: 

In college, Mom and Dad were in a parking lot. A puppy kept on following them. They took it to Dad's apartment, where pets were allowed. For a month, they ran ads for a lost dog, but no one replied. Finally, they were allowed to keep her, and named the puppy Morgan Fairchild Geil. Now, Morgan is 17, as of Rachel's B-day, 3-7. By coincedence Mom and Dad chose Rach's bday for Morgan's.

Nothing happened today.

Watched Tower of Terror.

 Played Chaos Island. 

Saw a girl I know and endlessly fight with (Jordan).

@ Oktoberfest last year Eunice and I were walking around. I saw Jordan and talked to her. Then out of the blue I said "This is my twin Eunice." They said hi and stuff. Now, usually whenever Jordan sees me, she asks, "Where's your sister?" Can you believe that Jordan? She's as gullible as a fish.

Cut Rachel's hairwrap out. Mandy wants to write something:


Okay um, night Mandy. 


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