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Kristen's Recap of the 1999 Women's World Cup

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 10, 2011 at 10:45 AM


We won against Landsdowne.

Hartland beat Arlington @ Arlington. We swim Hartland next week.

Frannie thinks Adam is very cute.

@ Fun Day, during the coin toss, I found $1.50.

For Alice's party, we did this:

3:00-5:00- Swim @ Southland Pool

5-7- Pizza

7-8- Miniature Golf

8-9- Cake and Presents

During presents I took a gift Alice got already and wrapped it w/ 20 layers tissue paper. She took 4-ever to open it, and then realized she's been had.

Watched Tower or Terror, our all-time favorite movie.

Watch it or die!

Haha. Very funny Mandy.

I know!


Had a good thought. I'll see Sam @ Conference in a week 1/2! @ Andover, he nodded and said hi to me! Maybe we'll have a conversation. I hope Sam like me. If he doesn't he's an awesome flirter. He's touched me (head and hand) and talked 2 me a lot. 

My 3 Wishes

1. Endless life

2. Endless money

3. Endless wishes

1 thing about Sam Pounds. I'd try to convince him 2 change his last name 2 "Ounces" (if we get married; 1 of my endless wishes)!

Counted our Beanie Babies. Total- 162 more or less. About 200 Beanies made. 


Visited our cousnins. Evan follows me around which find annoying.


Covington Ky: Ryan Brenan Evan Colton Kellen/ Amy Tommy

Puerto Rico: Victor Eric

TN: Emily Rose

US won the WORLD CUP!

Played against China. 

End of game: 0-0

End of 2 15 minutes halves: 0-0

End of shootout: 5-4!! :)

Some U.S. Players: Briana Scurry, Goalie

Julie Foudy, Carla Overbeck, Kate Sobera, and Christie Pierce- Defense

Michelle Akers, Sara Whalen, Kristine Lily, and ________ Fair- Midfield

Mia Hamm, Tiffeny Milbrett, Cindy Parlow, and Danielle Fotopolus- Fowards

Also: Shannon MacMillan and Tiffeny Roberts. There r others.

Kris has writer's block. But I know what to write about. Actually, 2 things.

1. We're gonna take acting classes!

I LIVE for the theat-ah!

2. School! It starts soon. You know what THAT means.

School supplies?

Well, yeah. And new teachers!

Either (Mrs.) Glover or Pearson.

One more thing. Rachel, Kris and I get to hand out trophies @ a horse show tomorrow!

Oh yeah! Pretty wetty horsie worsies!

Something else: Brandi Chastain scored the goal that won the cup. After she scored, she took her shirt off. 

Luckily, a black bra was under it. 

Mandy, I'm tired. Let's go to bed.

O.K. G'night.


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