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Mandy's Personality Develops; Rachel Goes Down Slide

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 9, 2011 at 10:30 AM


A girl from Spindletop (Sarah Lynne) got 3rd-degree burns on her leg. Mrs. Gates (her ma) said, "Never get close to a 2-year-old w/  a sparkler." I think their next-door-neighbor Jacklyn (2 years) burned S.L. She might not be able 2 swim in the meet tomorrow.

Dang. She's a good swimmer.

And you're a sore loser.

I won't satisfy you with an answer.


Also: I don't like Adam anymore. 

Instead, I do!

He and Frannie like each other, though.

I know.

I had to go to long-course swim practice yesterday. Mandy had a "head-ache," which felt better after I got home. Excuse?

You're my medicine.

Accepted. We watched home videos of me and Caroline at the pool in backyard. She poured water on everyone in sight! (We were 1!)

More later.

There's a Star Wars song:

My my that Anakin guy

Maybe later 

He'll be Vadar 

He kissed his mom good-bye and said

"I'm gonna be a Jedi."

I don't know the rest. The movie's Awesome!


We're going to a horse show on Mon w/ 2 girls Kelley (8 ) and Lindsay (4 or 5) and their mom. They were @ the pool today.

About Adam. Maybe I do like him a little bit.

Back off, sister!

I have my OWN feelings. But I still <3 Sam. 

In case you were wondering about the Star Wars song, it was a Weird Al parody of Don McLean's "American Pie" rewritten to be about the newest Star Wars movies. My Dad got us hooked on Weird Al at a young age.


Kristen went w/ Mom and Rachel on an errand. Just counted our money ($26.70) 'cuz we're going 2 Limited Too today. Mom owes us $100. Kris finally put her tooth under the pillow. Me, Kris, and Rach each got a Beanie Baby.

We'll write later to say how the meet against Landsdowne went (we made signs).


P.S. It's Peacefrog's 11th Birthday


@ Limited 2, I bought:

4 pairs socks

sleeveless shirt

bathing suit cover-up

6 pairs clips w/ keychain



Got a letter from Kate on my soccer team. Don't like her, but she calls me her best friend.

I talked to Adam:

Adam: Ya know what I'm gonna do on backstroke?

Kris: What?

A: I'm not going to breathe.

K: (smiling) Oh really, now?

A: Well, I'm gonna try.

K: Well, good luck!

A: (to his mom) I'm not going to breathe on back!

His mom (laughing): Good luck!

A (to Coach Michelle): I'm not gonna breathe!

CM: (smiling and laughing) Good luck!

(After his race, he comes BACK TO SAY: )

A: I had to breathe!

K *in mock-surprise): Really? Why?!

A: Because I got water up my nose!

K (knowingly): Aaahhh.

(Adam leaves)

I have to admit, I like talking (or even flirting) w/ Adam. He's so friendly and likeable. I could act like myself around him.

If that was me acting like myself... I'm in trouble. 

Saw Vanessa @ meet. She was watching her cousin Janina. We teased each other.

Sarah Lynne swam and dived today, w/ a 3rd degree burn!

Don't know who won. I didn't do well. 

Made a star-shaped box w/ mosaic top and painted bottom. 

Had a private lesson w/ Coach Colleen today. I think Caroline Benjamin is nice, even though she's a little perfect. She's tons o' fun.

Tomorrow @ 7 pm "Tower of Terror my fav movie is on.

Did 5 dives (front) of the high dive yesterday.

I might take ACTING lessons this summer. I was BORN for the theater. 

I'm not sure if Adam and Frannie r more than friends. Frannie's going 2 camp 4 2 weeks. I'll have Adam all 2 myself. As for me, I've emailed Tommy 3 times and gotten 3 replies! Adam is a back-up, now.




P.S. Rachel now goes down the slide at Spindletop.

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Reply Ally Tucker
12:37 PM on March 9, 2011 
This is going to be long because this is my new favorite diary entry.
-the "You're my medicine" line is easily the creepiest thing I've ever read.on this blog
-you are reallllllly into assigning ages to everyone
-Limited 2.....O*M*G
-you have game.
-BORN for the theater.... no argument here...
-i hope "Tommy" really did receive 3 emails from your imaginary friend
-way to go Rachel