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Kristen Goes To Summer Camp

Posted by Kristen Geil on February 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM


1st day @ Camp Domain, w/ Debbie, who's not in my cabin. :(

It's been raining on/off. I hope it doesn't rain all of the 7 days I'm here. My counselors are Sarah and Sarah. 

I met a girl named Katie. She doesn't look as if she has too many friends. I don't really like her.

Just got back from swimming test. Got #138. Better remember that. 

I really wish Debbie was in my cabin (Hosea).

Haven't heard from Pam Miller. 

@ Bonfire tonight, Debbie confessed Eunice gave her the "royal treatment" for awhile, then dropped her. Eunice even got mad w Debbie cuz' she didn't let her read her paper diary. Eunice tore the diary up. Rude!

We're made a plan to write a fake diary together, and leave it in plain sight for Eunice 2 read. She'll be so jealous. I <3 watching Eunice blow up! I think Debbie is my new best friend.

History of BFs

1st grade: Claire Howe

2nd grade: Eunice

3rd grade: Melissa and Eunice

Beginning of 4th: Eunice

End of 4th: no one.

Camp is awesome!

It's pouring rain. The cabin is nice and cozy. I have the top bunk. It's neat.

I wrote to letters, to Mom, Dad, Rachel, and 1 to Arden. 

I miss my family.

The people in my cabin r Bess (bunkmate), Miriam, Rachel, Martha, Katie, Shelby, Julia, Laura, Sarah, and Sarah and Sarah , the 2 counselors. 

It's about time for lights-out. I have 1 more thing: Take my letters 2 breakfast and mail them. Better not forget. Night (I think I might write more).

Oh, yeah. Katie says she has a boyfriend. I've decided I don't like her.


Cabin Hosea Right has taken to putting socks on the ceiling and wall. It's neat.

Everyone is getting along great!

We went to Wind Tunnel. At one end of the tunnel, they would tie an Indian boy. At the other end, they would put sharp stuff. When the wind blew the sharp stuff towards the boy. If he survived, he was a warrior. 

I got my nails painted.

I got a letter from home. 


Someone in the other cabin choked.

Went on a hike to Glenn's Tomb.

Got a hair wrap.

Buggy (aka Emily) has made 87 wasps fly out of their nest; she knocked the nest down.

Not much happened on our 3rd day of camp. I got 2 letters from home.

Hiked to Wolf Pen today. Had to use ropes to climb rocks.

Debbie threw up twice.

Had a pretend swim meet.

Saw movie Cool Runner.

People in other cabin (:BF's 1st):

Leslie, Hallie, Amanda, Ellen, Cassie, Katie, Hannah, Morgan, Courtney. There are others, but I forgot them. 

Last night Leslie choked on a Spree.

Bad headache.

Bess and Jessica r twins that don't look anything alike. 

Jessica: nice, cool, popular.

Bess: mean, a little popular, a little cool.

I want a twin really bad.

(Editor's note: that last line... foreshadowing for sure. A major development in my diary is coming soon)

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Reply Brandon Daulton
12:37 PM on February 28, 2011 
My favorite part: Beginning of 4th: Eunice. End of 4th: No one! Camp is awesome!
I'm a big fan of the skipping around and lack of transitions. Also, "Debbie threw up twice"
Reply Ally Tucker
3:14 PM on February 28, 2011 
I agree with Brandon on his favorite part.
Kids are so weird. I like how you made a list of your BF's. When we were in elementary we used to rank our friends in our class. It changed daily.
I wonder what was with Pam Miller & why you hadn't heard from her. Strange to say the least.
Do you think we could get Debbie to do a "late night confession" about her "confession" that she was given the royal treatment & then dropped? That had to have been painful.
Reply Brandon Daulton
4:06 PM on February 28, 2011 
This one provides a lot of material Kristen...
1) You seem to have an unhealthy lack of concern for the poor choking person in the other cabin. Meanwhile, you are getting a hair wrap.
2) BF's first, screw everyone else.
3) ANOTHER choking victim? Kristen, this sounds like foul play.
4) NO sympathy for the girl with no friends?
5) Really tolerant of Katie. All it took was her getting a boyfriend for you to jump that ship.

This is one of my favorites.
Reply colecrank
4:57 PM on February 28, 2011 
hahah goddd i'm obsessed with this