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"Pity about their ma."

Posted by Kristen Geil on February 24, 2011 at 11:20 AM


Went 2 the mad Potter w/ Kiki (my baby sitter) and Rachel. I made a box shaped like a star, Rachel made a piggy bank, and Kiki made a tile. It was neat.

V.B. School is over! On 6-18-99, at 2:35 am, I lost my tooth. I got Cheeks the Baboon, a Beanie Baby.

Yesterday I want to Tarzan with about 20 people: Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Wilden Grandma Mac Duffy, Mrs. Keller, Hope, Austin Wilden, Mackenzie, her friend Jenna, Shannon Duffy, Lauren Duffy, Mary, Steph, Vanessa, Katheryn, Alison, Anne, and Martha. We went 2 DQ after.

I have swimmers' ear, which is why a cotton ball is in my ear.

Got a letter.

Tomorrow is Dad's Day! I got him a visor, and some other stuff,



Saw Star Wars Episode 1. It was great.

Mom's coming home from CA.


Still have swimmers' ear.

I've made descision: I'll convince Mom 2 let me get my ears pierced on my half b-day (March 20, 2000). I really want earrings. Mom borrowed $100 from me 4 CA. When she pays me back, I'm going on a shopping spree. 


Mom came home.

Saw 2 of the Doughterys. The D kids r cool. Pity about their ma.

Rumor says Arlington has good divers. 

We better beat them.


We lost 2 Arlington, 328-276

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