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Dead Frogs and Awkward Dialogues

Posted by Kristen Geil on February 21, 2011 at 9:15 PM


Melissa is coming over tomorrow. At V.B. Schoo, we made mosaics. 

Eunice started 2 clubs. 1 was the Pschic Club. To get in, u had 3 guesses to guess what Eunice and Hilda were thinking. I got in, w/ some other kids. 

The other club was a Rock 'n' Roll Club. 

On 6-16 we have a swim meet. 

Michelle O. grew out her bangs!

At Spindletop me, Rachel, her friend Colleen, and their babysitter Lindsay were looking 4 Mrs Gates, Colleen's mother. At the bottom of the stairs 2 the grill (where we thought she was) was a DEAD FROG. Lindsay and I were leading, and she screamed. I almost did. The frog was white, w/ black spots here and there. We didn't let Colleen and Rachel see it.

On our way to V.B. School there was a HUGE BLACK bug in the car. When I saw it, I screamed.

(here i draw the bug, about the size of a thumbprint, with an arrow pointing to the drawing reading "actual size")

Later, Dad herded it out with a golf club, then squashed it. 

Dad and I have (kinda) been doing crosswords together.


I love that I found this entry as the first official date my dad and I did a crossword. We still do them together whenever I'm at home. Awwww. 


We won our meet against LCC 405-187!

When Melissa came over, we wrote a letter to Mayor Pam Miller (enclosed) I hope she likes our idea!

(Unfortunately, the letter to Mayor Pam Miller was no longer enclosed in my diary. But, I think it had to do with the park near my house and how it had lots of litter and we wanted to clean it up... it should show up in later diary entries. Keep reading!)

Adam and I had a conversation while waiting 4 our heat to come up. It went something like this:

Adam: I recommend these goggles, if you're getting new ones.

Me: They're cool.

Adam: See how soft they are? (watches as a feel his goggles)

Me: Yeah, they're real soft.

Adam (smiling): They're even softer than the ground (hits ground w/ goggles)

Me (also smiling) Great


Adam: Are you in tennis?

Me: Yes.

Adam: Me too. I haven't been in like, 2 weeks, though.


Adam: Are you in the 1:00-2:00 clinic?

Me: (Nod) Yep.

Adam: Me, too.

I'm not sure if Adam still likes Frannie. After she did a good dive, he gave her a hi-5. And put his arm around her, but I didn't c them talk much. Adam is so great. But he's still behind Sam.

(After rereading that awkward dialogue, I find it hard to believe that any boy liked me at that point in my life. SO AWKWARD)

Mom brought me and Rach 100 tag protectors 4 our 150 Beanie Babies. We put them on most of the Beanies.

Last night I had a nightmare that I had 2 get blue and orange braces (ha-ha).

At the swim meet, Mrs. Donnelly got mad at Coach Jaime cuz' he didn't put her daughters (Julia [10?] and Lisa [9]) in the 1st heat. Stupid, if u ask me.

(Note: I'm proud of myself for learning correct usage of parentheses and brackets this early in life)

I learned a new card game, Speed. It's cool, u play like this:

(Picture of the layout of cards; I'm trying to add it on here but computer's not cooperating)

1. Flip over cards in middle. If u have a Jack, Queen, or King, u could put it on the Queen of Hearts. Make sure u always have 5 cards. When u need a card, take it from your extras/ 

2. If u can't put a card down, and your partner can't, each of u flip a card from the "Other" pile, and continue. Repeat if necessary.

3. 1st one 2 go through all her cards and yell "Speed" wins. 

Cool, huh?

I'm tired. Night. 

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