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Posted by Kristen Geil on February 17, 2011 at 7:35 PM


I went 2 Vacation Bible School. Last year, my friends and I were making movies. Eunice was supposed 2 be in mine. But 1 day she called and said "I don't want 2 B in your movie." I didn't mind. But during V.B. School, I found out she joined ALICE'S movie instead. I was so mad, I cried. 

V.B. school is not SO bad, just a bit corny. Our group leader looks like he's from Star Trek

For Eunice's birthday, Debbie got her a (half of a) Best Friends necklace. Eunice wears it every day. I wonder y she never wears the one I gave her?

I SAW SAM! His brother Eric coaches Andover, and it just happened that that's who our 1st swim meet was against. Sam said Hello to me!


Michael Gentry, the dork/nerd of CKS is on Spindletop. YIKES!

Today at the library with Rachel and our sitter, Kiki, we were waiting 4 a car 2 back out of a parking space. It backed up 2 far, hit the car behind it, and drove off. Kiki got the liscence number, and found the owner. 

I've realized that...oh, never mind. 

I've not been keeping my promise about my Club Med friends too well.

I wonder what it's like to be dead. I'm scared 2 sleep cuz' I saw a news report 'bout a guy who killed 6 people. Y would anyone kill a kid? I don't. That's why I want to go to Never-never-land. 

Alice's sister Marie (also known as Eiram, cuz' she used 2 write her name backwards) has been hanging out with RACHEL at Vacation Bible school (y do they call it that? It's not a vacation 4 me) Weird. I wasn't expecting that. 

I wonder how old I'll be before Mom and Dad let me go on a date with Sam?...

Also: Now at Spindletop is Emily Borden. She has a TOP 16 time in the U.S. I kinda like her. She's just so, oh, perfect.

Today I worked up my courage and dived off the lifeguard chair.  

Adam Lane tried out 4 "Anakin" in Star Wars I. 

By the way, if I dump Sam (highly unlikely) Adam is my 2nd choice. There are rumors about him and Frannie Mae, though. He sometimes comes 2 9-10 practice (he's 11). He's popular and REALLY nice 2 everyone, including girls. Sometimes he talks 2 me during diving, which I skipped today, it was pouring RAIN!

Now I can't wait to sleep (unusual 4 me). I feel like I've been writing this entry 4-ever. Oh, wait! Melissa, moved 2 a HUGE house near Eunice. It has 5 levels AND a secret passage! Awesome! Night!

Wait, I still have 4 short things:

1. Mom's going to CA

2. I'm going to camp domain soon (I used 2 think Domain meant ice cream).

3. We might go out west 4 vacation in 2000.

4. We're visiting Emily Rose and Uncle Eddie 4 the 1st time since he and Aunt JoAnna got divorced.


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