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Let's talk about selfies baby

Posted by Tara Bilby on April 7, 2013 at 8:30 PM

Social Media sites start as one thing and turn into something completely different once they gain popularity. Take facebook for an example: it used to be a great place to connect with friends, now it is a great place to post pictures of a woman's uterus. The newest site that is beginning to change is instagram. Selfies have always been around, but Instagram has encouraged more of them recently. You can't get on instagram without seeing a selfie of someone. And then there's Snap Chat, which was basically created for selfies, especially the raunchier side of selfies. Believe it or not, selfies are changing the world. Thanks to selfies more pictures are taken in a bathroom then anywhere else. There are a lot of different types of people when it comes to selfies and I will list them below....

A Selfie Newbie: A new and confused person entering the world of Selfies..

The Ally Tucker's of the web: The Ally Tucker's of the web hate despise selfies and will announce their disdain loud and proud.

That one dick would be someone who fits in this category.

The selfie taker who thinks a guy is going to be happy and turned on seeing 100 photos of her on their phone, most of these include cleavage. If it doesn't include cleavage, the guy will go from satisfied to annoyed very easily.


The Belieber: This group of people are very loyal Justin Beiber fans stalkers. They do everything Justin does. If Justin takes a selfie... they better take a selfie too.

The duck face selfie: this category fits the majority of selfie photographers. The majority of women today believe that if they pucker their lips like a duck they become instantly more attractive.

A skill that they're teaching their babies...

The "I work out, have muscles, and think that taking a picture of me showing that will get me women" selfie:

Tip for guys: Selfie's like those above are not cute. Buy a puppy or something and use that as your prop, not your 10 pack abs.

The Drunk Selfie: doesn't need an explanation

Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure the above girls were drunk when they took their selfies and posted it online... but I sure hope they were.

Selfies of "The Older Generation": These our elders, who have learned to embrace selfies the best way they can

Selfies have come and with the advancement of camera phones, selfies are here to stay. Get with the times. If the selfie of the grandmother and her granddaughter doesn't make the ally tucker's of the web appreciate the art of selfies, then nothing ever will.

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