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The Breakfast Club

Posted by Ally Tucker on January 1, 2012 at 10:40 PM
*First and foremost, today is our 1 year anniversary as a blog. Be sure to read our "Tucker's Tales: A Year in Review" blog entry before you do anything else...

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In the past week if you have watched a Kentucky basketball game, picked up a local newspaper, listened to a talk show, had a conversation with a Kentucky fan, or have generally speaking not lived under a rock, you know of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He had perhaps one of the greatest performances in Kentucky basketball history on Saturday with a 24 point, 19 rebound outing against the arch-rival, the University of Louisville. Chances are that you have probably heard one more thing about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist recently.....

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has started what has now been coined as "The Breakfast Club" with some of his teammates at the University of Kentucky. Kidd-Gilchrist (I will refer to him as MKG from now on for abbreviation purposes) has started a tradition of waking up early and dragging along some of his teammates to put in extra work/practice early in the morning, followed by eating breakfast together. Coach John Calipari has lauded him for his efforts, saying that the club has built an almost "brotherhood-like" bond between the players who have been attending. Coach Cal also believes that the results of the extra hard work and dedication have shown up on the basketball court come game-day. Hard to argue with that considering MKG's explosive performance on Saturday. 

Anyway, enough about the history of MKG's "Breakfast Club." Earlier today on Twitter, one of my favorite people to follow, UK fan and Cougartown actor Josh Hopkins joked that he was going to start his own "Breakfast Club" in LA. He even mentioned something to effect of, "wouldn't it be funny if everyone started their own breakfast club, whether it be at the gym or at work." 

Of course, my wheels started turning immediately. I threw out the idea on my Facebook page about starting a "Breakfast Club" MKG style. I really wasn't sure exactly what this club would entail, but I knew that I wanted to start something. 

Aided by the fact that my Mom got me in the "cleaning out/organizing mood" by forcing me to go through every clothing item I've ever owned since middle school and decide "Yes" "No" or "Maybe" as to whether or not they were worth keeping, I came back to my apartment after Christmas break and decided to do the same type of Spring Winter cleaning myself. In the process I stumbled across an old filing box filled with everything I ever considered "important" to me while I was at Transy. 

And let me tell you about the best treasures that I found...Handwritten notes/letters. 

I'm being completely serious. I had at least 15-20 hand-written notes, letters, cards, etc. from friends, family, sorority sisters, teachers, etc.  I read every single one and was completely touched by each and every one. Some were only a few sentences at most. Others were much longer. They were from all kinds of people about all kinds of things. Some were serious. Some were goofy. Some were thoughtful. Some were witty. 

But each one was special. 

With the popularity of Facebook, e-mail, text messaging, and Twitter...we can communicate so effortlessly with one another these days. If you want to say something to someone, you can probably come up with at least 5 easier ways to directly communicate with them than writing a note. 

My Mom gives me (and my sister) a pack of "Thank You Cards" in my stocking each and every year. She has even gone so far as to give me postage stamps now. Every single Christmas I write a hand-written thank you note to all of my family members. Sometimes it can be a hassle to actually sit down and write them and I will openly admit to not wanting to take the time to do it plenty of times. I have waited until March before to send them. I can honestly say though that besides those thank you notes, and maybe a few other random birthday cards here and there, I can't remember the last time that I have given someone a hand-written note or card JUST BECAUSE. 


I want to start a "Breakfast Club."

I don't think that just because MKG's club meets to workout every morning, that working out is the only purpose a Breakfast Club can serve. 

What will my "Breakfast Club" be? ....   

The idea is SO SIMPLE that it's almost absurd. 


  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier every morning
  • Pick someone who either still is, or at some point has been meaningful to your life
  • Sit down for a moment and write them a hand-written note/card/letter
  • The length and content of the note are subjective
  • Send it to them
Seriously, how easy is that? The only effort that it might take is asking them for their address either before or after writing the note. Other than that, it's so so so simple. 

You know what though? I guarantee you that they will appreciate and treasure what you send them way more than they will cherish or even remember or re-visit any e-mail, Facebook post, text message, tweet that you send them. 

I'm going to do it....starting tomorrow. The beauty of this Breakfast Club? You don't have to even get up every morning and meet with a bunch of people. Do it on your own wherever you are. 

Call me sappy or call me a goober for this little idea... but I hope some of you will join my "Breakfast Club."

Also...I think all kinds of breakfast clubs could be successful. If you have suggestions for other ideas, count me in. I'm all about it. 

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Reply Cy
6:45 AM on January 3, 2012 
Your concept of the breakfast clib is fantastic and inspirational.
Proud Dad