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Tucker's Tales: A Year In Review

Posted by Ally Tucker on January 1, 2012 at 2:35 PM

On January 2nd, 2011 at 4:21 p.m.....a new baby was born....probably in a hospital somewhere in the United States....to a joyful mother and father. 

On January 2nd, 2011 at 4:21 p.m....a new blog was born...definitely in a small apartment room at "The Lex"... ...to a joyful pair of pals, Ally and Kristen. 

I know I've probably told this story on here before, but a random text message from Kristen sent to me a few months before the whole blog actually came to fruition, was the culprit for this whole thing. Kristen sent me a message that said something to the effect of: 

"I like your Facebook statuses. If you ever had a blog, I'd read it."

The wheels began to turn at that moment, though I'm not even really sure how aware I was of the fact that it was happening. I began to get a little antsy around new year's of last year and decided that I wanted to start a new project. Suddenly, the text message's message (how's that for a tongue-twister?) came back to me and I began searching the internet for free blog host websites. 

My initial thought, considering my obsession with sports and lifelong dream of someday writing for KentuckySportsRadio.com, was that the blog would mainly center around me writing about sports. I even tried to pick what I thought was a "sporty looking" backdrop for the blog. If I had to guess, probably very few of you even remember the initial lay-out for this blog. It was some psychodelic-looking blue and black lightening strike-looking thing. The layout was hideous and thank God a few people made playful comments and urged me to change it. 

Since then, the format and layout have not really changed at all. But the content has certainly been as random as can be. We have not written solely about sports. We have written about just about anything you could probably imagine.  (And even things you could not imagine, such as "Celebrity Survivor" and having a "Life Draft"--- my bad guys on never finishing those....what was I thinking???)

The little project of this blog started out as a fun idea that I honestly thought would mostly consist of me writing things that only I would read, and maybe my parents and Kristen just because she felt bad. Little did I know that not only would Kristen become a HUGE part of the blog with her hilarious and impressive writing skills, but also that people would actually read it. 

I remember being excited the first time that we hit 100 views. It was early on too, maybe within a day or two if I remember correctly. A few retweets later from our MVP, Mary Jo Perino, and we were steadily bringing in around 100 viewers a day. Since then things have fluctuated for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we get an absurd amount of hits (you would laugh at the different Google searches that people use that somehow bring them to our website) and sometimes both of us are so busy that we don't blog quite as often. Regardless, the fact that so many of you all have taken the time to read our blog, come back to read more of our blog, share it with your friends and family, and genuinely support us in our crazy little adventure is something that we are forever grateful for-- THANK YOU!

In our 1 year of existence we have had a grand total of 24,755 views:

Now for a little treat on this 1 year anniversary (don't worry, we are celebrating over a fancy dinner tonight--and by that I mean Kristen will cook a really fancy dinner and send me a picture of it), we would like to re-visit some of our favorite blog entries from the past year. 

We have gone back through every single entry (someday we will figure out a way to make doing this easier on the blog) and I have selected what I think are Kristen's TEN BEST BLOG ENTRIES. Kristen has gone back and selected what she thinks are MY BEST TEN BLOG ENTRIES. Simply click on the links provided to go back and read some of our favorites (also keep in mind that some of the pictures that we used along the way have since disappeared...probably copyright bull-jive)

Enjoy....oh, and also...be grateful that since the VERY FIRST BLOG ENTRY, we have learned that adding pictures makes things so much better. Shoutout to Google Images. Thanks, bro. 

Ally's Picks for Kristen's 10 Best Blog Entries of 2011 (in no particular order):

**possibilities....have to finalize still

1)  Why TLC is the Best Channel on Television

-Kristen started her Tucker's Tales blogging career off with a bang. As soon as I read this entry, I not only laughed out loud (LOL-ed if you will) but I knew that she was going to become a major contributor, far beyond simply a "guest blogger."

2)  Fall of 1995: I might be a Griffin and I get an angel 

-Perhaps my favorite line ever in any of Kristen's many melodramatic and absurd diary entries. "I got an angel! Bye!"

3) Lexington Bucket List 

- I think that Kristen has far more "practical" and "useful" blog entries than I do. This is one of her best when it comes to actually informing readers about something important, which in this case revolves around her knowledge and love for Lexington. 

4) Typical Amazing Race Audition

- One of the more "so ridiculous that it can't be true, but it's true" stories I've ever heard. Kristen details her audition with her good friend Layson for the television hit show "The Amazing Race"

5) Missed Connections on Spring Break

-Kristen rode a mechanical bull on spring break, among other things. 

6 ) Hypothetical Tweets From Peru 

- Kristen combines her love with Twitter and her trip to Peru. Genius. 

7) Walk the Plank 

- Some of the pictures Kristen found of people "planking" are hilarious. Not to mention that this particular blog entry has accounted for probably 50% of our blog site traffic. When you google or google image the word "planking," Kristen's article is one of the first hits. #BlogSoHard

8 )  Living the Dream 

-Kristen makes a list of her dream jobs. Some are obvious choices, some... not so much. 

9) What Would You Do?

-This is one of my favorite blog entries that Kristen has ever written. I had a giggle fit through the entire thing. Kristen outlines what she would do for tickets to the UK/UNC game. 

10) College Classes That Should Be Offered

-Kristen included nearly a page of dialogue directly from the television show "Boy Meets World." I cried just reading it. Enough said. 

Kristen's Picks for Ally's 10 Best Blog Entries of 2011 (in no particular order):

1. Kentucky Wildcat La Familia Christmas Letter -

Spot on. Just spot on.

2. Late Night Confession: Ally's First Real Job -

I still LOL thinking about this time in Ally's life. 

3. Lexington's Best Kept Secrets: Volume 4

- CHASE NO FACE >>>>>>>. And Ally's photo captions are genius.

4. What Kind of Facebook Are You?

- I love lists. 

5. Consumer's Report- Hunger Games

- Ally was on top of the Hunger Games way before the bandwagon started. AND Twitter. Props. 

6. So You're Saying There's A Chance?

- UK vs Transy is a game that needs to happen every year. Bonus points for referencing Becky the Icebox.

7. Final Thoughts on the World Cup

- Oh hey, remember when the World Cup happened this summer and it was AWESOME?? Ally does.  

8. Monday Night Karaoke 6/6/11

- Although all karaoke entries could be on this list, I chose this one because I wasn't there and that is one of my greatest regrets in life. 

9. Tribute to the Graduates

- Maybe I cried reading this. Maybe I didn't. You'll never know. 

10. U(r)sher Concert Review

- One of my top five nights of 2011 by far, and Ally completely did it justice in the blog entry. 

*** We couldn't forget our favorite guest bloggers. Guest bloggers have been a wonderful bonus for our blog. We have had all kinds of wonderful contributions throughout the year. We have found that all kinds of people have a gift when it comes to writing and/or sharing stories. We hope to continue to allow a place for people to come and share their stuff. It was hard to pick just 5 favorites, but we tried to display a variety. 


1) "In Defense of Jersey Shore" By Meagen Fuller 

-She honestly almost had me relating to the Jersey Shore gang. 

2) "Your Parents Hate You: Ridiculous Names Vol. 1" by Brandon Daulton

-Brandon is really passionate about ridiculous childhood names. I hope that he marries a woman who insists on naming their child "LaTiffany" or something of the sort. 

3) "In the Spirit of Lent" by Meg Phillips

- Meg brought it hard and we love her for it. She went ham on all kinds of people/things. 

4) "Becoming a Karaoke Regular" by Colleen Tucker

- Considering how many karaoke entries we had, I figured my sister's entry about the guidelines for being a karaoke regular seemed appropriate. 

5)  "Short Hair, Don't Care" by Cole Adams 

-If I'm being honest, this might be one of my favorite blog entries we've ever had-- not just guest blog entries either. Cole nailed her tribute to the US Women's National Team coach Pia Sunhage. 

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