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Won a ride in a limo- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on December 22, 2011 at 12:10 AM

9-28 9:40pm

Now my energy poster looks awful. (I won't go into details)

Wrote a report about owls.

Tons o' homework the last few days. I wish I could take a day off like Ross, who's got mono,

I can't WAIT to go to the Greenbriar w/ Anne 4 2000! Our first words r gonna be "Ka-boom!" @ the Greenbriar, I'm planning to carry this around because even though I've only been there once before, I know it's gonna (drawing of a 'bee') outta this (drawing of a 'world'). For example, off the top of my head I know the Greenbrier has: movie theater, bowling alleys, golf courses, carriage rides, and indoor and outdoor pools. Amazing, eh? 

(drawing of an 'eye,' drawing of a 'can') + NOT WAY+IT-Y!

Let's see, anything else? Oh, yeah, read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabam, **** 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Warning: 437 or so pages. 


I, the undersigned, solemnly swear to work on the Harry Potter Candy Contest, and get it finished and send it in. Kristen Michelle Geil


(PS I hope no one actually reads this)


I sent it in.

I've decided that I like Jack Davidson. He's actually cute, unlike most other boys (w/ excepts of Walt Daniels and Jake Lockridge). He jokes around and doesn't get all uptight around girls. He even wants to be an actor, like I want to be an actress. (He got a part in Madeline, a play) 

Went to Joseph Beth. Bought: Replica: Another Amy, Replica: Perfect Girls, Watchers: Island, Watchers: Lab 6, BSC Friends 4-everL Stacey vs Claudia, BSC Friends Forever: Mary Anne's Big Breakup, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (whew!).

I've also decided to be extra nice to the New Kids.

Jack: Stats

Hair: Pale Brown

Eyes: Pale Blue

Haircut: Buzz

From: Wyoming

Height: About my size

Other: Jokes, natural, not much of a neck

Oh, guess WHAT! This morning over the intercom Mrs. King drew 5 names to go out to lunch in a limo. I was sitting casually, cuz I didn't really care who won. Martha's sister won a Sony Playstation. Then she got to the limo/lunch. The first 3 names were drawn. I was still bored. The fourth name was "Kristen Geil, 5B!" Everyone in 5B turned to look @ me (I sit in the back) and clapped enthusiastically, except for Alison, who started screeching "You won! I can't believe it! You won!" My face turned red and I put my hands 2 my cheeks.

Later, everyone started saying "Take me with you!" (I quote Jake: "I know you're afraid of big, long things, so I'll go in your place.") Ay yi yi!

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Reply Ally Tucker
4:03 PM on December 21, 2011 
This is randomly one of my favorites in a while...for these reasons

1) The whole drawing to represent words thing
2) The warning on how long HP is. Thanks. Good lookin' out.
3) Your pledge to finish the project
4) "he wants to be an actor, like I want to be an actress"
5) Not much of a neck.... baha *favorite line*
6) That's what she said, Jake.