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Posted by Kristen Geil on November 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM

A quick and dirty list of things I am thankful for today:

-My "monday" playlist on my iPod- full of songs that get my psyched for the day ahead (featuring the styles of Beyonce, Billy Ocean, and of course DMX)

-Parks and Recreation

-A family who sends me a Thanksgiving sweets tower and christmas sweaters for Thanksgiving presents

-The worst thing that has happened to me in the city has been losing my wallet through my own dumb fault- could be a lot worse

-Even though I complain about being a poor grad student, I'm better off than 95% of the world and my fridge is always semi-full

-I have a best friend who texts me pictures of her animals daily

-I have a roommate who loves to bake and sew and introduced me to Jimmy Fallon late night; also that her family is here today and cooking us thanksgiving dinner

-I have finally figured out the perfect coffee to water ratio in my coffee machine

-I have never seen Twilight movies

-I survived- no THRIVED- my senior spring and "long hair don't care" has become a legitimate life motto

-UK basketball

-The national dog show on television today (I MISS MY DOGS)

-That my dad has a brand-new knee and is doing great with physical therapy


-My little sister is an awkward dancer and can't really sing- since it's the only things she is NOT good at and therefore I can feel better about myself because we all know how good of a singer/dancer I am



-I do not have a child

-I am not pregnant

-I have a doorman who gives me fine jewelry

-That I have Ally Tucker as a friend who let me jump on this blog and introduced me to the wonders of Monday Night Karaoke, birthday scavenger hunts, Twitter, texting games that only we understand, and basically been my same sense of humor soulmate.

You might even say I'm as thankful to have Ally as a friend as Joker Phillips is thankful to still have his job. Or as thankful as Kim Kardashian is that the wedding check cleared BEFORE the divorce papers were signed. Or as thankful as America is that stores are staying open ON THANKSGIVING so that they can go straight from the dinner table to the deal racks??? Oh, America. Truly nothing like it.

Ally's Quick List of Dirty Things She's Thankful For (or something like that...)

I couldn't let Kristen have all the fun... I'll add my 2 cents. In no particular order...

- Holiday Reese Products (yes, any and all of them)

- Kentucky Basketball (word, Kristen)

- The fact that I spend every Thanksgiving with my cousins in Tennesse...and we are all 20 + years of age...and we all still spend each night of the long weekend sleeping together sleepover style in the middle of the living room floor...and that we still sit at the "kids table"...and that we have a tradition where we each go around right before we eat dinner & say what we are thankful for...and that us kids always find a way to "pull one over on the adults" with something ridiculous....for example, this year: We each went around and said that we were thankful for one of the Kardashians. I got Rob. I wanted Khloe, or baby Mason.

- The fact that phones now have the capability for you to set 3 alarms, instead of just 1. 

(Okay, clearly my phone is slacking because this one has 5....I need that phone , hint hint, Mom...Christmas)

- Kenny McKenny from Monday NIght Karaoke

-Hallye Griffin texting me everyday to update me on Brad Calipari (yes, John Calipari's 15 yr old son's) and his girlfriend, Maddie, who she follows (both of them) religiously on Twitter. "I think Brad & Maddie are in a fight."

- The fact that my Mom is NOT a "Twi-Mom"

- Billy Gillispie....Because without Billy G, we would not have John Calipari. And we would not have this picture....

-My Family...#LaFamilia

-The fact that I genuinely LOVE my job. I work with the greatest, most kind-hearted kids in the whole world. I've actually been lucky to have 2 great jobs back to back...both of which allowed me to meet the most interesting people and leave every day knowing that I was able to "laugh" and "smile" at my job. What a blessing. 

-Jay BIlas' "I gotta go to work" tweets. Now that I have tried to follow in his footsteps, every morning when I have to get up and go to work...it's just a little bit easier because I always look forward to finding the perfect rap lyric to proceed the 5 words "I gotta go to work"

- The fact that Jay Bilas went to Duke...because if he hadn't, I might devote my whole life to stalking him & trying to make him my baby daddy.

- TuckersTales.Com (check it out...do it)

-TuckersTales.net   and the fact that you all take the time to stop by and read it. 

- That I have Kristen Geil as a friend who jumped head first into this blog thing with me. We've giggled our way through the (almost) year we've been doing it. I'm so grateful that she's been such a big part of it. I'm also thankful that she makes me jealous every other day by sending me pictures of her amazing meals she makes, and plays tennis with me even when it's 100 degrees outside, posts obscure websites and youtube videos on my Facebook wall, has ballin' family members like PG (Twitter Queen) and RGeil (starting sweeper for my Life Team anyday) and finally (as she put so eloquently) that she is my sense of humor soulmate. 

You might even say I'm as thankful to have Kristen as a friend as John Calipari is that he can always use the "Television adds 10 pounds" excuse. Or as thankful as Doron Lamb is that Terrence Jones went back to pick up his 3 goggles that he left at Two Keys at 2 a.m. a few weeks ago. Or as thankful as Rizzo from Grease was when she found out that it was "just a false alarm" with Kinecke. Or as thankful as I am that Brandon Daulton pulls his weight by guest blogging on a regular basis......oh wait...

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