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Lots of Lists- Kristen's Diary Makes a Comeback!

Posted by Kristen Geil on November 3, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Sorry it's been so long, folks. Here's just what you need on this Thursday afternoon- a new, rambling, slightly schizophrenic and paranoid diary entry from last millenium. And get excited- I may have a surprise in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned....

9-5-99 (9:03) pm

I hate Beth Ann! She is so stupid. All she does is look @ me, grin, and giggle @ everything I say. I bet if I told her she was going to be murdered she would giggle. !:(!


Mrs Pearson- <3s polka :(

Sra Caspani- <3s yelling :(

Mrs Glover- Just like a kid :)

Mrs Wilkinson; DA BOMB! :)

Herndon- fat ?

Wienman- <3s weird songs ?

Quinn- v. cool! :)

Convinced Dad to read Harry Potter!!! (He likes it)



Halloween Costumes

Grump/Genie/Leopard/Harry Potter (someone from the book)


Shannon prob. can't come to B-day party :( Mary, Lauren, and Steph Prater can (I didn't invite the new kids)

Editor's note: Here, I drew pictures of presents, with the words "For Me???" underneath.



EN: "true" was circled. Also, I don't know what I was counting down to. My birthday was 15 days away...


(in case you can't tell, I'm excited)

I'm glad I wrote to-night. Good night.

9:44 pm

Now I'm scared. Of dying, murder, what happens after you die, practically everything. For all I know, I could die tomorrow.

Ugh. Good going, Kris.

But I'm scared. Really, really, scared.

What happens when you die? Do you feel anything? Do you go to Heaven, or are you reborn?

EN: Here I drew pictures of gravestones, one for each of my family members, complete with birth and death dates. It's pretty morbid. I did not have very long life expectancies for my family. 


And what if Mom or Dad dies? When I'm, like, under 13? What if BOTH of them die. I don't want that to happen. 

I wish, with most of my heart, to live forever w/ family & friends.

EN: Insert two gravetsones, each with a circle and a slash to make the "no" sign drawn over them. 

It'll be fine, I tell myself.

But I don't believe it.

9-16-99 7:27 pm




P.S. Mrs. Glover is a maniac.

9-18-99 8:09 am


Oktoberfest was great! I entered a few raffles 4: 3 Beanies (Osito, Birthday Bear, and Spangle), a Tempur-Pedic mattress, all 3 Harry Potter books, and 1 week of NON-UNIFORM.

I walked around with Shannon and Mackenzie. We played some inflatable games, looked around @ Attic Treasures (Anne bought a computer 4 $20!) and most of all, entered raffles.

Did you know spiders can fly? See, @ recess yesterday, there was this white spider running around, and Shannon, Mackenzie and I were chasing it w/ a leaf. Shannon got it, and lifted it up, but the spider just spun a silk thread down, and Shannon caught again and after it spun a little rope, she started swinging it around. The spider flew off.

2 Minutes later, we saw a butterfly, and said the spider cocunned and turned into a butterflu. We raced around trying to catch it.

As I was writing this, Ray came buy and put some stuff under my pillow: candy, a pencil, kazoo, and necklace. I can only assume it's for my birthday.

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Reply McLeod
8:03 AM on November 4, 2011 
Funny... as I am reading this I am subbing for Mrs. Wilkinson. Same teacher? Or just same name?
Reply Ally Tucker
1:38 PM on November 5, 2011 
Poor Herndon. Whoever that may be. At least they were just fat with a question mark. Leaves open the possibility that maybe they were just "big boned." You were a creepy, scared little kid. But at least you wish with all of your heart to live forever. I can't wait to find out what you were counting down to....