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The above is a conversation anyone in America today can probably decipher.  But, thanks to Twitter, we now have a new addition to pop culture lingo: The Hashtag - and it's taking America by storm.

Slam Magazine, as pictured above, is even getting in on the act.  That magazine cover is pretty self explanatory, and I think everyone would have understood perfectly if it said "Ready For Primetime."  However, Slam wanted to make a deeper impact on society at large.  So they went with the increasingly popular hashtag.

So, how is the hashtag used?  Well, there are several ways, and I'm going to give them to you.

1. First and foremost, the hashtag is used on the Twitter.  It is used to group tweets with other tweets that reference the same subject.  For instance, at 11:16 on Wednesday night, 5/11/11, some of the current hastags are:


  • #dontgetmestarted (Don't EVEN get me started....)
(You may recognize "Jeannie Darcy")

  • #whitepeoplesayings (You know, like "I'm not racist, I voted for Obama)

  • #Icanttrustyouif (One such example appears below, in a slightly more bedazzled form)

So, these are examples of the classic way that you use the hashtag.  However, as with all trends, the in-crowd comes up with innovative uses.

2. In daily conversation, either verbal, text, or other forms of social media.

The hashtag in daily conversation can be any of the things you would actually say on the Twitter.  A popular one can be summed up in this photo:
You got it - #longhairdontcare.

Now, I must admit, I had to ask Ally Tucker how to properly use #longhairdontcare.  Not that I wasn't throwing it out there from time to time - I certainly was.  But I realized I didn't really know what it meant.  But apparently, it just means that you don't give a shit.  Kinda like this lady:

Another one I use quite often is #sorryforpartying.  This can be used when you are partying, and do something stupid.  Or some stick in the mud judges you.  It's actually a very sarcastic way to tell someone, well, sort of that you don't give a shit.  For instance, you knock someone's drink over, and you get berated for it.  #sorryforpartying.
Yeah....you get the idea.

So what else?  Well, in addition to saying the hashtag aloud, many people (maybe even me) are actually saying the WORD hashtag before saying something.  You know, HashtagTAKEABREAKBIEBS!
(Apparently, based on WhatTheTrend.com, the Biebs has been a little under the weather, and his fans think he needs to take a little break from touring.  Basically, anything you can put the # in front of, you can actually say "Hashtag" to give it a little extra effect, or even to be a little facetious.  After all, not everyone is 100% into the Twitter yet.  Not really sure why I keep calling it the Twitter.  I tend to do that sometimes.

So, no longer is the hashtag representative of the pound sign on your phone, for referring to a certain number, or to a certain amount of pounds, or even for representing the "H" in the word "Shit" when they curse in the cartoons.  The hashtag is a symbol or word that emphasizes something with conviction.  It can be a word (#LAME, #drunk, #why? #boobies) a phrase (any of the above), or a song or artist that you want to make sure everyone who is having the same thought, will see (#JUSTINBIEBER, #WilliamHung, #LorettaLynn #NeverGonnaGiveYouUp).  The hashtag is whatever you want it to be.  

Within reason.  The hashtag is reserved for those statements that truly make an impact.  Please don't use it for boring things that would be sufficient to be said alone, without the hashtag, for instance a way you are feeling at 11pm while sitting at home watching TV with your aunt (#bored makes you sound #boring...).  Use it for a saying that is going to leave a mark on your friends, the Twitterverse (#sorry), or any other social networking site.  But most importantly, save the hashtag for these occasions where they really hit home.  Don't just throw them out like Randy Jackson throws out "Dawgs".
Don't abuse the hashtag.  Just think of what happens when you do...
Get on Twitter.  Observe the use of the Hash (I like the Hash for short).  Use it...but don't abuse it.  And by the way, #BigBrotherStartsJuly11th.  #PeaceOut.


The Twitter Account You're Not Following (But Should Be)

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"90's of The Day" was created as an homage to all the great 90's music videos, movies, TV shows, commercials, ands sports moments from the era of most of our childhoods.  

Created by professional wrestler "Magnum" Joey Ryan:

(The Sleaziest)
Twitter: @joeyryanonline

Every tweet that he has produced so far has been a nice little trip down memory lane and I can only imagine what his mind will come up with next.

Sample Tweet:
90sOfTheDay: SPORTS -- "Bream to the plate!" 1992 NLCS Game 7 Braves vs. Pirates http://t.co/QBJjCHn via @youtube #90s

Sample Tweet:
90sOfTheDay: TV show of the day -- Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990) - PILOT SCENE 1 http://t.co/lsOswqf via @youtube

He is only six tweets in, but I encourage you to follow/share @90softheday with everyone and RT some of your favorite tweets to help "Magnum" get this account off the ground.  Maybe at some point, I could get him to write a guest "Raised by Television" if we help him out.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Consider Me A Bandwagoner

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Late Night Confesh Time. It's been awhile Usher.

But good news- Layson, Ally and I are coming to see you LIVE and IN CONCERT in a little over a month! Get ready to be wooed.

*so seductive*

Back to the confession. For months, I refused to get a Twitter.

I claimed not to understand the purpose and I steadfastly refuted every argument thrown my way.

~You can tell the world your thoughts in 140 characters or less- I can do the same thing with Facebook.

~You can keep track of your favorite celebrities- I watch way too much E! and read way too much Perez for that to be necessary.

~You can learn about new products, and sometimes get discounts on things- whatever, if something's really that cool I'll hear about it some other way, plus I'm inevitably too lazy to redeem any online coupon code I have coming my way.

~You can follow your friends and get their updates- again, Facebook and text messages will suffice.

I said to my friends with Twitter (of which there really aren't that many)- what's all the hullabalou about? Seems like a completely unnecessary waste of social media. And after awhile, I stuck to my anti-Twitter status just because I'd come this far in resisting and I didn't want to give in now. I can be stubborn sometimes.

(not me)

And then. My curiosity started to gnaw at me day and night. I found myself wondering, "I wonder what Kim Kardashian is doing right this minute?" My friend Connor kept advocating Twitter and passing along all the funny tweets she had seen that day. Charlie Sheen and the Bronx Zoo Cobra happened.


The nail in my Twitter coffin? My mother got one.  

(Patti, happily tweeting away, on her "fun" account, not her professional one)

The actual birth of my Twitter occurred on a Thursday afternoon almost three weeks ago. I was at my internship, texting Ally Tucker about the blog, or Facebook, or whatever was keeping me occupied at that time. I told her, "I think I want to get a Twitter." Her response, while I can't remember the exact words, was something like, "It's about f-ing time." So I took the plunge. 

I did it. I made my Twitter account. I tweeted. "Resistance is futile. Hey Twitter, nice to meet you." I started finding my friends and getting little shocks of pleasant surprise each time I received notice that someone else was following me. I chose a picture, a mini-biography, and I began exploring which funny accounts I wanted to follow (for the record, I don't really like Charlie Sheen's that much now that he's on tour. Lord_Voldemort7, TheeDosEquisMan, RealWizKhalifa, and pgeil1118 all have my ringing endorsement). 

And now? Yeah. I'm obsessed. Okay, I get it now. I love feeling stalkerishly close to my favorite UK athletes/coaches, grimacing over Tyra's carpal tunnel syndrome from writing her new book "Modelland," and cracking up at every single hashtag my mother creates (please Mom, don't stop). I get a kick out of having #longhairdontcare battles with Ally Tucker, and it is my heart's desire to get people to retweet me so I can be more Twitter-Popular (it honestly bugs me a lot that I follow more people than I have followers... so I occasionally unfollow people just because).

I also think that as a result of Twitter, my ego has grown about 10 sizes too big for my head- it's like I think my every thought is absolutely brilliant and totes Twitter worthy. I have to fight the urge to constantly update my Twitter because I'm scared stiff that people don't think I'm as funny as I think I am, and they'll unfollow me and then I'll have less followers than people I follow and it's a vicious cycle of tweets and run-on sentences. 

(another funny Tweeter- Y__U__NO)

So. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, I tweet. Probably too much. And yes, I think you should jump on the bandwagon too, if only to follow me and hear my poignant, witty thoughts and observations (@kristenmgeil).


I can't promise I'll follow you back though. 

Oh, and PS- I got a little Twitter happy during UK/UNC game and the fact that it got us to the Final Four. At the time, my Facebook and Twitter updates were linked, and I got a lot of negative feedback about me blowing up newsfeeds. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Thursday's "Then vs. Now"

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Last week I started a new weekly post on the blog entitled "Then vs. Now." The premise of the series will be a look at how certain aspects of our lives have changed in the past 10-20 years. I will let all of you be the judge on whether the change has been for better or for worse.


Phone Trees.

Actually, they looked a little more like this:

If you were ever a member of a sports team growing up in my era, you know these "Phone Trees" all too well. Before each season started, the helicopter Mom or Dad who signed up to be the Team Manager passed out a crucial piece of paper. Everyone had a responsibility in passing the word along in the case of a last minute change or bad weather. For example, if it started to rain during your last period class in high school, you silently cheered to yourself and then raced home to check your answering machine to see if Donna (the person assigned to call you on the phone tree) had left a message yet canceling practice. The fun didn't stop there though. Now, equipped with this new and vital information, you had to call Bernice (the person you are assigned to call on the phone tree). Then Bernice calls Patty Pumplecakes who calls Olivia who calls Gerdie (she never comes to practice anyway). In an hour or so, everyone on the team knew that practice was officially cancelled. To say the least, it wasn't exactly the most efficient way to get the word around.
And everyone remembers that one time, or maybe multiple times, when someone forgot to check their messages. The real risk with the "Phone Tree" is that someone could essentially break the chain of phone calls and thwart the passage of information to the rest of the people on the team. No one enjoys being at the end of the phone tree with a few other unlucky individuals waiting at the practice fields in the rain wondering where everyone else is. 
The "Phone Tree" design puts a lot of faith in the idea that everyone will pull their weight and help pass along the critical message. Many a mistake was made in the age of the "Phone Tree." 
Also, soccer players used to look like this back THEN:

(A few key things to note: Tube socks= cool. The front tuck= cool. Bangs= Cool. Oh wait, they have made a comeback too). 


(I doubt the rest of the joke is that funny...)

Now, there are so many ways to contact multiple people and relay the same message in an instant without having to sit down and dial your compadre on the "Phone Tree" list. Instead of waiting, and hoping, that the message circulates, with one click of a button, the information is accessible for everyone.
We even have multiple ways to send out the instant message. An e-mail can be written and forwarded to an entire group of people within seconds. A mass text message can be sent out to an entire group of people with a few clicks (or touches, for you iPheezy and Droidhead users out there). 

I do offer a suggestion....save the Mass Text Messaging feature for important things, like announcing an unexpected pregnancy, or telling all of your friends that you just karaoked to "Empire State of Mind" and you killed both the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys parts. Do not use this mass text feature to tell everyone in your phone book, including those that have been saved as "Do Not Answer" (c'mon, we all have a few of those), saying "MERRY XMAS!" You didn't even spell out Christmas. You aren't sincere in wishing me a Merry Christmas. 

Instant exchange of information. 

I can only imagine how much easier it would have been to cancel a soccer practice, or to relay the details of a miscue on directions at an away tournament to everyone, with the technology of today. 

Oh and today, soccer players look like this:

And this...

Annnnnnnd this...

Maybe we are better off with "Phone Trees" after all...

Ohhhhhh Kids & Their Youtube...

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Last night, one of my roommates came barging in my room to tell me that I just "HAD TO WATCH
THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO" that her little sister and her step sisters made. I was skeptical, as I am of all things that pre-pubescent children do and share on YouTube. I've seen the Disturbia girl.  Every time I watch that video I thank the sweet lord that I did not have access to something such as YouTube growing up. 

With that said, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by the video that my roommate showed me. The acting is about on par with the acting in the Twilight series, so don't expect much there. But the cinematography (I think that's the right word, I'm just a blogger...I'm no Hollywood buff) is pretty darn good if you ask me, for a 13 year old kid using the camera on her Macbook.  Seriously. And the music is kind of great as well. The clip/short film is only 2 minutes long. Give it a look by clicking the link below...I promise you will be entertained. 

Oh, and a heads up...Make sure to turn the volume up. There are some real "gems" around the 1:20
mark (awkward boot scene), the 2:01 mark (great line) and 2:15 (greatest excuse ever). Enjoy!

Apps That Need To Be Invented

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Unless you are a grandparent or a technophobe (or both), chances are very high that you have some sort of smart phone or music device that allows you to download "apps" (short for applications) for information, work, entertainment, and virtual pimple popping (I wish I were making that up). However, I've found that my life could be vastly improved by the development of a few simple apps that I most certainly would use on a regular basis. If one of you blog readers wants to take my idea and apply your computer know-how, be my guest- just make sure I get a cut of the profits.

1. People of Wal*Mart App

For those of you unfamiliar with the website People of Wal*Mart, it's a website devoted to the strange, bizarre, and downright jaw-dropping characters one sees on any given trip to Wal*Mart. I want an app that will allow me to browse all these photos, take my own photos and submit them via the app, and categorize Wal*Marts based on how many submissions have come from that particular store so that I can decide whether I'm in the mood for some crazy or a more run-of-the-mill shopping trip. Also, it would be helpful if the app let me know exactly how close I can get to someone in order to take their picture without them noticing.

This guy's from Kentucky! DIBS

2. An App That Will Automatically Harmonize With My Singing

I like to sing in the car. Everyone does. But it gets a little lonely belting out Enrique all alone. Hence, the Harmonizer App. With the touch of a screen, I would like to be able to select a song and have the little person inside my iPod blend their electronic voice perfectly with mine. What would be even cooler would being able to have a choice of people/styles to harmonize with. Singing a baby-making song? Here, harmonize with Marvin Gaye or one of those guys from Boyz II Men! What about an upbeat pop song? Easy, just call on Nick Lachey or Jessica Simpson (just not at the same time, that could get awkward). In a gangster mood? I'm sure Luda would be happy to step right in.


^Watch this video from 30 Rock.

See how happy harmonizing can make us?

3. Power Hour App

The idea this one is pretty simple. I want to be able to choose a genre, artist, or time period and have my mobile device automatically make a power hour playlist with songs that automatically cut off after sixty seconds. Optional features would include a "CHUG" command every ten minutes and a "STILETTOS DANCE BREAK" once. 

4. Dougie Assessment App

When downloaded onto your device, one will simply wear the device on their person and activate the app. After a ten second period, the app will assess your Dougie-ing and let you know if you're hitting it or if you need to go harder, providing encouragement and helpful tips along the way.

When your Dougie is perfected, the app will automatically notify John Wall and arrange for you to fly to Washington and have a Dougie-off. 


Blood testing device pops out of the phone and gives you a definitive answer because as we all know from watching "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," urine tests are much less reliable than you'd think.

She's just as surprised as you were!

#If Facebook Had A Twitter Account During 2010

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What if Facebook had kept a Twitter account during the year 2010? What would some of the trending topics have been? What is a trending topic you might ask? Let me fill you in... (I swear on my life that I didn't even notice that all rhymed until I went back through to edit this thing)

If you're anything like me, you've had a Twitter account (follow me @tuckally) for a while now, mainly so you can see that John Wall is blessed to see another day to get better. Or so you can see that John Calipari has posted another Lexy Cast (what the hell is that?). Or maybe you enjoy watching Spencer Pratt act like a little bitch and still talk trash about LC like they are both still in high school at Laguna Beach. With so many celebs to keep track of, it took me a few months of being on Twitter to figure out what in the world it meant when people put the # symbol in front of a string of words without spaces between them. #TheresYourDefinitionOfATrendingTopic. Essentially, a trending topic is the most popular words being used throughout Twitter at any given time. 

If Facebook had a Twitter, here would be the most likely trending topics of 2010...

# iLikeThatCommentYouMadeOnSomeoneElsesStatus

-Facebook really gave us an early Christmas present with the addition of the function to like not only a friend's status, but also an individual comment made on that status by someone else. Everyone has those few clever friends who just nail it with quips and commentary on statuses. Now instead of writing a whole additional comment yourself applauding that friend, you can simply let your funny friend know that you appreciate them... via stalking them...


-Apparently everyone and their Mom (I'll get to that topic later) but me like to pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. You know what? I really could use a wish right now. My wish is that people stop quoting that song in their statuses in 2011.


- Around the same time the leaves start to change and the trees shed them for winter, the whole world becomes uber-concerned with politics. Everyone has a passionate opinion and learns just enough about their opponent's slip ups and downfalls (not what their actual candidate stands for) to make a status blasting them. 

Enjoy your week of political activism and then get back to quoting Airplanes lyrics.


- ~*~OmG!!~*~ It's snowing!!! 

Yeah. I have two eyes. But thanks for the update.


- Anyone remember when every girl's status contained a color? How about when everyone's status told you "where they liked it?" 

I'll tell you where I don't like it... in my newsfeed.


-I apologize in advance to all the baby mama's out there, but no one wants to hear about you lactating. No one wants to know that you threw up, had a gassy morning, or any other detail that should remain in your physician's chart only.

Oh, and one day, your kid is going to hate you for posting those naked pictures of them taking a bath. I promise.

#MassHolidayStatuses...Merry Textmass

-I know that it's Christmas. You don't have to announce it for me. 

I don't get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you wish me, along with your 1,216 "friends" a Merry Christmas. Save it. Just please don't text it to me either.

#TheNumberGame (Why I nearly deleted my Facebook account)

- (See my Facebook statuses from the first week or so of December. That about sums it up). 


-Everyone hates the new Facebook. We all swear we'll never convert over or accept Zuckerberg's request that we upgrade. But then we get that message one Thursday night on our iPhone at Redmon's and we wake up with a headache...and the new Facebook. 

The ironic thing is that I remember when Facebook first got statuses. We all thought statuses were lame and felt it unnecessary to know when our friends took a breath. But then we loved it. Don't even get me started on the stalker's paradise...the Newsfeed. Took all the work out of stalking. We bitched and moaned about that too. Now, you check the newsfeed on your smart phone every 30 minutes. 

We'll all have the new Facebook eventually. And we'll love it. 


-The invasion has already happened. And it's even worse than when your middle school cousin requested to be your friend. At first it was just the "Cool Moms" (see Amy Poehler in Mean Girls) but then it was your friend's weird Mom who hasn't seen you in six years but still likes everything you do and every photo you take. Or the lengthy advice that your Mom, Aunt and awkwardly older cousin give you on all of your statuses. They like Facebook more than we do...If they could virtually "like" that sentence, they would. 

They love to update their statuses to let you know what they bought at the grocery, or that their kid made the honor roll (we've all seen the bumper stickers...not a big accomplishment anymore), or that they are dancing in the kitchen. They also love emoticons. How are they always so happy? 

Oh...and sometimes they'll make 13 posts in one day, then forget their password and be MIA for a month. 


- I'll give you a visual aid for this one

Friend A's Status:    "Go Cards. L Yeah!!!"

Friend B's Comment: "I'm tipping my flat bill to Peyton Siva and his pencil beard!"

Friend C's Comment: "Dislike"

Friend A's Status: "Send me a # to my inbox and I'll make a status w/ that same # and share a memory."

Friend B's Comment: " 7 "

Friend C's Comment: " 69 "

Friend D's Comment: "Dislike"


- For half a second one day I got really excited when I woke up and thought that I had magically become Facebook friends with the likes of Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Colin Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Halle Berry overnight. Then I realized that everyone was making their profile picture that of their celebrity doppleganger (fancy word for lookalike that no one knew before the facebook thing). 

Reality check: Nope. You don't resemble them. Not even close. 


- Sometimes when I browse through my newsfeed I just want to SMH. My friends keep me ROTFL with some of their clever statuses. I don't love it though when a friend tags me in a picture (that I don't notice for 3 days) that I wouldn't want my mother to see. Then my Uncle "likes" it. FML. But it is nice that I can keep people up to date with what I'm doing over the weekend. Sometimes IDK what to put though because I am lame and have to work all weekend, so I'm not doing anything exciting at all. Working all weekend? SMDH.