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FIELD TRIP! Diary Entry

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April 20, 99

Field trip! We will only do 1 CAT test today! Yesterday I got a chain letter from Eunice. It started in Germany in 1991. If it goes through 1999, we will be in the Guinness Book of World Records . I sent my six letters to Arden, Stephanie, the Laymans, the Millers. Samantha Brown (my pen pal), and Katheryn Fister (my next-door-neighbor.

I'm not very excited about our field trip. I'd rather get the CAT tests over with. Cindy Wilkes's class is going too. So are the fifth graders. :(

Whatever happens, I can't let any of my friends, or anyone I know, see this. ESPECIALLY NOT EUNICE OR DEBBIE. I think Elizabeth (who sits next to me) has been peeking at this a few times. I don't want ANYONE to see what I wrote and tell E'n'D. I will have to make sure Will (who sits on the other side of me) doesn't see it. He stole it once and looked at the 1st pg. I will be EXTRA CAREFUL.

Today Will has a white-out mark on his ear. 

(Here I drew a picture of his ear with a white out dot on it, and an arrow pointing to the dot)

He doesn't even know it's there! Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha! 

Now Debbie says her twin (pretend) Anna writes in her diary. She showed me an entry, but I wasn't close enough to read it. All I know is "Anna" writes in cursive. 

We just got back. The play was ok. We were the last ones back. It took us about 12 minutes to get back to school, and another 12 minutes to walk in. We were all walking our fastest. (Walking in place took 6 min,. and taking REALLY baby steps took 6 min.) Mrs. Wilkes finally got us in faster by saying we were having lunch early in our classrooms. Liar!

We saw Courtney at the play. She is in a different group at swim prac. She is practically Claire's and mine best friend. I like her a lot. Well, anyway, her group (Red II) is having their practice at the same time as our group (Red I). 

I think Elizabeth just looked at my diary. Will asked "What's that?" I said "My diary Eunice got me." "Oh." I don't think Will will look at this. At least, I hope not. 

Debbie asked "Can I read your diary?" I shook my head no. "Rats." she said. Then she wrote in her diary "She won't." I saw "She" and I'm sure she wrote "won't."

I feel like something's missing in my life. I have a person I like (Sam), friends (from Club Med), and a great family. I'm just not happy.

This was such a long entry. I think it's pretty ironic that I was so concerned with people reading my diary and now I'm publishing it for all to see. Also, how about that dramatic last line?

April 21, 99

In the van on the field trip, the boys were mesmerized by the automatic door. 

I was a morbid child obsessed with death.

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Woohoo! Disney World Diary!


Nicknames: Kristeen and Kris*te(e)n

Journel of 

Kristen Michelle Geil

B: 9/20/89

Patti Geil, Mom


Jack Geil, Dad


Rachel Geil, Sis


The hamster Eunice got Debbie for her birthday died yesterday (I think). Sometimes I hate Eunice and Debbie because they always buddy-up with each other. Katie and Michelle, the Layman twins in CT, aren't like that at all. Neither are my other friends from Club Med, FL. I wish they were here. Debbie even lets Eunice read her diary, but not me. I hate them, the rats. I wish with all my heart that Katie, Michelle, and Lizzie Layman, Stephanie Coneilous, Arden Forbes, and Allison and Emily Miller were here. The Millers and I met last year at Club Med. The rest I met this year. All of them are my very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very best friends!

April 14, 99 (written on)

Still April 14...

Actually, Debbie is nice most of the time. But I still wish my Club Med-best-friends were here.

I vow, to ALWAYS keep in touch with them.


Kristen Michelle Geil


Bad news. I just found out that Alice's grandfather died. He was her favorite relative, and she talked about him all the time. :(

April 15, 99

MORE news. Debbie's guinea pig died yesterday.

Alice is back at school. 

April 19, 99

Today is Alice's grandfather's funeral. She didn't talk about him at school. I wonder if she'll cry if she comes back to school.

Debbie carries the diary that Eunice gave her (like mine) around all day; and she writes in it all the time. I wonder what she's writing,,,

I just peeked at her diary, and Maria's familar handwriting was in it. I think Maria wrote a entry in the diary, 'cuz it says: 

PS I think

I don't know the rest, or if that's what it really says. I know it says "PS I", but I'm just guessing it says "think".

At Junior Great Books Eunice and Debbie (I think I'll just call 'em E 'n' D for short) were sitting so close together you'd think they were Siamese twins, but not twins.

Uh-oh. I just got my mid-terms. I got a B+ (A-) in cursive, but a A+ in Social Studies and Spelling. Otherwise, all A's. :)

We're going on a field trip to see a play tomorrow. My mom's driving. Me, Vanessa, Ross, Nick P., and Jake are in my car (I think). The play is about slavery and Harriet Tubman. 

Battle of the Books and Boarding School- End of Diary 2!

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May 10, 99

A few weeks ago, I took the Battle of the Books test and got a 300-0! That means I'm on the team, for the (my) 3rd year in a row. The other members are Alice (captain, now she sits by me), Claire, and Ryan, the 1 boy on the team. Last year we won (the year before my team didn't). I hope we win. The Battle will be at 10:00 am at St. Peter and Pauls. Today! Alice's cousin will be there. We're gonna kick ass (sorry about the cuss word. Alice says it too, in the same way, but not in school). I AM SO, SO NERVOUS. So is Claire, but Alice (she likes to be called Peacefrog) is confident, and Ryan is, well, mean, smirky, dumb, etc. 


We won, w/ 80 ptsw. We didn't get 1 thing wrong!

I scored a goal this weekend. It was goal and game! Everyone lifted me up on their shoulders, we won 4-0. It was so, so FUN!

I saw Sam with Courtney today. Not alone, but... still! 

Recommendation: See the movie That Thing You Do. It was produced in 1996. I have it and ♥ it!

If you didn't know, Battle of the Books was pretty much an academic team competition. You had to read 15 books and answer questions about them... yup, I was a nerd even back then. Also, I'm not convinced that the whole scoring a goal and being lifted on my team's shoulders actually happened in real life. And I still love the movie That Thing You Do. And sorry about the cuss word. 


I'm seriously thinking of changing schools, CKS sucks. I feel different here, not like I felt in Flordia. There I was at home, fit in. Here..... I want to go to a boarding school. 

I got a Friend-Link. On that, u can send messages to anyone within 25 ft who has a friend link. I've sent/received some messages from Eunice and Debbie; we are the only kids in 4A who have Friend.Links.

Star Wars Episode 1 came out yesterday. Me and Dad want to see it. It's called Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace.

We r roller skating in gym.

On Tues., I was sent home from school. Wednes, I stayed home. Today was my 1st day back. I'm going to Camp Cathedral Domain this summer.

Reminder: The "Flordia" trip I am referring to was my spring break. Obviously I felt a deep connection to the friends I made there. And does anyone else remember Friend Links? The first text messages ever sent, really. Only picture I could find, but I remember mine was purple with green buttons:


I don't like writing in a diary. So this may*be my last entry.

School's OUT!

Spindletop Summer Swim Team started. Elaine (a girl on the team) has a TOP 16 TIME IN THE U.S! I'm also doing diving.

*I MIGHT write again/I might not. Writing in a diary is like a chore to me. 

At 4-5 grades auction I bought Ty's Signature Bear, Planner, and a pack of things, like a signed KY poster, and Chicago Bulls stuff!


I've started writing in my other diary, so read the end of this entry, read diary labeled #2. @ end of #2 I'll have further instructions.


A 9 Year Old's Take on Columbine, Siamese Twins, and Love- Diary!

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Apr. 16, 99

Today at swim I met Annie, my new friend! She hates breastroke, & is full of mischeif, like me (Sam wasn't there), we spent swim spitting water at each other. 

Battle of the Books is Apr. 26. I hope I'll be on the team, as the last 2 years.

Alice's grandfather died. His fineral is Mon. Eunice and Debbie declared tomorrow Titanic Day, and are spending it together. 

CKS has been taking the California Achievment Test or the CAT test. I've taken 5. I don't think I did well. Vanessa's neighbor Trevor got attacked by 2 pit bulls. He had plastic surgerey on his leg on Wednes. If Trevor hadn't been wearing jeans, he would've died. Thank goodness he'll be fine in awhile. :) 

Love, Kris*ten

Apr. 19, 99

Today at swim, Sam and Claire stole each others' bags and went into the boy/girl room. When they came out, Sam kept Claire's goggles in the mens' room. She went to get them but after 2 seconds there, she came out saying, "I'm getting outta there. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Today I was in the fast lane with Sam! :) ♥ 

Now Claire says to Sam, "I gonna make u beef jerkey."

Apr. 20 99

25 people were murdered in Denver, Colarodo. I'm scared of dying. Does it hurt to die? That is a question I will never live to tell (ha, ha, ha).

I was sooooooo funny!

Apr. 22, 99

At swim tonight we mailed Sam to China. He got returned cuz they thought he was broken. Then he drove around in his cardboard box car, till Katie ripped it. 

Apr 30, 99

Today was the last day I saw Sam. He's moving up to Red II with Courtney, the girl he supposedly likes. He was on my relay race team tonight. He touched me a coupla times on the head and arms. When someone touches you, does that mean he likes you? I hope so. 

I now have a fake Siamese twin. She is Mandy, my best friend on the soccer team. Mom gets us mixed up. So we even look like twins. Of course me and Mandy that's what I call her, can disconnect.

I'll miss Sam. I know this sounds mushy, but I hope he thinks of me often. I really like (love) him. I hope he loves me. 

I don't really know what to say. I was head over heels I suppose...


Ice skating and First Crushes- Diary Entry!

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Here it comes people... my first crush. I think it's safe to say that at this point in my life, I had delusions of romance far beyond my nine-year-old reality. Reminder- all names in my diary are now pseudonyms. Enjoy. Don't judge. Because honestly, it gets worse.

Dec. 6, 98 Sun.

On Thurs., Andrew Miller (love of Eunice's life) broke his wrist on the blacktop. Glass got in his wrist, so it was bleeding. I hope he's O.K. Mom is giving me Glory the Beanie Baby tomorrow! YEA!

(Picture so you all can understand what an exciting gift this was)

Jan. 15, 99 Friday

I'm playing on an indoor soccer team. Andrew got his cast off. Evan Matthews had: strep throat, then scarlet fever, and now pnemonia! Yikes!


(Stream of consciousness tended to be my go-to writing style throughout the years)

Feb 10 99

I'm going to Disney World on Friday! YEA! I passed my ice-skating test! I'm getting a Furby!

I ♥ Sam so much? Think he'll be my Valentine? I hope so! He's so cute, funny, smart, nice, swims fast, I JUST LOVE HIM!

Mom and Dad are argueing again, BOO!


♥, Kristen


Today was the last day of swim practice. Last day to see Sam. I'm REALLY SAD. 

On Wednesday I got my own ice skates.

Good news. Swim starts up again April 12. I'm counting the days till I see Sam Palmer, l♥ve of my life. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


March 20, 99 Sat

At the skating show Sunday, Kristi Yamaguchi and Scott Hamilton skated. My favorites! Scott even did a backflip! He skated to "Chickity China", which is the favorite song these days. 

I got my own ice skates! Kentucky basketball is in the Elite 8. YEA!

I miss Sam. :(

(FYI- by "Chickity China" I of course meant Barenaked Ladies' "One Week." Also, I'm proud that I was starting to come into my own as a UK basketball fan. Also, Kristi Yamaguchi > Michelle Kwan)

Apr. 12, 99

KY didn't win #1.

Our trip to Club Med was DA BOMB. I met lots of new friends. In the circus, I was adagio again :)

Today I saw Sam at swim. He's just as cute as ever. And guess what. He said "I wish you had been on my relay team today." I can't believe it. I'm GLOWING. Sam Palmer sad that to me, Kristen Geil. :)

I think my friends from Club Med are my best friends. They are: Katie, Michelle (twins), Lizzie, Layman, Arden Forbes, Emily and Allison Miller, and Stephanie C.


At Club Med, Dad, Rachel, and I did the 34 ft. high trapeeze. Dad even made a catch. I also did water-skiing. I did really bad. 

I hate Eunice M. cuz she's turned into a ugly, greedy, spoiled jerk. And everyone likes her! :(

(There is so much to say about this diary entry. First, I'll explain that at Club Med, a vacation resort in Florida, the kids' day camp has a circus theme and they give every kid a job and we all performed at the end of the week. I was adagio, which basically translated to I was a human jump rope, no literally. Rachel was a tiger but couldn't stop crying and couldn't go on stage. They did have a high trapeze, which was pretty sweet. And as for my crush... who even knows. I added that emphasis because I think that's one of the top five funniest lines in all of my diaries. I know I keep repeating this, but I was INCREDIBLY dramatic and obviously did not hold back in my diary. Sorry Eunice)

Apr. 13, 99

Eunice and I are friends again. 2-day she gave me a Mickey Mouse Diary she got me in Disney World. :)

My nicknames r- Kristeen and Kris*ten.

(Obviously my friendship can be bought with a cheap little diary. And yes, for the next year I wrote Kris*ten Geil on top of all my papers. For any other little girl who read P.S. Longer Letter Later, I got the idea because one of the main characters, Tara, decided to start calling herself "Tara*Starr." I thought I too could pull of the asterisk in my name. I like to think of myself as a forerunner to Ke$ha...)

Sometimes My Words Just Hympotyze Me- Diary 2!

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First good news: today I learned how to "flip photos" on the PhotoBooth App. No more awkward reading of backwards diary entries!

Bad news: By this point in my life I was a pretty proficient writer making it fairly unnecessary to draw pictures.

Second good news: This is the cover of Diary #2:

Pretty ironic considering I hate cats with a passion. And yes, that is a "lock" you see on the side. No, the key isn't actually needed to unlock it.

Inside cover:

***DISCLAIMER: From here on out, I am changing the names of the people I wrote about in my diary. That may sound stupid, but seeing as how this blog has had over 3,000 viewers (say whaaaaa?!), I am not going to take any chances on people I used to know finding this and realizing how incredibly strange I was. Especially when we start getting to boys I had crushes on.***

Let's dive right in, shall we?

10-27-98 Tuesday

I got this diary at the book fair today. I have a mom, dad, and a little sister, Rachel. I also have a dog (Morgan). I just turned nine 9-20. For Halloween this year I will be a genie. I have TONS of Beanie Babies. I love sports, clothes, reading & writing, & art. More later. 

10-28-98 Wednesday

Tomorrow we will go to Bookfair again. I will get one more journel, which has whales, dolphins, etc on it.

I have swim today and I will have to leave at 7. I'm invited to Melissa and Alice's party (Halloween). I'm not sure I want to go. Maybe I'll go. Maybe.


In the talent show, me, Eunice, Joan, Jill, Melissa, Debbie, and Alice are singing "So Long, Farewell," from "The Sound of Music". I'm Lousia, and I say, "I flit, I float, I fleetly flee I fly" and dance off the stage with Melissa. If we do good, we'll be in Fine Arts Night.


Our (my) soccer team got 2nd place in the district! November 14-15 we (our team) will go to Bowling Green, KY to compete with about 13 other teams. 


November 3rd, 98

I truly think Alice Rhonda Jones is trying to hypmotyze me and my friends. It's not working on me yet, but she's nearly got: Eunice, Melissa, Debbie, Jill, Joan, Layson, Sydney, Haydon, Becca, Rebecca, Liz, Kathy, Katie, Emily, Candace, Molly, Brittany, Julia, Annie, and all the girls in the other class. I'll have to take drastic measures by spying. I'll start Wednesday November 4, 98. I'll let you know what happens.

November 5, 1998 Thursday.

I think Alice's hympotyzed my friends to hypmotyze me. Maybe not Melissa, cuz she been acting same as usual. Eunice has been picking fights with me all week. I HATE how she and Alice are always whispering and they never, ever, tell me. IT IS SO ANNOYING!

Also, my soccer team, the shooters, can't go to Bowling Green. BOO! Good news.  Carly's mom safely had her baby. It's a boy named Kyle. It's her 3rd younger brother.

I hope next week is MUCH BETTER!

11-12-98 Thursday

Alice and me are friends now. We have a mystery. Someone stole Eunice's pink uniball. Suspects: well, I'll include them later. Shooters are going to bowling Green again! YEA!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

(5th place)

Friday, Nov. 27, 1998

Mom just "blew a (minor) fuse," her words. She got mad at Dad, me, and Rachel for staying up. For Pete's sake, it was barely 9:45 and isn't a school night. Even on school nights I stay up til 10:30. If that was a minor fuse, I can't wait to see a high-powered fuse in action. I think she and Dad are going to get a divorce.

*Ed. note: My parents have a very happy marriage and obviously never got divorced. Again, I had an overactive imagination as a child. Too much reading.*

Rachel Redeems Herself- End of Diary One

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July 3rd

Today Emily Rose is coming! I made a sign that said, "Welcome!" out of Lite-Brite. It also had a picture of a house on it. It is VERY pretty. We had a t-ball game against the Mets. We won, 14-8. I got the game ball! It is soooooo cool! The End.

(Emily Rose is my cousin. And how f-ing awesome were Lite Brites? One of the best toys of the era for sure-


And now...

Google Image Lite Brite if you're ever bored and nostalgic... which I never am...)

July 2nd

We had a swim meet against LCC. We won by 260 POINTS! I also got frisbee and coupons to go to the zoo, parks, muesems, and lots of other cool places. That's all!


(I don't know why July 2nd entry came after July 3rd. I also don't know why I got coupons at a swim meet, but it seems like a pretty good trade)

July 4

Today we went to Carol's 4th of July party. The fireworks were great! Caroline Hutchinson and Blair Miller were there. Caroline, Blair, and I caught fireflys. I think we caught 15 fireflys. The End.

July 5

Today I am BORED. I'm so bored I can't think of anything to write. Oh, wait. I thought of something to write. Here goes: I had swim practice, diving practice, and church. That's all. The End.

July 6

Emily Rose is my cousin. She has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Sometimes she is shy, other times she talks alot. The End.

July 7

I have got a virus. I have a sore throat, a headache, an earache, and a very tiny stomach ache. I FEEL SICK. The End.

("very tiny" was in smaller letters than the rest of the entry)

July 29

Rachel is okay. Sometimes she is a pain, other times she is nice. She is funny, stubborn, and cute. I love her alot. ThE Kristy



(Apparently this was the beginning of my phase where I started reading The Babysitters' Club books and wanted to be called Kristy after their fearless leader. Also, the star in the middle of my clever square was drawn like a Star of David. I didn't learn how to draw another star until I was like 10.)

Actual last page in my journal. Reads: "Kristen Geil Filled in all the pages in this journel. Age ___."

Unfortunately, I didn't really fill out all the pages in my journal. Really I just got a new diary at Book Fair or something and wanted to start writing in that one. 

For those of you with sharp eyes, you can spy the name of my first ever crush written and then crossed out under the medal. Jake Kristen. Coulda been the next Brangelina. Sigh. 

Confessions of a Mediocre Swimmer- Diary!

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How many ribbon I won.

One Blue: 0

2nd red: 3

third white: 1

4orth yellow: 0

5 fhith green: 10

Pink sixth: 0

seveth light blue: 2

ehigth purple: 0

Sunday, January, 19th, 97

Sorry I haven't writen for so long. I'm coming home from Nashville, TN. I went there for a swim meet. We went there on Friday. On Saturday I did: 50 Back, 50 Free, and 50 Breast. Today I swam: 50 Butterfly, and 100 I.M. 50 means 2 laps. 100 is four laps. I.M. means Individual Medley. All together it means: Four laps Individual Medley. 1 lap fly, 1 lap breast, 1 lap back, 1 lap free. I AM BORED! Tomorrow, Martin Luther King Junior Day, WE DON'T HAVE SCHOOL!! :)I'm glad about that, Bye!!:)

(Note: In those last two lines, I put smiley faces under each pair of exclamation points using the dots as the eyes)

Friday, Feb 14 1997

I think I should keep a calender of when I write in here. I keep on forgeting to write. Today is Valentine's Day, I'm going to a swim meet. We had a Valentine's Day party. Elizabeth and I were partners for the tresure hunt. We also exchanged Valentines. Luckily the boys didn't tease the girls about Valentine's Day. Unluckily, Halle was not there. In honer of Valentines Day, we painted our faces. I painted Mary's face. Guess what she wanted. Chicken Pox! So I drew Chicken Pox on her. Guess what Elizabeth painted my face! I had: a star on: my cheeks, nose. Black Dots all over, on my left hand: a heart with black dots all around it, yellow and green lines, and blue on other places. On my right hand: a heart, yellow dots, and green in other places. Gotta go.


Warning: Graphic Content from Kristen's Diary at age 7

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Monday, June 24 1996

We had a gigundoly big storm today. Worst of all, we had T-ball practice. I was really looking forword to it. Especially since Hannah was there. This Boy named Ryan said "Are we going to go home now since the storm is here?" Coach Larry said "No, The storm is not here yet" Ryan said "Then what do you call that?" "A storm. Whoever's parent"s have left come here. I will give you a ride home."

Thursday, July 13, 1996.

I am here at Woodson Bend. When I got to our cabin the first thing I saw was a basket of apples. I ran over and picked one up and tried to take a bite. But I could't. The I squeezed it to see if it was real. It was fake! We went to the pool we had to go home cause Rachel pooped in her Bathing suit. When she was in the bath tub she peed. Then Morgan (My dog) peed. When I woke up on July 12, I ran to the bathroom. Rachel had peed as much As I do. That is pretty much. Then she peed on the potty here at Woodson Bend too. Today she spilled cofee on Mom. It was not hot, Just, messey. 

(Rachel- sorry about this)

Saturday July 20 1996

Last night was the Olympic ceremony. I got to watch the whole tihng. Dad was our baby-sitter. Mom had gone to paris, Kentuckey. Whatn Mom came home and saw us all watching TV she was very very very very very very very very steming mad. The Olympic ceremony was supposd to End at 11 oclock at night but insted it ended at 1:30 in the morning! I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning!

(Next page)

Endurance Jump! No Tornadoes! Tie Dye!

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Tuesday night May 28 1996.

It is the last week of school! We don't have to wear uniform for the rest of the school year! I won the endorence jump! I guess I'm talking a little to fast. I guess I should began by talking about the endorence jump. You know the real Olympic's! Well, here in Christ the king we are having our own Olympic's! There are things like Jump rope (That what endorence jump is.), Cooprtive jump. (Two people jumping with one rope.) Hula hoop and some (or should I say alot?) other stuff. That is what I mean by I won the Jump rope contest. A few other people won to. We had to Jump for 45 seconds. Tomorow we will have a picnic at Ecton park. We will walk from school. I don't know why we do not have to wear uniform so don't ask me Bye!

(Notice my literal interpretation of blue grass on the side. Also, my handwriting improved a lot over the year)

Next page, no entry except this picture

(So I think what happened with this was that I was in my basement for a tornado warning, and naturally I didn't want there to be a tornado. So I drew a tornado- the big black hole- and attempted to cross it out with a red X. Also, hearts counteract any tornado's destruction, obviously)

Saturday, June 22 1996.

Today We had a new baby-sitter. Her name is Leah. I think nice, but kind of babyish. Nice, but babyish. She is very fun. She is Also like me. She is the kind of girl who sometimes likes to do things girlish girls do and other times she likes to do sports. I tie died a t-shirt today at swim practis! Here is how: People buy a plaim white t-shirt. Then they get a pemrnent maker and draw and wirte stuff when that is done you get rubber bands and tie your t-shirt up in rubber bands. Then you tie die it in whatever colors you want. After that you take the rubber bands out and hang it out to dry. When it is dry you put it in the dryer and put it on high. When it is done, wear it and show it of to your friends!

(I don't know how you get the colors so don't ask me. Ask a profesional.)