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Steph's sleepover was great! She has this huge pipe that rolls down a little hill (People push you and about 2 other people, of course). I positioned myself so when the tube rolled, I did flips!

Lauren, Alice and I played Nintendo most of the time. I was always the 1st one to die, but Alice and Lauren made it all the way to Donut Plains (the 2nd world!)

Alice and I were forced to listen to "All Star" (by Smash Mouth) all night. If I hear it one more time today, I swear I'll... I'll... do something bad.

B-day list (continued)

Nintendo OR a Gameboy (color of black and white).

@ Steph's, 1 of her presents was a spy kit. Something in the kit was headphones connected 2 a gun-like thing. You pulled the trigger, and heard other people's conversations! One conversation went like this:

(2 13-year olds [Ragen and Christie] and 5 10 and 11 year olds playing Truth or Dare in the kitchen. Alice and Kristen listen and watch)

Ragan: Laura Beth, I dare you to sip milk while doing a handstand.

(LB does a stand against counter. Christie holds her feet. LB succeeds in drinking milk)

LB: All right! Ragan, I dare you to eat a grape while doing a handstand!

(Ragan flips up against a door. Christie holds feet. Alice and Kristen join the crowd, watching and listening. Ragan doesn't do it)

Alice and I spent most of the night spying. It was so fun! Another highlight was when Alice was trying to walk on the tube while it was rolling. She fell off and the tube practically ran over her arm! She had a bad day. It didn't help when I accidentally threw dust on her (!). Steph's goody bags were turqoise scented candles.

All in all, I had a good weekend.

Mom's nagging me (Yikes!) Night!


KILLER homework today.

No, worse than killer.

Killer x2?


Rachel got a toy she ordered today. It's like a remote control race car, except it's a cat.

Shoelaces for my party came. They're neon green, pink, yellow, and orange. They're also curly.

Practiced soccer. Sometimes I can be VERY pathetic @ punts.

I forgot. @ Steph's, Alice and I were looking @ her books. Alice tok 1, and all the books fell off her shelf! We picked them up (even the ones behind the dresser) and put them back. They fell off again. We put them back again. We went outside to tell Steph what happened. She said, "Oh, you could've just left them there." Aaauuuggghhh!!!

I forgot. From the "tooth fairy" (mom) I got 20 Backpack Books (tiny books on keychains to hang on your backpack).

I <3 my stuffed animals and blankets so x1,000,000,000 much. I got most of them when I was born,

I <3 them.

We all have major colds.

Especially Kris.

My nose is so stuffy. I can't breathe through my right nostril. My nose clears up a little when I stand.

A few weeks ago Alice, Debbie, and Eunice slept. We watched a movie, told ghost stories, sent 2 balloons to China w/ all our names on them, and talked. We also went to the Mad Potter. I'm giving Eunice's pottery back tomorrow. Well, night.

Wait! The Energy Poster Contest has started. The theme is "Energy 4 the New Millenium." I have some ideas 4 my poster about energy.





If yesterday was killer x2 homework, then today was x10.

My desk was practically empty!

No kidding!

Hardly anything happened today In fact, I think it would be safe to say nothing happened. 

Stabbings and Sleepwalking

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School is so TOTALLY great! I sit beside Alison, and in front of Alice and Melissa, who sit in front of Eunice and Elizabeth. 

Both 5th grade teachers gave us the "please-don't-throw-up-on-my-shoes" speech where they talk about if you feel like you're going to throw up to go to the bathroom.

@ soccer there was a Super-Soaker fight!

The New Kids

Ashley- joker, cool

Steph- very, very quiet

Greg- ?

I was up til about 12 last night. After I had been asleep for awhile, I woke up (3:00 a.m.)! Auugghh!

We've started selling wrapping paper. Depending on how much you sell, you win prizes!

Peeked in Rachel's room; she was doing a "Choo-choo Train" game..

Today I told an awful secret about this guy Eunice likes (He stabbed 2 people). I said it in front of Ashley, Hope, Melissa, and Eunice. Eunice got mad for a second but seemed to forgive me (she sat next to me @ lunch, and stayed with me and Alison during recess).

I still feel guilty.


We finished our homework.

Guess what! Mom says last night I SLEEPWALKED!

(The scene: A 9-year-old girl [Kristen] walks out of her room, down the hall, and through the family room. She ends up in the kitchen. Her father [Jack] follows her ) (Her mom is @ the table)


MOM: Okay

(Kristen doesn't respond, but keeps smiling. Mom leads her towards her bed. Jack follows)

(In the hall)

JACK: Goodnight.

KRISTEN (pleasantly): Goodnight!

(Scene fades)

Isn't that hilarious?!


I hope I sleepwalk again! (I was dreaming about getting my ears pierced)


Didn't sleepwalk.

Kristen lost her tooth!

During social studies!

W/ Mrs. Pearson!

I was pretending it was a ballerina and twisting and turning it.

Today a boy in my class (Drew) couldn't say "Interrogative". So Mrs. Glover and him got up and marched around the room, saying, "In-ter-ROG-ative", and hopping on the "rog"!

Sleepover at Steph's tomorrow.

Just had a nosebleed.

Maybe when I finish this diary, I'll get a notebook just 4 dreams.

You sure do have...um...


She means interesting, Kris. 

Yeah! I meant "You sure do have interesting dreams," Kris.

Yeah. Right.

Today @ school, Alice kept pushing her desk foward so I was squashed up against my desk. One time I pushed backwards so some books fell out of her desk. The rest goes like this:

A: You're going down. You'll be dead on Monday, Kristen.

K: How will you kill me?

A: I'll lock you in a locker with only 2 OREOS.

K: I better make my will!

(I've arranged for Alison to sneak me food. But I'm making a will anyways).


Clothes- Kabby and Melissa

Beanies- Rachel

Swim stuff- Alison

Soccer stuff- Eunice

Books- Melissa

Anything to do with animals- Vanessa

Stuffed animals- Rachel

Dirty and clean underwear- Alice

Everything else- Salvation Army (If Mom and Dad want too)


Kristen Michelle Geil

Witnesses: Mandy Geil

Kate Geil

In Which I Create A Triplet

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For our b-day, we''re going to have a bowling party on 9-25. 

On the class list, - = invited. ? = maybe invited.

Rachel lost her 1st tooth today, chewing on a Skittle. 

5 Skittles, actually. She also had a friend over, and went to soccer pratice.

B-day List

A pet

Harry Potter Book

Beanie Babies

Lip Smackers

Lmtd 2 stuff

Sports stuff

Computer games

Cool clothes

That's basically what we both want, but we'll be happy w/ anything. Right, Kab?



We're looking at another house. 

It's HUGE!

2 other people we know r looking @ it 2. 

Watched Amanda, Eunice, and Kate play a soccer game. They won!

Kate oldest sister was on the other team!

Kate was my best friend on the Shooters last year. Today she walked up to me, put her arm around my shoulders, and said, "How's your life been?" I said, "Funny."

Trust me, it was FUNNY.

Orientation tomorrow!

Me and Kris moved a clock from her downstairs office to our room. It looks good!

I heard Kate's coach say, "Rub it in a little, Kate, but not a lot." about her older sister losing the game!

Funny again.

Everything about Kate is funny. I think I'll make Kate our triplet. On the field, Mom got us mixed up.

Here goes...

Hi everybody! What's up?

Not much. You?

I think we'll stop for now, folks. Bye!




Orientation was fine. FYI (for your information) we're NOT buying the house.

It's her new hobby, looking for houses. 

Went to Southland Pool w/ Eunice, Alice, Debbie, and Lisa.

I went down the slide headfirst.

Even though that's not allowed?



Got on the computer w/ Dad and Rachel! Practiced soccer too.

School starts 8-25-99. 

Mandy Gets Pneumonia

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Slept over @ Eunice's. @ about 12:00 we heard beeps. It was the Carbon Monoxide alarm! We didn't die though. 

L.B.'s party was fine.

Kiki babysat. She brought me, Rachel, and Mandy necklaces and keychains.

Mandy hasn't written 4 so long because she's got pnemonia. She's almost better.

Mom left 4 Washington D.C. today. She's coming back tonight too. 

Well, goodnight! (Mandy says goodnight)

P.S. Borrowed 2 books from Eunice (Watchers #5 Island and Dawn and the School Spirit War).

Watchers #5 ROCKS! Read it now!

P.P.S. Eunice's radio switched on @ 7:55. We awoke to "Baby, When the Lights Go Out" by Five blaring @ top volume. It's suprising Eunice's deaf parents didn't wake up.


Mom just got home. She brought me and Rachel and Mandy an way oversized penny, quarter, and dime. They are funny! Mine looks like this:

Insert drawing of oversized penny and a heroic attempt at drawing Abraham Lincoln on it

But it looks more like a REAL penny.


Sleepover w/ Eunice, Debbie, and Alive was good. Alice tried to do cartwheels, but end up on her butt. After 1 particularly bad fall, she couldn't get up and had to crawl to the couch I was sitting on. I nearly died from laughter!

We got hold of some balloons, wrote our names on them, and let the balloons go, hoping they would end up in China. 

Kiki babysat. Last she babysat 4 Addison, she bit Kiki on the thigh. Ouch!

Mandy's better. Night!

P.S. The doctors found out Rachel has warts on both feet; 17 on right foot, and ? on left foot.



Spindletop banquet today. Got a trophy. I had fun wandering around the huge house. 

Got new sandals.

The new Harry Potter book is, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabam." Azkabam is the wizard jail.

Kiki babysat. 

Debbie and I decided our first words into the new year will be "KABOOM"!

Made entry for a tie contest yesterday.

I'm all better! I have... let's see, exactly four words to say after this: Pnemonia is the PITS!

You know what? Rachel's gonna have homework four days a week!

Learned 2 new forms of solitare. 

Is that all, Kristen? I think it is.

Yep, it is.

Okay, goodnight! And remember, pnemonia = very bad!



A Dream

I am in a snowy state w/ lots of friends. There are lots of spiral slides called, "giant's footprints." My friends and I decide to go down one w/ a counselor. We grab one and start.

In the middle, Alix drops something. She wants to get it, but the counseler (Mary Catherine) won't let her get it. She says it's too dangerous right now. 

We get to the bathroom and realize we really needed the thing Alix dropped. So Alix crawls up to get it w/ a rope tied around her waist. When she has it, me and Adam pull her back up. We stay @ camp a few days, watching people on huge snowboards do jumps and twists.

When it's time to go, the ice and snow have turned to water. We put our stuff in suitcases. which go in a cargo boat. We put choking life jackets on, and someone else's sandals on. My sandals slip off and sink 2 times. The 1st time Eunice retrives them, but the 2nd time, the sandals sink. 

We put waterskies on, and ski up the hill.


Definitely a dream I want to remember.


Went to soccer practice. Here's a list of new kids:

Mary V

Mary M

Beth Ann





I am SO HAPPY school is about to start.

So am I! I've been so bored. I'm so used to having 15 tons of homework I miss it! (& J/K [Just kidding])




Don't worry, I'll speak for you, Kristen. She means, "That's all, night!" So, night! (She says night)

A Few Entries from Jasmine

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(Jasmine [quiet])

Cleanup was fine. I got pink paint in my bangs.

Acting was great. I tried out for 3 parts!





I got the part of Princess Angelique!

Put my hair in pin curls. Right now, I look funny. Tomorrow I'll (hopefully) look cool!

Got a call from newspaper. They interviewed me, and they are going to interview Melissa (about clean-up). Night!!

See you in the morning bright!


(combo of Jasmine/Gabriella)

Curls turned out fine.

Nothin much happened today. G'night!

Yes, goodnight!


Wesley and Cory (2 very cool girls @ acting) say that me and the guy who plays Christopher (aka Adam W) make a "cute pair." They said we look alike: it's true, we do. We're the exact same height. same color hair, we have brown eyes, and we're both tan. The other Angelique is tall, blond, blue-eyed, and pale. She's so tall when they're together. it's like, "The Tall Princess and the Midget Marquis"! 

Well, maybe I DO like Adam a little.

Okay, maybe a lot, cuz now my crushes are:

1. Adam W

2. Adam M

3. Sam

Sam teases too much, Adam M is OK, but Adam W can be quiet, loud, sweet, and funny.

Adam happens to be the best actor of the boys (Wesley's the best girl actress).

Okay, so Adam and I make a good pair.

Question is, does he like me?

P.S. Class list enclosed.

* = New kid


Today is the last Friday the 13 of the Millenium!

About my crush list. It's changed, cuz now it's 

1. Adam W and Sam

2. Adam M


Memorized all my lines. My princess costume is just plain ugly. It's a mixture of peach and orange. "It's not THAT bad," quoted from Adam (!). Maybe it's not too bad, but it's really long. I HATE that. 

Went to the mall. 


The play went well. For curtain call, I got to hold Adam's hand!

Plus, my dress didn't look so bad under the lights AND I only messed up once.

Mom filmed the parts I was in, so now I can see Adam whenever I want. 

(I don't mean to get all mushy. It's just that I really like Adam.

My Dream

I am @ camp w/ all my friends and Adam. There are 2 Indians living with us. One, Mollie, is outgoing. The other, Rachel, is my best friend. She is shy, so when I see her, I am quiet. 

One day I got to the mall w/ Adam. I press a brick, and find myself getting my ears pierced. @ lunch, Adam asks me how many pets I have. I answer, "1 chameleon, some spiders, and a ant farm."

When we are getting ready to leave camp, I realize I forgot all my stuff. I run back and get it.

When Mom and Dad see me, they don't care I got my ears pierced.

1 week later, Adam moves next door to me.


That was one of my favorite dreams EVER.

Side note- in case you were worried about me running out of diary material any time soon, let me reassure you that we still have at least 2 more to get through. I also had a dream journal. Get excited.

In Which Kristen Clones Herself

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The pool was stellar! 1st we went to Eunice's house for awhileand had lunch.THen we went to the pool. After that, we went Zany Brainy. I bought an address book.

@ soccer camp I won a contest. I was in a group w/ Caroline Hamilton and a girl from Eunice's soccer team, Lauren. There's a funky t-shirt contest tomorrow. I'm not entering. Tomorrow the coaches are setting up the Slip 'n' Slip. My coach (Heather) has an identical twin, Mary.

I got sunburned real bad on my head, chest, face, and shoulders!

I think that's all. Bye!

(P.S. Eunice is REALLY nice REALLY cool and REALLY funny.)

(P.P.S. My sunburns hurt.)


Funky Jams (shorts) contest tomorrow. Slip 'n' Slide was COLD!

Rachel's on a soccer team (the Iguanas) w/ 2 girls she knows. 

Watched Dad's T.V. interview about tennis. He ended it by saying: "This year was too hot, Next year, I'm playing chess."

Ha, ha, ha!


Goodnight, little (or big) unknown adult (or kid!)!


I made it to the shootout today, and scored 2 out of 3 goals! (came in 6th)

Funky socks, tomorrow, I'm entering.

Eunice and I did "makeover" today.



P.S. Went 2 ice cream party today.

Double P.S. Got an invitation to Laura Beth Rider's birthday party. It's at Spindletop.


Didn't win Funky Socks. 

Went to shoot-out again. Didn't score any, though. Eunice won for the girls. How ironic.

Got invited 2 KY Kingdom but can't go. :(

The news is going to interview yours truly for an article about the Ecton Cleanup. We're getting new area codes.

Backstreet boys are having a concert @ Rupp Arena. Mom said she could get tickets, but I don't really want to go.

Bulletin: Tomorrow, after weeks of anticipation, I FINALLY find out which teacher I get. AAAUUUGGGHHH!



I'm in Glover's class w/ everyone in our group... cept Debbie. 

Poor Debbie!

Went to Woodsend Bend w/ Melissa. Looked 4 deer and saw tons! A little fawn kept walking toward me and Mel... It was like magic. We're gonna write a book about a girl and her baby deer.

@ Woodsend Bend, we played Trouble a million times.

You LOST a million times.




Well, maybe you only lost nine hundred, ninetry nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times (or 999,999).

What am I going to DO w/ you?

Give me Oreos?



Rachel has a lose tooth (@ age 5).

@ Woodsend Bend today Melissa accidentally scratched me on the shoulder. And scratched some skin off!

I want to be different. So from now on, whenever I don't feel like myself, I'll BE someone else.

Alexis- mad

Bryann- sad

Caroline- strong, the boss

Danielle- humorous

Eve- normal, yet different

Fransesca- stubborn

Gabriella- really cheerful

Hanna- individual

They (ABCDEFGH) are now my clones. Why? I want to be DIFFERENT! Clones are different. Aren't they?

What about moi, your twin?

You're my twin no matter what.


Tomorrows 2 things: acting class and the cleanup.

Isabelle- excited. 

Right now, I'm Isabelle. Definitly. 

The only thing I really have to explain my abrupt cloning of myself is that I completely stole the idea from a book I was reading at the time. I swear. It was called "I.D" and was part of a sci fi series called "Watchers" by Peter Lerangis. You can look it up. They were actually really good books. Here's the link-


And the extraordinarily creepy cover:

Zenon and My Guide to Making Friends

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Bought Dad's b-day presents. 

Went swimming @ LTC.

Got our pictures taken. Me, Rachel, and Mandy put tons of glitter on, and Mom made us wash it off 4 the pictures. The pictures will turn out good, I can tell.

Mandy's News

Mandy: Thanks for the report, John. And now the weather. Today was very sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful weather for outdoor activities, except for 1 thing. The temperature, which was 101 degrees. Yeow!

That ends our broadcast for tonight. Goodbye and Goodnight folks!

We went to see the classes, but we couldn't find them. We forgot one minor detail. They post them next week.

Auugghh! I can't STAND the anticipation and excitement! Anyways, goodnight!



Went to the pool today. Got song in my head.

Star gazing mega-fast

You hit me like a cosmic blast

Won't you be my Super Nova Girl!!

You put me into over drive.

I have a feeling I'm so alive. You're giving me a techni-color world.

*Stellar hydro-static

there's no gravity between us, our love is automatic!

Zoom zoom zoom

you make my heart go

boom boom boom!

Won't you be my Super Nova Girl?

I'm also going to improve my vocabulary:

stellar- cool

minor- mistake

major/mega- lots

negtive- no

graphic- beautiful

marco- good, or also cool

nova- ditto on stellar.

I got all this from "Zenon, Girl of the 21st century." a movie I watched tonight w/ Kiki and Rach.

And me!

Anyway, the movie was stellar major (really cool)!

Next time it's on, I'm gonna ask Dad to tape it. 

I can chat on-line w/ B*Witched. @ Monday @ 7 p.m. They're also in concert (w/ Five, another stellar group) @ the same time! 

Well, gotta sleep! See ya in the "morning glorius" (a pharse that means "morning" or "good morning")

Oh yeah! Melissa and I went to the pool. Not that it helped us cool off!


Dad got his Millenium CD!

News MAJOR! Eunice invited me to LTC after soccer camp! She's going too! I'm elated! I don't have to go to camp w/ only frusterating, too-nice girl to talk to!

I also saw Eunice @ church today.


scrub- end, give up.

I can't wait for acting class! It's gonna be stellar!

To Change:


a) Be cool

b) Participate in talk

c) Don't contradict a lot. Only about once a day.

d) Change my appearance a little. Maybe I can sneak some lip gloss on 4 the 1st day of school.

I'm starting to wonder about the 4 new kids. If it's a Girl...

a) see if she cool/popular. Usually, if she's popular, she's really nice.

If it's a Boy...

a) See how cute he is.

b) See how popular he is.

c) Compare to other boys

d) Make desicion!

Hopefully I'll get new friends!

In Which Kristen Writes A Song

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Took hair wrap out.

Made up a new song:


Everybody (yeah)

Buckle up (yeah)


Buckle your seatbelt.

Backseat's back

All right!

Oh my god we're in a van

Singing as loud as we can.

Gotta think before I start to drive.

Gotta make sure we

Don't lose our lives.

Do I have a full tank (yeah)

Do I have my keys? (yeah)

Am I buckled up? (yeah)

Do we have 

Everything we need

Better buckle up right now!

Everybody (yeah)

Buckle up (yeah)


Put your seatbelt on.

Backseat's back

*All right

*All right is echoed

Sung to the tune of Backstreet's Back All Right.

Got the idea from Tommy and Evan.

A cool Ricky Martin song (Cup of Life) was the Oficial World Cup song.

Went swimming @ Lexington Tennis Club. 

I've been trying to convince Mom we should buy Backstreet Boys' "Millenium" CD for Dad's B-Day. * It hasn't worked. Shouldn't we buy Dad something that would please the whole family?

*If you're dumb, I want "Millenium" to hear the hit song "I want it that Way". Totally awesome song!!

I'll just have to bring money to the store Best Buy to buy Millenium. Too bad. I was hoping Mom would save me the pain.

I figured out I miss Eunice. I do! First I was mad, but after not seeing her for 2 monthes, I miss her. 

One word: Weird.

You said 3 words.


Kristen-Sisten. Goodnight, unknown person whose reading this One request: please please please PLEASE don't blab Kris' and mine's secrets out to the whole wide WORLD! Thank you, unknown person.

Goodnight, Mandy.

See you tomorrow, Kris sis. Good-night! (form both of us)

Mandy made an eerily accurate prediction. Also, I think it is clear where my taste in music now comes form. 

The Most Macabre Diary Entry Ever.

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Ditto on yesterday. Nothing happened today, period. 

Actually, we saw the house today. It's So Cool. If (when*) we move into it, I'll take pictures of our house and of that house. Martha's house is close, Kelley's too.

*I'm so sure we might move there because:

1. Mom and Dad measured some of the rooms there (our house is a little bigger, but theirs has 3 floors, we have 2)

2. Mom and Dad said if we moved, I could have a choice of either a main floor bedroom or an upstairs one. 



Went mini-golfing w/ Kristin and Rachel. I won!

Rachel and I made beds, sheets, and pillows, for our Furbies. Also we put brushes, plastic bottles, and tiny silverware, and instructions. We made rings, bracelts, and necklaces out of beads.

The House


We all like it

By my friends


It's kinda small

Far from school


Buy it!

I definitely w/ a capital "N" want to buy The House. It's got an actual house in a tree!




(Ditto means: if I say good, and she says ditto, she means the same thing).

P.S. Had ice-cream and dyed it w/ food coloring. 


Drove around and looked at houses.

Dad came in 2nd for Tennis in Bluegrass State Games.


Funeral tomorrow.

Got postcard from Arden.

Went to pool. Dad lost part of his watch in the pool, and I found it.

Counted Mom's matchboxes. 696. 

Made a beaded headband. Also made a ring and choker.

Kristin babysat. She made 2 braclets for me.

Kiki also babysits 4 2-year-old Addison, and 1-year old Camden.

Addison has about 20 huge fits when Kiki babysits her. Kiki has bruises from where Addison kicked her hard to prove it.

Kris, all this dead stuff is scaring me. I don't want to die.

Me either, Mandy.



Editors note: For clarification I had a relative die around this time, hence my tendency toward the macabre. 


Ruth baby sat.

Remembered old song.



Goes throughout the nation. Aggrevation, do it every day.

Punch your dad

In the head

He gets bad.

Go to bed.



Causes irritation

Aggrevation do it every day

Put a bag over your head, go to sleep.

Now your dead!



No congratulations


Do it every day.

Give your dad

A nice suprise.

Put some worms

on his ties.


Like it? I'm going to add more verses.

Oh, I love it all right. I love it like I love worms in my apple pie!

Which is a lot, right?

Oh, you really do wish!

School starts soon. 

Don't make me sick.

Really, I'm excited. I hope we're allowed to bring invistible pets to school!

Do you really think a teacher would notice invistible monkeys playing in her hair!?


Case closed.

Went to library. 

It rained a little. 

Good! We need all the rain we can get!

We in the middle of a








Editors note: I have no memory of that song or where it come from. After typing this up I feel the need to reiterate that I have grown up to be quite normal and I am not obsessed with death. How I was so fortunate, I have no idea. Chalk it up to Patti's good parenting :)

In an Attempt to Distract Myself from Final Four- Diary!

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Got 3/4 best times, and a 1 place in back. S-top is off to a good start. Most every 9-10 girls Top 16 went like this:

1. Emily Brand

2. ?

3: Carrie Shale

4: McKinely Doles

5: Leslie Ramer

7: Lauren Gates

Sam came to our tent and played around w/ McKinely and friends (and me!) Adam sang the National Anthem. 

Mom talked to Mrs. Greer. From what I heard she really <3s the house! Dad likes it though. Told Kelley and Martha we're looking @ it. They're thrilled!

I'm starting to feel kind of weird because of Eunice. I know what you mean. I feel weird after eating something funny.

No, I kind of feel like something happened to her.


Went to dentist. 

Meet Mr. Lee about park today w/ Melissa. She came over afterward. 

When I'm sure the Gates are home from Berea, I'm going to call and ask how S-top did.

It's weird. Mel wrote to Eunice a week ago, and hasn't gotten a reply.

Also: 4 my best times I got my 2nd Harry Potter Book (The Chamber of Secrets) and Schweetheart the Beanie Baby.


Eunice called Mel. 

She's back. 


Shopped for School Supplies.

Have started a story about magic.

Spindletop came in 3rd. 

Had a pizza party tonight! Coaches handed out ribbons, and we had (another) Lost and Found fashion show!

Weather: Thunderstorms.

I've decided that 1st I try and be nice to Eunice, and see if she's nice. If she's not, I have 3 choices:

a: Ignore and hang out w/ our group.

b: hang out w/ new kids

c: hang out w/ McKinely's group. They can be pretty cool.

That's it. Goodnight!


Nothing happened today. Period.

But we went to 2 stores and got more CKS supples. Rachel also bought some really cool pens (Milky Ways) that she promises I can use w/ my set. Yes!