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Live Swimming Mouse in Pool- Diary!

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 29, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (4)


Saw a live swimming mouse in the pool during practice. 

Went bowlling. 2 games. I won game 2. Kiki won game 1. Got 2 spares. 

Full mouse story: Saw Michelle hopping up and down and screaming. Turned and saw a black thing floating. Thought they were her sunglasses and swam after them. Realized it was a mouse and followed, watching it slink over lanelines. Watched as it ran through gutters, and disapeered.

@ McDonald's Kiki, Ray and I got McFlurry's. We peeled off our prizes:


R: Buy 2 Juicy Juices Get 1 Free

Me: Free "Tarzan" book 'cept for shipping

K: Buy 1 underwear get 1 free. She gave the prize to me. I plan to give it 2 Eunice as a late b-day present! )I wonder why she didn't want it... haha!)

My arm hurts from writing, so goodnight. 

I have to write something: 



Spirit Day @ S-top today. A(n) (older) girl named Julia was writing her names on everyone's arm.

While making posters I watched 4 kids, Abby and Emmy (twins), and Colleen, and Rachel. It was funny!!

Went 2 Fred and Marcia's, Mom and Dad's friends. Did dives off their board with the Hutchinsons. I did back dive, front dive tuck, and f-dive 1/2 twist. Andy's very good @ diving. He can do a back dive tuck.

We might move to a house across the street from Kelley. I wouldn't mind moving there; it has a Jacuzzi. 

I can't wait till Conference on Monday!

My arm hurts and it's nearly 12:00 a.m.

So goodnight!

(P.S. Mandy's already asleep)


Mom and Dad looked at the house today. Kelley's house is across the street from it, and Martha's house is behind it. Like a sandwich!

Conference is tomorrow. Think I'm calm? Well, I'm not! CONFERENCE IS TOMORROW! AUGGHH!

Ditto. That's all.

Wait, this just in:

Hartland won by 14 pts in diving.



Harry Potter enters my life!

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 23, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (1)


Lost to Hartland today.

Boo. Sore loser, that's me.

Oh, well.

At the swim meet Laura Beth Rider's dad (Dr. Rider, a dentist) pulled my tooth out! It bled a lot.

Gross, Kris.

I know. I "accidentally" let it slip to Mom I don't believe in the tooth fairy.

Talked to Adam again! It's getting easier to talk. @ beginning of meet he had a painted bikini top on but it washed off.

Ha, ha, ha. That was hilarious.

My free best time today was 19.24! (But take or lose a 10th of a second) That's all

Sometimes I have news, don't write The End yet.

Well, write away Mandy.

1. We're going to the Greenbrier Hotel 4 2000!

2. Sometimes it doesn't seem like Morgan (my dog) likes us.

3. Redecorated my bulletin board.

4. Saw Beth and Sarah Conrad, our counselors @ camp. They swim for Cudas.

NOW that's all. Night, Kristen.

Night Mandy.

Good... Night!


I got a book called Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone from the Tooth Fairy.

Went to Wildcat practice w/ Red tonight. Saw Sam (hair's much lighter) but MAN did we have to work our butts off!

@ Spindletop Adam was being filmed doing dives for the News 27. He, Cole Thompson, and Travis Swinford also had a fashion show of all the stuff in Lost and Found. The only outfit I saw (I was in the showers) was Adam w/ a baseball cap on, a hooded sweatshirt (hood up), and sweatpants. It was hilarious! And then DJ Marler said, "I've lost my friend. His name is Super Steele. He's painted blue w/ a yellow cape. Please help me find Super Steele!" into the intercom. He made crying noises too.

Then @ Wildcat I saw Adam, Frannie, A.J., Kelley, Jessica, and some other SP kids @ a diving practice!

All in all, today was tiring, so g night!

Yeah, goodnight!

In which I meet William Shatner!

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@ the horse show, Mandy, Rachel and I gave a blue ribbon to a movie star!

From Star Trek. Captain Kirk,

Dad loves Star Trek. Saw Betsy Wilson from camp.

She was in St. Michael's Left. I sometimes slept in there.

She gave out a trophy.

I <3 my stuffedbear Bo, blankets (got 2, they're exactly the same) Green, and Mommy Bear. I got them all the week I was born. Whenever I'm scared I chew on a corner of Green, and I feel better.  I sleep w/ my head on Mommy Bear's right paw, and snuggle up to Bo.

Little Miss Sophisticated.

And what about your collection of Barney Movies?

Uh, for my kids.

Uh-huh. Anyway, I will never throw away or forget Mommy Bear, Bo, and/or Green(s). I love them all alot. More than words can tell. 

@ Spindletop, this sign had a picture of a green Darth Maul. Underneath it it said Darth Hartland Mall or Dark Hartland Mall. They spelled "Maul" wrong.

Guess they neversaw the movie.

Guess not. Well, that concludes our product demonstration. Goodnight!



I love Morgan so much. She's so old and sweet. This may sound weird but besides Mandy, Morgan is my fav' family member. How Mom and Dad found Morgan: 

In college, Mom and Dad were in a parking lot. A puppy kept on following them. They took it to Dad's apartment, where pets were allowed. For a month, they ran ads for a lost dog, but no one replied. Finally, they were allowed to keep her, and named the puppy Morgan Fairchild Geil. Now, Morgan is 17, as of Rachel's B-day, 3-7. By coincedence Mom and Dad chose Rach's bday for Morgan's.

Nothing happened today.

Watched Tower of Terror.

 Played Chaos Island. 

Saw a girl I know and endlessly fight with (Jordan).

@ Oktoberfest last year Eunice and I were walking around. I saw Jordan and talked to her. Then out of the blue I said "This is my twin Eunice." They said hi and stuff. Now, usually whenever Jordan sees me, she asks, "Where's your sister?" Can you believe that Jordan? She's as gullible as a fish.

Cut Rachel's hairwrap out. Mandy wants to write something:


Okay um, night Mandy. 


Kristen's Recap of the 1999 Women's World Cup

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We won against Landsdowne.

Hartland beat Arlington @ Arlington. We swim Hartland next week.

Frannie thinks Adam is very cute.

@ Fun Day, during the coin toss, I found $1.50.

For Alice's party, we did this:

3:00-5:00- Swim @ Southland Pool

5-7- Pizza

7-8- Miniature Golf

8-9- Cake and Presents

During presents I took a gift Alice got already and wrapped it w/ 20 layers tissue paper. She took 4-ever to open it, and then realized she's been had.

Watched Tower or Terror, our all-time favorite movie.

Watch it or die!

Haha. Very funny Mandy.

I know!


Had a good thought. I'll see Sam @ Conference in a week 1/2! @ Andover, he nodded and said hi to me! Maybe we'll have a conversation. I hope Sam like me. If he doesn't he's an awesome flirter. He's touched me (head and hand) and talked 2 me a lot. 

My 3 Wishes

1. Endless life

2. Endless money

3. Endless wishes

1 thing about Sam Pounds. I'd try to convince him 2 change his last name 2 "Ounces" (if we get married; 1 of my endless wishes)!

Counted our Beanie Babies. Total- 162 more or less. About 200 Beanies made. 


Visited our cousnins. Evan follows me around which find annoying.


Covington Ky: Ryan Brenan Evan Colton Kellen/ Amy Tommy

Puerto Rico: Victor Eric

TN: Emily Rose

US won the WORLD CUP!

Played against China. 

End of game: 0-0

End of 2 15 minutes halves: 0-0

End of shootout: 5-4!! :)

Some U.S. Players: Briana Scurry, Goalie

Julie Foudy, Carla Overbeck, Kate Sobera, and Christie Pierce- Defense

Michelle Akers, Sara Whalen, Kristine Lily, and ________ Fair- Midfield

Mia Hamm, Tiffeny Milbrett, Cindy Parlow, and Danielle Fotopolus- Fowards

Also: Shannon MacMillan and Tiffeny Roberts. There r others.

Kris has writer's block. But I know what to write about. Actually, 2 things.

1. We're gonna take acting classes!

I LIVE for the theat-ah!

2. School! It starts soon. You know what THAT means.

School supplies?

Well, yeah. And new teachers!

Either (Mrs.) Glover or Pearson.

One more thing. Rachel, Kris and I get to hand out trophies @ a horse show tomorrow!

Oh yeah! Pretty wetty horsie worsies!

Something else: Brandi Chastain scored the goal that won the cup. After she scored, she took her shirt off. 

Luckily, a black bra was under it. 

Mandy, I'm tired. Let's go to bed.

O.K. G'night.


Mandy's Personality Develops; Rachel Goes Down Slide

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 9, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (1)


A girl from Spindletop (Sarah Lynne) got 3rd-degree burns on her leg. Mrs. Gates (her ma) said, "Never get close to a 2-year-old w/  a sparkler." I think their next-door-neighbor Jacklyn (2 years) burned S.L. She might not be able 2 swim in the meet tomorrow.

Dang. She's a good swimmer.

And you're a sore loser.

I won't satisfy you with an answer.


Also: I don't like Adam anymore. 

Instead, I do!

He and Frannie like each other, though.

I know.

I had to go to long-course swim practice yesterday. Mandy had a "head-ache," which felt better after I got home. Excuse?

You're my medicine.

Accepted. We watched home videos of me and Caroline at the pool in backyard. She poured water on everyone in sight! (We were 1!)

More later.

There's a Star Wars song:

My my that Anakin guy

Maybe later 

He'll be Vadar 

He kissed his mom good-bye and said

"I'm gonna be a Jedi."

I don't know the rest. The movie's Awesome!


We're going to a horse show on Mon w/ 2 girls Kelley (8 ) and Lindsay (4 or 5) and their mom. They were @ the pool today.

About Adam. Maybe I do like him a little bit.

Back off, sister!

I have my OWN feelings. But I still <3 Sam. 

In case you were wondering about the Star Wars song, it was a Weird Al parody of Don McLean's "American Pie" rewritten to be about the newest Star Wars movies. My Dad got us hooked on Weird Al at a young age.


Kristen went w/ Mom and Rachel on an errand. Just counted our money ($26.70) 'cuz we're going 2 Limited Too today. Mom owes us $100. Kris finally put her tooth under the pillow. Me, Kris, and Rach each got a Beanie Baby.

We'll write later to say how the meet against Landsdowne went (we made signs).


P.S. It's Peacefrog's 11th Birthday


@ Limited 2, I bought:

4 pairs socks

sleeveless shirt

bathing suit cover-up

6 pairs clips w/ keychain



Got a letter from Kate on my soccer team. Don't like her, but she calls me her best friend.

I talked to Adam:

Adam: Ya know what I'm gonna do on backstroke?

Kris: What?

A: I'm not going to breathe.

K: (smiling) Oh really, now?

A: Well, I'm gonna try.

K: Well, good luck!

A: (to his mom) I'm not going to breathe on back!

His mom (laughing): Good luck!

A (to Coach Michelle): I'm not gonna breathe!

CM: (smiling and laughing) Good luck!

(After his race, he comes BACK TO SAY: )

A: I had to breathe!

K *in mock-surprise): Really? Why?!

A: Because I got water up my nose!

K (knowingly): Aaahhh.

(Adam leaves)

I have to admit, I like talking (or even flirting) w/ Adam. He's so friendly and likeable. I could act like myself around him.

If that was me acting like myself... I'm in trouble. 

Saw Vanessa @ meet. She was watching her cousin Janina. We teased each other.

Sarah Lynne swam and dived today, w/ a 3rd degree burn!

Don't know who won. I didn't do well. 

Made a star-shaped box w/ mosaic top and painted bottom. 

Had a private lesson w/ Coach Colleen today. I think Caroline Benjamin is nice, even though she's a little perfect. She's tons o' fun.

Tomorrow @ 7 pm "Tower of Terror my fav movie is on.

Did 5 dives (front) of the high dive yesterday.

I might take ACTING lessons this summer. I was BORN for the theater. 

I'm not sure if Adam and Frannie r more than friends. Frannie's going 2 camp 4 2 weeks. I'll have Adam all 2 myself. As for me, I've emailed Tommy 3 times and gotten 3 replies! Adam is a back-up, now.




P.S. Rachel now goes down the slide at Spindletop.

Kristen's Diary Becomes SCHIZOPHRENIC

Posted by Kristen Geil on March 4, 2011 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (7)

I know I say this every time, but this is the best diary entry yet. I officially developed multiple personality disorder. I look forward to your all's comments/diagnoses.


Hiked 2 Mt. Patterson.

Had series of skits tonight. Fav one was a B*Witched one. Elizabeth and Caroline, Katie Something, and someone else lip-synched 2 "C'est La Vie."

Today everyone was singing/dancing 2 a song ([There's] Always Something There 2 Remind Me, real good song) w/ brooms and mops!

I've decided 2 make up an invistible (that's my name 4 invisible) twin.


Looks: Blond hair, brown/green eyes.

Height: 4-5 (will change)

Weight: 69 (will change)

I'll think about her name later. I'm going to make her my BEST FRIEND.

I've got invistible pets, too. My fav is Trouble the tiger.

I need to make a list:

Names: Kaavy, Leslie, Kristeen, Mandy. 

I think I'll make my twin Mandy.

Julia thinks she has heartburn.

A Yellow Jacket stung me. 

Let Kelly (assistant head) pull my tooth.

7-2-99 & 7-3-99 (12)

Had a fashion show. I won!

Got people to sign a t-shirt. 

I've made Mandy look different than me:

hair: pale blond

eyes: blue

Mom's picking me up today! I didn't realize how homesick I really am...


Counselors: Courtney and Beth

Friend: Courtney (next door)

craft- keychains

game- 4 square

hike- Bat Cave. It was great! It was only 50 degrees, wet, and we saw bats! I shared my flashlight w/ Debbie. Also, me Debbie, ect. got LOST! It was cool. Found a caterpillar.

I kinda like havin' Mandy around. 'Stead of talkin' aloud, we "telegram" each other. 


Saw my cousins. 2 of them (Evan and Brennan) got 1 of their ears pierced. Victor called me a "demon." We went 2 the pool. Mandy says she liked all of her "cousins" alot.

Went 2 a 4th of July party. My favorite fireworks were the illegal ones. Mandy liked the ones that blow up on the ground. 

At camp (our last day), Mandy, my cabin-mates and I were woken by voices singing "Rise, and shine, and give God your glory glory. (repeated 4 times) Child of the Lord" Then we had 2 walk all over camp in our pjs singing that pathetic song. 

The night before we held a fashion/dance show, and I won once! I had lots of stuff 2 tell Mom and Dad, my bee sting, my tooth, etc.

Got a letter from Pam Miller, saying we can hold the cleanup on Aug. 9! She thought my address was Eunice's though. Oh, well. 

Well, anyway, USA WOmen Soccer is going 2 the Finals! Mandy wants to say something.

Yea! Go Mia Hamm! (from now on, all italics mean this is my twin, "Mandy," writing)

Yeah. I hope we win!

Me too!

I think we know that already, Mandy.

Oh, okay.

I'm about to fall asleep, so night!

Yeah, night!

Kristen Goes To Summer Camp

Posted by Kristen Geil on February 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (4)


1st day @ Camp Domain, w/ Debbie, who's not in my cabin. :(

It's been raining on/off. I hope it doesn't rain all of the 7 days I'm here. My counselors are Sarah and Sarah. 

I met a girl named Katie. She doesn't look as if she has too many friends. I don't really like her.

Just got back from swimming test. Got #138. Better remember that. 

I really wish Debbie was in my cabin (Hosea).

Haven't heard from Pam Miller. 

@ Bonfire tonight, Debbie confessed Eunice gave her the "royal treatment" for awhile, then dropped her. Eunice even got mad w Debbie cuz' she didn't let her read her paper diary. Eunice tore the diary up. Rude!

We're made a plan to write a fake diary together, and leave it in plain sight for Eunice 2 read. She'll be so jealous. I <3 watching Eunice blow up! I think Debbie is my new best friend.

History of BFs

1st grade: Claire Howe

2nd grade: Eunice

3rd grade: Melissa and Eunice

Beginning of 4th: Eunice

End of 4th: no one.

Camp is awesome!

It's pouring rain. The cabin is nice and cozy. I have the top bunk. It's neat.

I wrote to letters, to Mom, Dad, Rachel, and 1 to Arden. 

I miss my family.

The people in my cabin r Bess (bunkmate), Miriam, Rachel, Martha, Katie, Shelby, Julia, Laura, Sarah, and Sarah and Sarah , the 2 counselors. 

It's about time for lights-out. I have 1 more thing: Take my letters 2 breakfast and mail them. Better not forget. Night (I think I might write more).

Oh, yeah. Katie says she has a boyfriend. I've decided I don't like her.


Cabin Hosea Right has taken to putting socks on the ceiling and wall. It's neat.

Everyone is getting along great!

We went to Wind Tunnel. At one end of the tunnel, they would tie an Indian boy. At the other end, they would put sharp stuff. When the wind blew the sharp stuff towards the boy. If he survived, he was a warrior. 

I got my nails painted.

I got a letter from home. 


Someone in the other cabin choked.

Went on a hike to Glenn's Tomb.

Got a hair wrap.

Buggy (aka Emily) has made 87 wasps fly out of their nest; she knocked the nest down.

Not much happened on our 3rd day of camp. I got 2 letters from home.

Hiked to Wolf Pen today. Had to use ropes to climb rocks.

Debbie threw up twice.

Had a pretend swim meet.

Saw movie Cool Runner.

People in other cabin (:BF's 1st):

Leslie, Hallie, Amanda, Ellen, Cassie, Katie, Hannah, Morgan, Courtney. There are others, but I forgot them. 

Last night Leslie choked on a Spree.

Bad headache.

Bess and Jessica r twins that don't look anything alike. 

Jessica: nice, cool, popular.

Bess: mean, a little popular, a little cool.

I want a twin really bad.

(Editor's note: that last line... foreshadowing for sure. A major development in my diary is coming soon)

"Pity about their ma."

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Went 2 the mad Potter w/ Kiki (my baby sitter) and Rachel. I made a box shaped like a star, Rachel made a piggy bank, and Kiki made a tile. It was neat.

V.B. School is over! On 6-18-99, at 2:35 am, I lost my tooth. I got Cheeks the Baboon, a Beanie Baby.

Yesterday I want to Tarzan with about 20 people: Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Wilden Grandma Mac Duffy, Mrs. Keller, Hope, Austin Wilden, Mackenzie, her friend Jenna, Shannon Duffy, Lauren Duffy, Mary, Steph, Vanessa, Katheryn, Alison, Anne, and Martha. We went 2 DQ after.

I have swimmers' ear, which is why a cotton ball is in my ear.

Got a letter.

Tomorrow is Dad's Day! I got him a visor, and some other stuff,



Saw Star Wars Episode 1. It was great.

Mom's coming home from CA.


Still have swimmers' ear.

I've made descision: I'll convince Mom 2 let me get my ears pierced on my half b-day (March 20, 2000). I really want earrings. Mom borrowed $100 from me 4 CA. When she pays me back, I'm going on a shopping spree. 


Mom came home.

Saw 2 of the Doughterys. The D kids r cool. Pity about their ma.

Rumor says Arlington has good divers. 

We better beat them.


We lost 2 Arlington, 328-276

Dead Frogs and Awkward Dialogues

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Melissa is coming over tomorrow. At V.B. Schoo, we made mosaics. 

Eunice started 2 clubs. 1 was the Pschic Club. To get in, u had 3 guesses to guess what Eunice and Hilda were thinking. I got in, w/ some other kids. 

The other club was a Rock 'n' Roll Club. 

On 6-16 we have a swim meet. 

Michelle O. grew out her bangs!

At Spindletop me, Rachel, her friend Colleen, and their babysitter Lindsay were looking 4 Mrs Gates, Colleen's mother. At the bottom of the stairs 2 the grill (where we thought she was) was a DEAD FROG. Lindsay and I were leading, and she screamed. I almost did. The frog was white, w/ black spots here and there. We didn't let Colleen and Rachel see it.

On our way to V.B. School there was a HUGE BLACK bug in the car. When I saw it, I screamed.

(here i draw the bug, about the size of a thumbprint, with an arrow pointing to the drawing reading "actual size")

Later, Dad herded it out with a golf club, then squashed it. 

Dad and I have (kinda) been doing crosswords together.


I love that I found this entry as the first official date my dad and I did a crossword. We still do them together whenever I'm at home. Awwww. 


We won our meet against LCC 405-187!

When Melissa came over, we wrote a letter to Mayor Pam Miller (enclosed) I hope she likes our idea!

(Unfortunately, the letter to Mayor Pam Miller was no longer enclosed in my diary. But, I think it had to do with the park near my house and how it had lots of litter and we wanted to clean it up... it should show up in later diary entries. Keep reading!)

Adam and I had a conversation while waiting 4 our heat to come up. It went something like this:

Adam: I recommend these goggles, if you're getting new ones.

Me: They're cool.

Adam: See how soft they are? (watches as a feel his goggles)

Me: Yeah, they're real soft.

Adam (smiling): They're even softer than the ground (hits ground w/ goggles)

Me (also smiling) Great


Adam: Are you in tennis?

Me: Yes.

Adam: Me too. I haven't been in like, 2 weeks, though.


Adam: Are you in the 1:00-2:00 clinic?

Me: (Nod) Yep.

Adam: Me, too.

I'm not sure if Adam still likes Frannie. After she did a good dive, he gave her a hi-5. And put his arm around her, but I didn't c them talk much. Adam is so great. But he's still behind Sam.

(After rereading that awkward dialogue, I find it hard to believe that any boy liked me at that point in my life. SO AWKWARD)

Mom brought me and Rach 100 tag protectors 4 our 150 Beanie Babies. We put them on most of the Beanies.

Last night I had a nightmare that I had 2 get blue and orange braces (ha-ha).

At the swim meet, Mrs. Donnelly got mad at Coach Jaime cuz' he didn't put her daughters (Julia [10?] and Lisa [9]) in the 1st heat. Stupid, if u ask me.

(Note: I'm proud of myself for learning correct usage of parentheses and brackets this early in life)

I learned a new card game, Speed. It's cool, u play like this:

(Picture of the layout of cards; I'm trying to add it on here but computer's not cooperating)

1. Flip over cards in middle. If u have a Jack, Queen, or King, u could put it on the Queen of Hearts. Make sure u always have 5 cards. When u need a card, take it from your extras/ 

2. If u can't put a card down, and your partner can't, each of u flip a card from the "Other" pile, and continue. Repeat if necessary.

3. 1st one 2 go through all her cards and yell "Speed" wins. 

Cool, huh?

I'm tired. Night. 

This diary entry speaks a thousand words...literally

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I went 2 Vacation Bible School. Last year, my friends and I were making movies. Eunice was supposed 2 be in mine. But 1 day she called and said "I don't want 2 B in your movie." I didn't mind. But during V.B. School, I found out she joined ALICE'S movie instead. I was so mad, I cried. 

V.B. school is not SO bad, just a bit corny. Our group leader looks like he's from Star Trek

For Eunice's birthday, Debbie got her a (half of a) Best Friends necklace. Eunice wears it every day. I wonder y she never wears the one I gave her?

I SAW SAM! His brother Eric coaches Andover, and it just happened that that's who our 1st swim meet was against. Sam said Hello to me!


Michael Gentry, the dork/nerd of CKS is on Spindletop. YIKES!

Today at the library with Rachel and our sitter, Kiki, we were waiting 4 a car 2 back out of a parking space. It backed up 2 far, hit the car behind it, and drove off. Kiki got the liscence number, and found the owner. 

I've realized that...oh, never mind. 

I've not been keeping my promise about my Club Med friends too well.

I wonder what it's like to be dead. I'm scared 2 sleep cuz' I saw a news report 'bout a guy who killed 6 people. Y would anyone kill a kid? I don't. That's why I want to go to Never-never-land. 

Alice's sister Marie (also known as Eiram, cuz' she used 2 write her name backwards) has been hanging out with RACHEL at Vacation Bible school (y do they call it that? It's not a vacation 4 me) Weird. I wasn't expecting that. 

I wonder how old I'll be before Mom and Dad let me go on a date with Sam?...

Also: Now at Spindletop is Emily Borden. She has a TOP 16 time in the U.S. I kinda like her. She's just so, oh, perfect.

Today I worked up my courage and dived off the lifeguard chair.  

Adam Lane tried out 4 "Anakin" in Star Wars I. 

By the way, if I dump Sam (highly unlikely) Adam is my 2nd choice. There are rumors about him and Frannie Mae, though. He sometimes comes 2 9-10 practice (he's 11). He's popular and REALLY nice 2 everyone, including girls. Sometimes he talks 2 me during diving, which I skipped today, it was pouring RAIN!

Now I can't wait to sleep (unusual 4 me). I feel like I've been writing this entry 4-ever. Oh, wait! Melissa, moved 2 a HUGE house near Eunice. It has 5 levels AND a secret passage! Awesome! Night!

Wait, I still have 4 short things:

1. Mom's going to CA

2. I'm going to camp domain soon (I used 2 think Domain meant ice cream).

3. We might go out west 4 vacation in 2000.

4. We're visiting Emily Rose and Uncle Eddie 4 the 1st time since he and Aunt JoAnna got divorced.