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Jack's Pokemon cards were stolen- Diary!

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10-3-99 7:43 am

I went to Courtney's birthday party @ Entertainment X-press. I rode in the go-carts most of the time. The go cart track went like this: 

(insert a drawing of a squiggly figure eight type thing, with a start, a hill/bridge, a garage, and a finish)

I can't WAIT to go back!

10-6 9:22 pm

Somebody stole almost all of Jack's Hologram Pokemon Cards, which are worth a lot of $$$.

Halloween Costumes:

me: (grouch) Pink bathrobe, hair in curlers, slippers, carrying coffee mug and newspapers, and sign that says "I'm NOT a morning person."

Alice, Lisa, and Eunice- Rockstars

Eunice might have a Halloween party. I'm not sure I want to go.

Went to see Annie, the play (is Annie supposed to be underlined or "quotes">;) last night. It was great! The singing was awesome (it lasted from 8:00 pm to 10:30pm)! I <3ed Molly! Anne's seeing it tonight! 

Now I've started a notebook about friends and grownups. To see what each page is about, rub yellow "Harriet the Spy" pen @ top of each page (Limited Too notebook).

I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF SCHOOL! I never thought I'd write that. 


(greatest to least)

1. Adam and Jack Davidson


Ignore that. All of my crushes are tied.

I feel SO SORRY for Jack, and not because of his Pokeman cards. He's quieter and more different than the other boys, so whenever he's in my group 4 something, I kind of protect him and offer him chances 2 do something first. I do like him, but only in a friendly way. 

(drawing of: heart, peace sign, star, smiley face, ying yang, triangle, square, circle, star of david, swirly, squiggle)

I felt like doing that. 

Won a ride in a limo- Diary!

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9-28 9:40pm

Now my energy poster looks awful. (I won't go into details)

Wrote a report about owls.

Tons o' homework the last few days. I wish I could take a day off like Ross, who's got mono,

I can't WAIT to go to the Greenbriar w/ Anne 4 2000! Our first words r gonna be "Ka-boom!" @ the Greenbriar, I'm planning to carry this around because even though I've only been there once before, I know it's gonna (drawing of a 'bee') outta this (drawing of a 'world'). For example, off the top of my head I know the Greenbrier has: movie theater, bowling alleys, golf courses, carriage rides, and indoor and outdoor pools. Amazing, eh? 

(drawing of an 'eye,' drawing of a 'can') + NOT WAY+IT-Y!

Let's see, anything else? Oh, yeah, read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabam, **** 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Warning: 437 or so pages. 


I, the undersigned, solemnly swear to work on the Harry Potter Candy Contest, and get it finished and send it in. Kristen Michelle Geil


(PS I hope no one actually reads this)


I sent it in.

I've decided that I like Jack Davidson. He's actually cute, unlike most other boys (w/ excepts of Walt Daniels and Jake Lockridge). He jokes around and doesn't get all uptight around girls. He even wants to be an actor, like I want to be an actress. (He got a part in Madeline, a play) 

Went to Joseph Beth. Bought: Replica: Another Amy, Replica: Perfect Girls, Watchers: Island, Watchers: Lab 6, BSC Friends 4-everL Stacey vs Claudia, BSC Friends Forever: Mary Anne's Big Breakup, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (whew!).

I've also decided to be extra nice to the New Kids.

Jack: Stats

Hair: Pale Brown

Eyes: Pale Blue

Haircut: Buzz

From: Wyoming

Height: About my size

Other: Jokes, natural, not much of a neck

Oh, guess WHAT! This morning over the intercom Mrs. King drew 5 names to go out to lunch in a limo. I was sitting casually, cuz I didn't really care who won. Martha's sister won a Sony Playstation. Then she got to the limo/lunch. The first 3 names were drawn. I was still bored. The fourth name was "Kristen Geil, 5B!" Everyone in 5B turned to look @ me (I sit in the back) and clapped enthusiastically, except for Alison, who started screeching "You won! I can't believe it! You won!" My face turned red and I put my hands 2 my cheeks.

Later, everyone started saying "Take me with you!" (I quote Jake: "I know you're afraid of big, long things, so I'll go in your place.") Ay yi yi!

Birthday Presents and Sports Bras- Diary!

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9-25 10:05 pm

I'll list B-day presents tomorrow.

I'm doing basketball. @ the end of the season, I am GETTING MY EARS PIERCED! YEA! YEA!

Editor's note: my parents clearly knew the value of a well-placed bribe. 

Bad news: After the soccer game (we lost 5-0), Alex was getting something out of the cooler, when 2 people sat on it WHILE HER ARM WAS STILL UNDER THE LID! The Pearson family thought nothing of it, but by the time they got home, Alex's arm had swelled. Badly. They made a trip to the ER. We think it's probably a sprain.

B-Day Presents:

McKenzie: Bath and Body Stuff

Laura Beth: n-book, pencils, pic. frame

Cassie- Mad Potter Gift certificate

Lauren- Owl and Pussycat certificate

Kelley- Pillow Pal and Harry Potter #2

Morgan- tiny stuffed animal and $5

Steph- candy and tiny stuffed animal and case

Mal- Pillow Pal

Millers- Piano Pins and Photo Album

Mackenzie- soap and necklace making kit

Caroline- stamps w/ ink pad and frame making kit

Mary- $15 to Joseph Beth

Anne- stationary

Alison- Notebook, pen, inflatable pillow

Kiki- <3 shaped bookmark, <3 shaped box (w/ initials and date inscribed), and Bath Crayons


Where- Southland Bowling

Goody Bags- Lip Smackers, UK tatoos, pen, post-its, shoelaces, candy

My lane- Anne, Mary, Mackenzie, Alison, Mallory

Games- If you get a strike, you wore a tiara/pick paper out of cup. Do what it says (Ex: Bowl w/ eyes closed, lie on belly and push ball/lie on back and push ball w/ feet, etc

Mom might have a brain tumor.

now i sometimes wear a sports bra. i am so embarrassed.

EN: The above sentence was written in miniscule letters. I was very embarrassed. 

Gotta work on Energy poster tomorrow, so NIGHT!

9-26 8:30pm

Lost 2-0 @ game (soccer)

Went to Darryll's.

I've started a diary on Microsoft words saved on diary. The password is crazy8.

I called Alex. Her arm's not broken, but she has to wear it in a sling til Wednes.

My Energy Poster looks GREAT! I mean it!

In which Kristen doesn't want to play basketball

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9-24 9:58 pm

B-day party tomorrow.

Mom's trying to convince me to play basketball. She's says talent (I have), and it would be a waste if I use it. I say, who cares if I have talent, but I don't like my talent, and besides, it would be a waste of money. 


Case closed. End of disscussion. See ya later. Meeting's over. Goodbye. Go home. THE END. 


(I just wasted almost ONE WHOLE SHEET OF PAPER just beacuse of "no". Shame on me. Bad girl.) -Kristen

Kristen's 10th Birthday!

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9:20 9:27 pm

I officially turn 10 @ 9:44, so this is my last entry as a 9 year old.

My Birthday:

Deco: Happy Birthday streamers on mailbox, garage, one door, and bed.

Food: Chicken and rice, green beans, and watermelon. Turtle pie.

Presents: Books- Harry Potter #3, California Diaries (Sunny 2, Ducky 2, Maggie 1), Backpack Book 1

Games: Chinese Checkers, Grow Your Own Crystals and Emeralds Kit

Clothes: Limited Too: Socks, soccer shirt, Pajamas (blue), purple velvet shirt

Money: $50, and 2 Joseph Beth gift certificates (#45)

Other: Angel doll; it's beautiful!

I realized something. This was the Best Birthday of My Life. Book order came today. Started a Dream Journal (it's the one with BSC on it. For Book Order I got: The Egypt Game and BSC Friends 4ever Pack (#1 Kristy's Big News, Everything Changes, and BSC Journal). One minute to go...


I am ten (10). My alarm went off @ 9:44, the time I was born.

I have been 10 for ONE WHOLE MINUTE.






Lots of Lists- Kristen's Diary Makes a Comeback!

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Sorry it's been so long, folks. Here's just what you need on this Thursday afternoon- a new, rambling, slightly schizophrenic and paranoid diary entry from last millenium. And get excited- I may have a surprise in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned....

9-5-99 (9:03) pm

I hate Beth Ann! She is so stupid. All she does is look @ me, grin, and giggle @ everything I say. I bet if I told her she was going to be murdered she would giggle. !:(!


Mrs Pearson- <3s polka :(

Sra Caspani- <3s yelling :(

Mrs Glover- Just like a kid :)

Mrs Wilkinson; DA BOMB! :)

Herndon- fat ?

Wienman- <3s weird songs ?

Quinn- v. cool! :)

Convinced Dad to read Harry Potter!!! (He likes it)



Halloween Costumes

Grump/Genie/Leopard/Harry Potter (someone from the book)


Shannon prob. can't come to B-day party :( Mary, Lauren, and Steph Prater can (I didn't invite the new kids)

Editor's note: Here, I drew pictures of presents, with the words "For Me???" underneath.



EN: "true" was circled. Also, I don't know what I was counting down to. My birthday was 15 days away...


(in case you can't tell, I'm excited)

I'm glad I wrote to-night. Good night.

9:44 pm

Now I'm scared. Of dying, murder, what happens after you die, practically everything. For all I know, I could die tomorrow.

Ugh. Good going, Kris.

But I'm scared. Really, really, scared.

What happens when you die? Do you feel anything? Do you go to Heaven, or are you reborn?

EN: Here I drew pictures of gravestones, one for each of my family members, complete with birth and death dates. It's pretty morbid. I did not have very long life expectancies for my family. 


And what if Mom or Dad dies? When I'm, like, under 13? What if BOTH of them die. I don't want that to happen. 

I wish, with most of my heart, to live forever w/ family & friends.

EN: Insert two gravetsones, each with a circle and a slash to make the "no" sign drawn over them. 

It'll be fine, I tell myself.

But I don't believe it.

9-16-99 7:27 pm




P.S. Mrs. Glover is a maniac.

9-18-99 8:09 am


Oktoberfest was great! I entered a few raffles 4: 3 Beanies (Osito, Birthday Bear, and Spangle), a Tempur-Pedic mattress, all 3 Harry Potter books, and 1 week of NON-UNIFORM.

I walked around with Shannon and Mackenzie. We played some inflatable games, looked around @ Attic Treasures (Anne bought a computer 4 $20!) and most of all, entered raffles.

Did you know spiders can fly? See, @ recess yesterday, there was this white spider running around, and Shannon, Mackenzie and I were chasing it w/ a leaf. Shannon got it, and lifted it up, but the spider just spun a silk thread down, and Shannon caught again and after it spun a little rope, she started swinging it around. The spider flew off.

2 Minutes later, we saw a butterfly, and said the spider cocunned and turned into a butterflu. We raced around trying to catch it.

As I was writing this, Ray came buy and put some stuff under my pillow: candy, a pencil, kazoo, and necklace. I can only assume it's for my birthday.

Stupid Things Uncle Eddie Did- diary!

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9/10/99 4 pm

Mrs. Bewely (my computer teacher) makes us keep a cyber-journal. As if I don't keep enough!

Melissa's coming over Sun. Uncle Eddie and Emily Rose are coming that day, too. 

Stupid Things Uncle Eddie Did:

1. Burnt a hole in the front seat of the car w/ a cigarette lighter.

2. Got his neck rolled up a car window.

3. Posed as a model in the window of a store

4. Waterskied naked

5. During his paper route he set off bottle rockets so he woke people up

6. This isn't stupid, but he did it: rode his bike from CA (where he used to live) to FL. In LA, he ran over a rattle snake!

By the way, Uncle Eddie lives in TN, He and Aunt Joanna (I <3 her New Zealand accent!) are divorced, so I don't see her much. U Eddie loves running; he even ran the NY marathon once!

Later (8:00)

Did you know they have KID Jeopardy? I watched it and answered most questions!

I am going to do something. I don't know what. Maybe I'll be adventuras and read a magazine. Anyway, goodnight!

9-12-99 7:06 am

I didn't write yesterday, so here's what happened:


Shooters vs Comets Soccer game. Shooters win 6-1. Madison and I scored twice each, and Mary and Alex scored 1.


McDonalds' lunch. I 8 2 cheeseburgers.


Iguanas vs Leopards. Stephanie was there. She was climbing trees.


Anne invites me to sleepover, but I refuse.




Shelli and Bill babysit with Baby Allie born on 12-25-98.


I went to bed after watching a movie. 

I'll be back later. Bye!


Well. Today was interesting.

When Emily Rose, Uncle Eddie, and Miss Kathy came over, we gave them the tour. Then Melissa came, and we ate lunch. AFTER that, me and Mack started working on HPCC. We got a lot of work done, even though Rach and ER kept finding ways to spy on us, like through the window (they called themselves the FBI!) Finally, they got mad 'cuz we needed something in Ray's room and we wouldn't let them in my room. We worked out a deal, though (we could hear them "bowling" from my room).

Worked on Star. 


P.S. I should say how great my parents are. Even though she gets mad occassionally, makes me do embarrassing things, my mom is the BEST. I <3 her SO x 1,000,000,000 much. My dad's great too. He helps me with sports and school (Mom only helps w/ school). I <3 him SO x 1,000,000,000 much. Together, I <3 them w/ all my heart. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE!!!

In Which I Pray the Rosary- Diary!

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Start of Diary 3! 


Today we had school pictures. Everyone was all worried about their hair and smiles.

Melissa and I are entering The Harry Potter Candy Contest. You have to make up a new, magical, bizarre candy. Our candy will probably be this (nameless @ the moment): A gummi-type candy in the shape of something, like a broom or something. Whatever you eat, you get. Caution: You can only get one gummi @ a time.

Another caution: You can get letters, like a silver W for Wisdom, but you can also get a red A for Angry (or a blue S for Sad, etc). Choose your gummies wisely.

PS Letters only last for one day, but the brooms and stuff you have forever.

Like it?

Alison's entering, too. Hers is kind of a cracker that's licorice and flavored, w/ things inside (separate packages for girls and boys).

Candies anymous on package.

Names: Charm Gummies

Geil's Greatest Gummy Charms*

*=Best so far.

I want to describe all the Girls In My Class:

Vannessa: <3s monkeys

Alison: tough competition 4 anything

Hope- Wild

Alice- hilarious

Melissa- ditto Alison

Elizabeth- babyish

Eunice- ditto Shannon

Morgan- talks a lot

Terri- dives

Kelley- same initials as me (KMG)

Laura- I HATE her. Dork

Lara- <3s soccer

McKenzie- very popular

Cassie- Swims FAST

Ashley- joker, born on 10/31

Stephanie- quiet

Kara- stupid.

Later (9:50 pm)

Oh, Lord. Tonight was VERY eventful. You see, I have to write about monsoon on a certain piece of paper.

Guess what?

I lost that certain piece of paper.

I thought it was downstairs.


My room?


The kitchen, then.

Couldn't find it.

Finally (@ 9:30) I went to bed. I started to cry a little, cuz Mrs. Glover isn't exactly nice about that stuff. Then I very reverently said a decade of the Rosary, and prayed to St. Anthony oh, about a bazillion times. I even cuddled w/ my huge bear I got when I was born, Mommy Bear.

@ 9:40 Mom came to my room, holding a sheet about Rachel's soccer team, the Iguanas, and MY REPORT!

To make a short story shorter, Mom took the sheet (which had parents phone #s on it) off the fridge to call Rach's coach. She hung it back on the fridge w/ my report under it! Thanks, St. Tony.

Today's date was quadruple 9's. (9-9-99)

Today was bad cuz it was school pic day, and I worried about what everyone else was wearing (jeans & t-shirts) while I was wearing a skirt. School picture days r bad.

Daniel Wachs wore uniform. As far as I can remember, he's never NOT wore uniform. 

11 days till my BIRTHDAY!

It's 10:04, and I'm tired, so goodnight.

Harriet the Ferret- End of Diary 2!

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A Dream


I go to a pet shop w/ Debbie so she can buy a pet. A ferret named Harriet lives in a toilet. A snake is coiled up. There are big cages w/ stuffed animals in them. Debbie and I wander around. Then we are @ Alice's b-day party-sleepoever @ Amerisport. I ask if we can sleep in the pit. Alice says yes. I say, "If we can't, we can sleep on the benches!"


A FERRET named HARRIET in the TOLIET?!?!


My parents are actually letting us watch PG-13 movies! Yesterday we watch Mrs. Doubtfire. Tonight we're watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off.



Rachel said a cuss word last night (****).


I'm writing a sci-fi story about a girl (Star) from Saturn who moves 2 Earth (On my computer, saved under star).



Lost 1st soccer game today 2-1 (Jennie scored).


I bent a spoon.


Only because u were scooping ice-cream w/ it!

Woman of Steel!



P.S. Brought Replica #1: Amy #7. Read it.




Nothing happened today.


I might quit swimming until 10-31. I hope I do!




I feel like a robot on overdrive. I do everything automatically. Homework, soccer, piano, you name it, I do it. I HAVE to quit something. Hopefully swimming. Mom's in Louisville.


I wish I had a best friend. All my friends are in pairs. Alice and Melissa, Alison and Vanessa, Eunice and Debbie, etc. The closest one is Alice, but I have a feeling if I tell her a big secret, she'll laugh. We got assigned families in Spanish. I'm married to Shawn Milburn. Alice is my mother in law, and Melissa is my cousin.


School pics tomorrow.


Read all California Diaries.


Got a b-day card with $20 from Grandma and Grandpa Bazel.


I can't believe I'm almost done with this diary. I started it on April 14, 1999. I like keeping a diary. I wish I could take it to school, but teachers would notice.


Found out today they have kids Jeopardy. I wish I could enter.


Soccer Team


Mary McGroarty- goes to CKS

Mary Van Meter- cool, always seems to be getting hurt

Parker David- spoiled brat

Alex Pearson- my slosest soccer team friend

Madison Mattmiller- ? CKS

Jennie Wyatt- very "mature"

Rachel- ?

Elizabeth Hamilton- all she does is smile @ me and giggle (very fat). Goes to CKS



I want to write something. I just don't know what.


I'd say goodbye, but I've got another page.


Oh well, I'll end this journel here, so goodbye until Journal/Diary #3 (or 2.5, I forget)



Gorphfs, Cooties, and 3 Way Calling

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A exchange student (Isabelle) got moved back to 3rd grade today.

I feel stupid 4 2 reasons. 1: I applied 4 my job @ school today. Found out that I had applied 4 teachers' job. Tomorrow I will ask M. Glover if I can change my application. 

2: I fell on my left temple (got the wind knocked out of me) and cried. It was kinda nice to be fussed over.

I hate my soccer coach. He's insensitive and makes us do stuff like line up in our positions (I was goalie 4 that, and got a cramp of boredom). I'm using a new pen. My old one ran OOI (out of ink).

A Dream

Melissa and I are swimming in front of what looks like CKS. A girl starts chasing us. We swim towards a canoe but can't make it, so we swim 2 CKS. Inside, it is a hotel you could get lost in! We run around trying to lose the girl. We run through a kids room, where all is large. Then we go past a card room where my dad is playing spades w/ a fat man. The girl catches Mackenzie. I run into a bathroom and lock the door. The lock breaks and I get captured.

Alice had a dream about Gorphfs who stomp on Cooties and eat them and Ooglis who stand around. 


Got to change my job, but Meliss got it. 

Read Downriver.

Debbie figured out how to get 3 people to talk on the phone @ once. She tried it out w/ me and Eunice. We talked 4 11 min. Here's how:

1. Dial #

2. Press flash.

3. Dial other #

4. Press flash (Talk!)



Put beads in my hair.

Read Tuck Everlasting and River Thunder.

Been bored most of the day.

Now Maria sits on the other side of me @ school. My job is mail/messenger. 

Got new shoes from old navy.

@ Mass today Fr. Greg spilled inscents. Eeveryone was coughing and sneezing. 


Sometimes I hate Melissa Smith because she's so perfect. Teachers <3 her, so do all adults. But other times I <3 her too because she's so nice and funny.

We made up a Gorphf song (to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus")

The Gorphfs and the Cooties go hop hop hop,
hop hop hop, hop hop hop
(repeated) (cept for ___________)
And the Ooglis just stand around.

The Gorphfs eat the Cooties and the Coties eat the things,
Cooties eat the things, Cooties eat the things (Repeat cept 4 ____________)
And the Oohlis just stand around. 

Like it? 
She's crazy.

Other Private Thoughts

Sometimes I hate Eunice because she's so popular. She always has @ least 1 person hanging all over her. Sometimes that person is me, then I like Eunice.

17 days till Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday. (Did you know I was born on Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday? I was born on a holiday!) Basically,


(Or 2 weeks 3 days)


(My pen still doesn't work)