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Tucker's Tales Fans Want Recruiting News

Posted by Ally Tucker on April 30, 2012 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (3)

Remember us? We have taken a hiatus from Tucker's Tales for the past few months due to a new gig with KSR College. The time has come though to kick start Tucker's Tales once again with the addition of some fresh blood. Our 2012 recruiting class includes two of the top blogging prospects in the country county. 

TARA BILBY  5'7, 5'8, 5'9? pretty tall   Berea, Ky  

Tara Bilby first caught the eye of the Tucker's Tales recruiting gurus with her clever/witty work on KSR College. Bilby was actually very pro-active in her recruitment though, reaching out to Tucker's Tales a few weeks ago to proclaim her interest in the position. Though Bilby has verbally committed to Tucker's Tales, we are still waiting on her to fax her letter of intent. 

Strengths: Impeccable 3-goggle form, knows when to bold em' and when to fold em' in her blog entries, fromances on Twitter, knows every word to the song "The Motto," group texting, white blazers, typing 10 page papers in backseats on the way to New Orleans, her grandma and grandpa etc. 

Weaknesses: Low volume on podcasts, cordial interaction with Mississippi State fans, guys with fatheads, doesn't believe that Rose did anything wrong by not giving a more valiant effort to let Jack share the door with her at the end of Titanic, inability to accept Twitter After Dark, GPS devices, lack of knowledge of Simon Birch, finger piercings, etc. 

HAYLEY MINOGUE    5'7, 5'8, 5'9? Damn, she's pretty tall too...    Doesn't Exist, Ky

Hayley Minogue, like Bilby, also first caught the attention of Tucker's Tales while blogging for KSR College. Hayley has a quirky sense of humor, cleverly sprinkled with the occasional hashtag. Hayley is still a bit reluctant to pull the trigger and make her commitment to Tucker's Tales. She will decide tomorrow via Twitter, probably after school. Expect Head Coach Ally Tucker and Assistant Coach Kristen Geil to put on the full court press with the recruitment process tonight. We will likely exceed the legal number of alloted text messages allowed in the recruiting process. Screw you, NCAA Freewebs.com. We don't care about your rules. 

Strengths:  Loyalty to the Big Mac, emojies, tested negative for #L1C4, Twitter, her Boyfriend, her other boyfriend Elroy, her other boyfriend Brad, her other boyfriend Nerlens, Dizzy Bat, ability to creepily lurk in the background of Wilder Eyes pictures, stomps the yard, etc.

Weaknesses:  Volunteers to make t-shirts but never follows through, casting calls, Twitter, dates a Louisville fan, confusing e-mail address, doesn't know who Rebecca Lobo is, use of caller ID, starts Twitter wars with U of L fans, shares a last name with Kylie Minogue, etc. 

Tucker's Tales Final Thoughts on the Bilby/Minogue Package: Both writers would be fine additions to the Tucker's Tales Staff. They have already proven themselves to be reliable bloggers, while also being two of the funniest/most clever/wittiest girls I've ever met. They have a knack for when to tweet, when to retweet and when to eat meat (never for Tara, after 2 a.m. for Hayley). Tara is also the only writer to ever have her post directly referenced to me by Stone Cold Willow. 

In all honesty, I have gotten to know these two girls through the KSR College #LaFamilia over the course of the past few months and my life has been better every day since. They are both a constant source of entertainment, hard work and friendship. I am pleased to announce that both will be interning here for us on TuckersTales.net. Please join me in giving them a warm welcome. 

P.s. Tara and Hayley, you might want to add "TT" to the end of your twitter handles. Just sayin'...



Tucker's Tales: A Year In Review

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On January 2nd, 2011 at 4:21 p.m.....a new baby was born....probably in a hospital somewhere in the United States....to a joyful mother and father. 

On January 2nd, 2011 at 4:21 p.m....a new blog was born...definitely in a small apartment room at "The Lex"... ...to a joyful pair of pals, Ally and Kristen. 

I know I've probably told this story on here before, but a random text message from Kristen sent to me a few months before the whole blog actually came to fruition, was the culprit for this whole thing. Kristen sent me a message that said something to the effect of: 

"I like your Facebook statuses. If you ever had a blog, I'd read it."

The wheels began to turn at that moment, though I'm not even really sure how aware I was of the fact that it was happening. I began to get a little antsy around new year's of last year and decided that I wanted to start a new project. Suddenly, the text message's message (how's that for a tongue-twister?) came back to me and I began searching the internet for free blog host websites. 

My initial thought, considering my obsession with sports and lifelong dream of someday writing for KentuckySportsRadio.com, was that the blog would mainly center around me writing about sports. I even tried to pick what I thought was a "sporty looking" backdrop for the blog. If I had to guess, probably very few of you even remember the initial lay-out for this blog. It was some psychodelic-looking blue and black lightening strike-looking thing. The layout was hideous and thank God a few people made playful comments and urged me to change it. 

Since then, the format and layout have not really changed at all. But the content has certainly been as random as can be. We have not written solely about sports. We have written about just about anything you could probably imagine.  (And even things you could not imagine, such as "Celebrity Survivor" and having a "Life Draft"--- my bad guys on never finishing those....what was I thinking???)

The little project of this blog started out as a fun idea that I honestly thought would mostly consist of me writing things that only I would read, and maybe my parents and Kristen just because she felt bad. Little did I know that not only would Kristen become a HUGE part of the blog with her hilarious and impressive writing skills, but also that people would actually read it. 

I remember being excited the first time that we hit 100 views. It was early on too, maybe within a day or two if I remember correctly. A few retweets later from our MVP, Mary Jo Perino, and we were steadily bringing in around 100 viewers a day. Since then things have fluctuated for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we get an absurd amount of hits (you would laugh at the different Google searches that people use that somehow bring them to our website) and sometimes both of us are so busy that we don't blog quite as often. Regardless, the fact that so many of you all have taken the time to read our blog, come back to read more of our blog, share it with your friends and family, and genuinely support us in our crazy little adventure is something that we are forever grateful for-- THANK YOU!

In our 1 year of existence we have had a grand total of 24,755 views:

Now for a little treat on this 1 year anniversary (don't worry, we are celebrating over a fancy dinner tonight--and by that I mean Kristen will cook a really fancy dinner and send me a picture of it), we would like to re-visit some of our favorite blog entries from the past year. 

We have gone back through every single entry (someday we will figure out a way to make doing this easier on the blog) and I have selected what I think are Kristen's TEN BEST BLOG ENTRIES. Kristen has gone back and selected what she thinks are MY BEST TEN BLOG ENTRIES. Simply click on the links provided to go back and read some of our favorites (also keep in mind that some of the pictures that we used along the way have since disappeared...probably copyright bull-jive)

Enjoy....oh, and also...be grateful that since the VERY FIRST BLOG ENTRY, we have learned that adding pictures makes things so much better. Shoutout to Google Images. Thanks, bro. 

Ally's Picks for Kristen's 10 Best Blog Entries of 2011 (in no particular order):

**possibilities....have to finalize still

1)  Why TLC is the Best Channel on Television

-Kristen started her Tucker's Tales blogging career off with a bang. As soon as I read this entry, I not only laughed out loud (LOL-ed if you will) but I knew that she was going to become a major contributor, far beyond simply a "guest blogger."

2)  Fall of 1995: I might be a Griffin and I get an angel 

-Perhaps my favorite line ever in any of Kristen's many melodramatic and absurd diary entries. "I got an angel! Bye!"

3) Lexington Bucket List 

- I think that Kristen has far more "practical" and "useful" blog entries than I do. This is one of her best when it comes to actually informing readers about something important, which in this case revolves around her knowledge and love for Lexington. 

4) Typical Amazing Race Audition

- One of the more "so ridiculous that it can't be true, but it's true" stories I've ever heard. Kristen details her audition with her good friend Layson for the television hit show "The Amazing Race"

5) Missed Connections on Spring Break

-Kristen rode a mechanical bull on spring break, among other things. 

6 ) Hypothetical Tweets From Peru 

- Kristen combines her love with Twitter and her trip to Peru. Genius. 

7) Walk the Plank 

- Some of the pictures Kristen found of people "planking" are hilarious. Not to mention that this particular blog entry has accounted for probably 50% of our blog site traffic. When you google or google image the word "planking," Kristen's article is one of the first hits. #BlogSoHard

8 )  Living the Dream 

-Kristen makes a list of her dream jobs. Some are obvious choices, some... not so much. 

9) What Would You Do?

-This is one of my favorite blog entries that Kristen has ever written. I had a giggle fit through the entire thing. Kristen outlines what she would do for tickets to the UK/UNC game. 

10) College Classes That Should Be Offered

-Kristen included nearly a page of dialogue directly from the television show "Boy Meets World." I cried just reading it. Enough said. 

Kristen's Picks for Ally's 10 Best Blog Entries of 2011 (in no particular order):

1. Kentucky Wildcat La Familia Christmas Letter -

Spot on. Just spot on.

2. Late Night Confession: Ally's First Real Job -

I still LOL thinking about this time in Ally's life. 

3. Lexington's Best Kept Secrets: Volume 4

- CHASE NO FACE >>>>>>>. And Ally's photo captions are genius.

4. What Kind of Facebook Are You?

- I love lists. 

5. Consumer's Report- Hunger Games

- Ally was on top of the Hunger Games way before the bandwagon started. AND Twitter. Props. 

6. So You're Saying There's A Chance?

- UK vs Transy is a game that needs to happen every year. Bonus points for referencing Becky the Icebox.

7. Final Thoughts on the World Cup

- Oh hey, remember when the World Cup happened this summer and it was AWESOME?? Ally does.  

8. Monday Night Karaoke 6/6/11

- Although all karaoke entries could be on this list, I chose this one because I wasn't there and that is one of my greatest regrets in life. 

9. Tribute to the Graduates

- Maybe I cried reading this. Maybe I didn't. You'll never know. 

10. U(r)sher Concert Review

- One of my top five nights of 2011 by far, and Ally completely did it justice in the blog entry. 

*** We couldn't forget our favorite guest bloggers. Guest bloggers have been a wonderful bonus for our blog. We have had all kinds of wonderful contributions throughout the year. We have found that all kinds of people have a gift when it comes to writing and/or sharing stories. We hope to continue to allow a place for people to come and share their stuff. It was hard to pick just 5 favorites, but we tried to display a variety. 


1) "In Defense of Jersey Shore" By Meagen Fuller 

-She honestly almost had me relating to the Jersey Shore gang. 

2) "Your Parents Hate You: Ridiculous Names Vol. 1" by Brandon Daulton

-Brandon is really passionate about ridiculous childhood names. I hope that he marries a woman who insists on naming their child "LaTiffany" or something of the sort. 

3) "In the Spirit of Lent" by Meg Phillips

- Meg brought it hard and we love her for it. She went ham on all kinds of people/things. 

4) "Becoming a Karaoke Regular" by Colleen Tucker

- Considering how many karaoke entries we had, I figured my sister's entry about the guidelines for being a karaoke regular seemed appropriate. 

5)  "Short Hair, Don't Care" by Cole Adams 

-If I'm being honest, this might be one of my favorite blog entries we've ever had-- not just guest blog entries either. Cole nailed her tribute to the US Women's National Team coach Pia Sunhage. 

Tucker's Tales Christmas Letter

Posted by Kristen Geil on December 22, 2011 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Friends, Family, Anonymous Blog Readers, and Kevin Bacon,

Well, our first year on the blog has flown by, and we have to say we have been pleasantly surprised by our loyal readership and fan feedback. I can't tell you how many times I have been in a random place in Lexington, only to have a friend or acquantaince come up to me and comment on how funny our blog is. We love you guys too!

(Can't plug the website Watch the Cradle enough, y'all). 

Anyway, we figured the holidays were a perfect time to recap the year. One of our favorite things about Christmas cards are the "family update" letters we get in the mail- you know, the ones that take even the most awkward news and spin it into Christmas card-appropriate (ex: At the old age of 22, Stevie is no longer single! He has met a lovely woman 23 years his senior and is now teaching her 16 year old how to drive- but not on his car of course!). As my little sister so wisely put it last night, "Live a life worthy of the Christmas letter." 

Our little blog started off slowly on January 2nd, as a result of Ally Tucker's New Year's Resolution. Within a few weeks, we had way more readers than we expected readers, many of whom found us through some of the most random searches possible (i.e., "snooki geil").

So what have the past twelve months brought for Tucker's Tales? Well, obviously, it was The Year of the Commoner, a theme that was introduced to us from a commentator on the Royal Wedding and that we have embraced wholeheartedly ever since. For example, in March, Kristen went on her senior spring break and entered a mechanical bull-riding contest (cliche, right?) A couple of weeks later, multiple texts and facebook messages informed her that she had been featured on the Travel Channel's special " Florida Spring Break Fever." 

Another example of this being the Commoner's year was one week when the blog caught the attention of a local Lexington sportscaster, Mary Jo Perino. She tweeted about us pretty regularly for awhile there, so much so that we featured her in our Celebrity Survivor game (sorry for never finishing that guys...).

Oh, and you guys may remember back in April when a young man from Missouri, with a heart of gold and shorts of denim, won the hearts of America with his blue-collar work ethic and rags-to-riches story. That's right, we're talking about Josh "Jorts" Harrellson. 

Jorts was in many ways the emotional backbone of the Final Four team for UK, and he is the Commoner personified. This has continued to be a theme in his life even after graduation from UK- he got drafted by the New York Knicks and is slowly but surely becoming a beloved figure in NYC. He is, in his own words, "a never-ending waterfall of fun," and definitely deserves his own reality show (much like Turtleman, another beloved KY figure who got his own show on Animal Planet this year). Way to go, Jorts!

Karaoke is, without a doubt, a commoner's activity- and boy, did we embrace that this year. It became our go-to Monday night activity. Countless versions of Camel Toe, Living on a Prayer, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and the Full House Theme Song have brought us closer with the patrons of Chinoe Pub, the bar of choice of the Commoners. Not convinced? Search "Karaoke" in our blogs and read our recaps. It's something everyone should experience once in their life. 

After a summer filled with tennis-playin days and karaoke nights, Kristen and Ally were forced to separate when Kristen packed up her cowgirl boots and moved to Chicago. She has spent the fall going to graduate school for Professional Writing (and yes, that is as vague of a career path as it sounds) and working jobs at Sprinkles Cupcakes and J Crew. We remained in touch through constant texting, facebooking, tweeting, hey-telling, and real phone calls. Also through Kristen's little sister Rachel, who texts Ally just as often as I do now. Back in Lexington, Ally has maintained a busy schedule filled with working at a local high school, coaching soccer, and texting Kristen updates from UK games when Kristen can't watch. While the move has been difficult for all involved, we think that it's made Kristen appreciate Kentucky even more (Cats fans are still aplenty in Chicago, thank God) and forced her to consider what is really important in her life. Namely, warm weather. Oh, and there's an off-chance that Kristen's upcoming summer nannying job will help her meet Oprah and/or her first husband. So there's that to look forward to. Also, Kristen cannot WAIT until Ally gets an iPhone so we can communicate solely through Emojis. 

So, to summarize: 2011- Year of the Commoner. The theme for 2012 (besides the already-cliche "Year of the Apocalpyse")? I guess it's too early to decide, but we're pushing for BOUNCE BACK- Coach Cal will have it no other way. 

Thanks for reading, friends. We love you guys and appreciate your support of the blog!


Love, Kristen and Ally

Friday Tribute: Kristen Wiig

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I started off just thinking I would write a little tribute blog to Kristen Wiig. Then I decided, why not make this a Friday tradition? As with most things on this blog (Celebrity Survivor, Fan Profile, Monday Morning Mailbag, etc...) it may or may not end up being a weekly thing, but we can sure try right?

Anyway....on to the woman of the hour this Friday....Kristen Wiig. 

Seriously, that is how giddy & stupid I look when I giggle uncontrollably at everything Kristen Wiig does. Most people are probably thinking about her most recent feat of comedic brilliance with her new movie "Bridesmaids."

In my opinion, Bridesmaids has been the funniest movie I have seen all summer....maybe the funniest movie I have seen in a couple of years. I laughed til I cried multiple times, saw it twice, and spent 30 minutes quoting it last night with a group of friends. No big deal. But as funny as Bridesmaids was, Kristen Wiig has been funny for a long time.....

Wiig has been a regular on Saturday Night Live for a few years now and at some point in college I remember falling in love with her comedy and only ever watching SNL to see what she was going to do next. 

A brief tribute via pictures of Wiig's best skits on SNL (that I have seen, who knows how many I have missed):

My 3 personal favorite Kristen Wiig semi-regular skits on Saturday Night Live include her Target skits, the Penelope skits, and the singing sisters skits on the Lawrence Welk Show. 

Seriously, you have to watch the singing sister clips.  (Click that link for a treat)

I found a website that pays tribute to her Top 10 moments on SNL and had video links so that you can watch them. I just wasted spent the best hour of my day watching them. Surprise parties, Target, Penelope at traffic school, a nervous Judy Grimes on weekend update, Jamie Lee Curtis Activia spoof, etc. Check it out. I honestly suggest watching all 10 of them. You won't regret it.

Top 10 Kristen Wiig Videos

Happy Friday everyone....and a special thanks to you Kristen Wiig for being, what I would call, one of the best female comedians out there right now. I have heard some people say they get annoyed by your ways.....those people also probably like U of L, punching toddlers and eating salad without salad dressing.

Welcome Back...Blame Insight

Posted by Ally Tucker on June 7, 2011 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (1)

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Readers, my precious, precious readers....I have to offer all of you a HUGE apology. I have been MIA on the blog for over a week now. In fact, the last blog entry that I wrote was a Tribute to the Graduates of Transy's Class of 2011. It has been so long that not only have they graduated, but their children have graduated from pre-school. Okay, that is a bit dramatic-- but the point is, I have been slacking. 

I don't usually like to put the blame on others for my own shortcomings but with that said....

I specifically blame Insight Cable Company & Insight Cable Company ONLY!!! Nothing has ever been more explicitly someone's fault than this has been yours. BLAME--> INSIGHT. Got it?

You have no idea how hard it was for me to add that picture to this blog entry without wanting to literally punch right through my computer screen. 

I have been without internet (off and on...more off than on) for a week now at our new apartment. Rest assured that I have been paying for internet services though. Out of the 9 days we have been paying for Insight's services, the internet has worked 1.75 of those days. 

Needless to say, after day 1 of not having the internet, I quickly called Insight and set up an appointment. They promised me that they would call 30 minutes ahead of the time they planned on showing up, so that if I needed to run errands or do other things during the day-- I wouldn't have to literally sit in my apartment all day waiting for them.

I went just up the road to do some laundry and when I arrived back to our apartment, the Insight truck was sitting in our parking lot. 

"Are you here for our apartment"- A chirpy me, with a laundry basket in hand.

"Yeah, I've been waiting here for a while now. I was about to leave."- EXTREMELY sassy Insight guy

"Well no one called me. I'm sorry, they said they would give a 30 minute warning phone call."- Me

"Well it's a good thing you showed up. I was about to leave."- Beyond sassy, now rude Insight guy.

The very rude man spent about 35 minutes showing his crack around our apartment before finally interrupting me while catching up on So You Think You Can Dance and letting me know that the problem had to do with an outside connection and someone else would have to come by later that day. 

Cool. I was hoping to not be able to leave my house again for another 6 hours. Thanks. 

Five hours later and we still didn't have working internet. I called Insight back to ask if someone was still planning on coming.

"Oh, our tech guy called and said that he came by but no one was home."- Insight operator

"BITCH, you told me you would give me a 30 minute warning?"- Me

Okay, just kidding. I didn't say that exactly.  But I did ask why I wasn't given a 30-minute warning like I was promised.

The conversation went back and forth for a few more minutes. I kept my cool but was clearly a pit irritated. Only adding to my irritation was THE MOST ANNOYING PART ABOUT A PHONE CALL WITH INSIGHT: When they ask you 50383839 times if you want to sign up for a home phone service.

It's 2011. My cell phone can practically breath for me. I don't need a home phone. 

Does anyone else want to reach through the phone and shake the phone operator when they ask you 3-4 separate times in the phone conversation if you want to sign up for home phone services? 

"We really would like our internet to work because we have been paying for it to work for the past 3 days."- Me

"Wow ma'am. I understand why that would be frustrating. Can I interest you in signing up for our home phone service?"

I've gotten to the point now where I literally just don't respond when they ask that question for the 2nd-4th time. I just sit in silence, make them feel awkward, and wait for them to say "are you still there?" 

"Why yes, I'm still here. I'm waiting for you to solve my existing problem instead of trying to sell me an additional problem. Now fix my internet."

(Again, these are things I want to say more so than things I actually say).

To make a long story short-- they came back and fixed our internet. Within 1 day it was again NOT working. 

This time when I called back Insight, I was really not trying to make any friends. I wanted them to hear what I had to say and know that I was really quite upset by this point. 

I honestly think there is a good chance that I made the poor phone operator on the other end of the line cry. 

I even warned him right out of the gate that if he spent any moment of our phone call trying to offer me a home phone line I was going to cancel all of my services with Insight and immediately find another company. As we finished our conversation, he accidentally brought it up--realized what he did-- and quickly fumbled over himself and apologized for bringing it up.   

Tucker-1  Insight Phone Operator- 0

As you can see--for the moment, our internet is working. Who knows if it will work by night fall. I am one issue away from completely turning my back on Insight. The problem is that I don't even know what other internet and cable services exist out there. Insight has done a good job of monopolizing the field. I'm willing to look high and low though to find another service provider if necessary. So if anyone knows of a better option out there-- please let me know.

Insight.....you and me.....we're on the rocks. 

Watch your step or I'm taking the necklace back to Claire's....

Fan Profile: Sarah McLeod

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Recently, fellow blogger Kristen came up with the idea to highlight a reader/fan once a day in our new section called "Fan Profile." So, to show our appreciation, we're going to start a new feature. In our Fan Profiles, we will give a little background information on those we consider to be our most avid, semi-random readers. But remember, we don't know that you read the blog unless you comment via the Comments section, Facebook, Twitter, text, carrier pigeon, whatever. So please keep the feedback coming and maybe you'll see your name and picture ON THIS VERY BLOG! It is the year of the commoner, after all.

Today's Fan Profile spotlight belongs to Sarah H. McLeod. Sarah hails from Georgetown, Kentucky...meaning she probably loves Toyota and probably tells people from out of state that she is from Lexington to avoid a long explanation of there whereabouts of Georgetown. Sarah attended Transylvania University and has recently begun dabbling in making out with statues, mediocre outdoor recreational soccer and testing out the worst duets possible to karaoke to on Monday nights. 

Sarah is a dedicated reader of the blog. We know this because unlike so many of you out there who I know for a fact read this blog, she comments...on the reg.  Sarah is always letting us know her feelings about our late night confessions, sports news and consumer reports. 

Sarah's fandom has taken a recent turn though that truly shows her dedication. She believes that her work has BLOCKED HER from reading TuckersTales.net. Her work's network has somehow taken note to how much time she spends reading our blog (we can't confirm or deny the actual number of hours spent, but we think anywhere from 2-3 hours a day....roughly) and somehow her access has been denied. A true test of her loyalty will be if she can continue to find ways to read the blog. 

Good luck, Sarah! We hope you find a way to beat the man and keep on reading our blog. 

In other news......doesn't Sarah kind of resemble.....dare I say, a grown up......

Look for a future blog on conspiracy theories .....

Fan Profile: Aaron T. Anderkin

Posted by Ally Tucker on May 4, 2011 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Recently (last night), fellow blogger Kristen came up with the idea to highlight a reader/fan once a day in our new section called "Fan Profile." So, to show our appreciation, we're going to start a new feature. In our Fan Profiles, we will give a little background information on those we consider to be our most avid, semi-random readers. But remember, we don't know that you read the blog unless you comment via the Comments section, Facebook, Twitter, text, carrier pigeon, whatever. So please keep the feedback coming and maybe you'll see your name and picture ON THIS VERY BLOG! It is the year of the commoner, after all.

Tonight I would like to take the time to highlight one of our biggest fans.....

Just kidding. Not that kind of fan, silly. 

Much like Kristen, I have had the intense experience lately of being cornered by someone who is an apparent loyal reader of the blog. It's actually never who I would expect it to be. For example, my roommates may or may not even remember that I have a blog (thanks for keeping me humble guys). Yet sometimes people who I am completely shocked to hear read the blog, read it every day. I love the unexpected fans. 

This weekend I was cornered (literally) by a surprise fan........Aaron T. Anderkin (I always refer to people by their Facebook names...and Aaron was one of the first to adopt the middle initial into his name....you trail blazer you!) Although I did just check Facebook and turns out he has since gone back to his roots and dropped the "T."  Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs Diddy  No Talent Clown would be proud.

For some reason Aaron "I don't need a T, but I prefer sweet tea" Anderkin does not have any incriminating or embarrassing photos that I could choose from on Facebook for this Fan Profile. Aaron must have one of those "real jobs" or something. 

Anyway, Aaron took the time to bring to my attention this weekend that he reads the blog everyday. In fact, he said, and I quote that "Next to Facebook, I read Tucker's Tales more than anything else. You and Mark Zuckerberg....same level for me." I don't know about all of that Aaron, but I have heard rumors their might be a film in the making for TTales......

(Oops, wrong Tucker's Tales...... damn ".com's")

Aaron also expressed his concern that he had not yet received a shoutout on the blog. Now, I won't name any names, but Aaron threw a few people under the bus for being wayyyy more casual fans/readers than him. I told Aaron that he needed to make his presence more well known, by leaving comments and things of that nature (Hey Aaron....still no comments...I've been checking...). To follow my accusation, Aaron made a threat....a real live threat. 

Aaron told me that I had THREE DAYS to give him some kind of a shoutout on the blog. Later he changed his tune to 24 hours....then 2 hours....then back to 3 days. Needless to say, much like Oprah's weight....Aaron fluctuates. We came to the conclusion (with the help of him offering me all 60 of his beers....true story) that I had 3 days. Well, the party was Saturday and today is Wednesday....close enough for me.

Aaron Anderkin...here is your official shoutout. We appreciate you reading the blog. 

Aaron Anderkin is a former Rockcastle County sports legend, a Transylvania alum, a Mary Jo Perino enthusiast (aren't we all?), a big fan of putting his hand into plastered molds...and according to his Facebook profile-- a sales manager and "a pretty lucky guy." Yes, his about me section says "a pretty lucky guy." I need more material to work with Aaron, but judging by the members of your family that I know (especially a certain Aunt that I met Saturday and a certain Aunt that I've known for a while who is awkwardly 2 years younger than you), your new wife and your always entertaining personality....I would have to agree. You are a lucky guy and we are lucky to have you as a loyal reader. 

Again... thanks for reading Aaron! You have 3 days to comment on a blog post or else.....

Fan Profile: Chandler Thomas

Posted by Kristen Geil on May 3, 2011 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (2)

In recent weeks, Ally and I have both had multiple people corner us and tell us how much they love the blog, and the experience is always a pleasant surprise. It really, truly, never gets old. Whether it's my former alumnae advisor pulling me aside at my official going-alum sorority ritual or Greg Tackett cornering me at McCarthy's and earnestly analyzing my creepy imaginary twin (now triplet), or a sorority sister pulling me aside in the Raf- we love that you love us.

(Tucker- we should invest in these. And a blog reader named Rhonda)


So, to show our appreciation, we're going to start a new feature. In our Fan Profiles, we will give a little background information on those we consider to be our most avid, semi-random readers. But remember, we don't know that you read the blog unless you comment via the Comments section, Facebook, Twitter, text, carrier pigeon, whatever. So please keep the feedback coming and maybe you'll see your name and picture ON THIS VERY BLOG! It is the year of the commoner, after all.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce Tucker's Tales readers to none other than... (drum roll, please)...



Since she cornered me this past Thursday night in the bathroom (not as creepy as it sounds) and confessed her blog obsession and made me swear up and down to give her a shoutout, I have been contemplating the best way to do so. Here goes.


Chandler Thomas is a freshman Tri Delta at Transylvania, hailing from Winchester (FUNchester) and cousin to Sydney and Langdon Ryan. An avid golfer, she is active in her sorority and enjoys frozen yogurt.


No worries, she's a lot cooler than that brief bio.


Exhibit A. Anyone who takes Barn Dance this seriously is all right by me.


Reflecting on the brief time Chandler and I have known each other never fails to bring a smile to my face. While we've hung out during sorority and social events and had fun, I think the first moment I noticed our special bond was during an intramural basketball game. While lounging on the sidelines, we somehow got upon the subject of "Smang It," the dance craze sweeping the nation... at least in our eyes. Chandler loves Flynt Flossy with a passion, and to this day we text or call each other whenever we feel the urge to Smang It (smash it and bang it, for those of you who don't know- I commented on it in a TT Consumer's Report once). Maybe the video will help you readers understand more...



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Another fabulous thing about Chandler is that she helped spearhead my campaign for Queen of Dance of the Decades. Her slogan, "GAGA FOR GEIL," may well have won me that title. That, or the fact that I was running around the dance holding people's phones hostage in exchange for donations in my bucket (currently looking for a picture from that night, up soon- in the meantime, enjoy Chandler and two of our other freshmen with their "I LOVE COLLEGE" AWARDS- they totes deserve it).



Finally, the coincidence that convinced me Chandler and I were absolutely made for each other. For another sorority's function, she donned the following costume:


Readers, let's travel back in time to my freshman year Halloween costume, which I believe Ally Tucker deemed the second best one of the night on her radio show (points to whoever can remember the #1 costume...)


Case closed. Chandler, keep on keepin on. And keep reading the blog.



Farewell To Tucker's Tales....

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JUST KIDDING! April Fool's Day! C'mon now, I know you guys didn't really believe we'd be giving up on Tucker's Tales did you? Never!

Just Can't Get Enough?

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No, not of the Black Eyed Peas song...

... of TUCKER'S TALES, of course!

We recently evolved into a Facebook Page (took us long enough, right?) and we need you all to "LIKE" us on Facebook so that we can continue expanding our fan base! We're trying to do big things here, people, so thanks for your continued support and remember, keep reading, liking, and commenting!


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