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Rev. Tar Timothy Chen 陳達牧師 was born in Fujian 福建, China, grew up in Taiwan and immigrated to the U.S. in 1967.  He obtained his B.S. in mathematics from National Taiwan University (1966), M.S. and Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Chicago (1969, 72).   He worked full-time in statistical and medical research for 30 years in academia, industry, and government (National Cancer Institute).  He was born in a Christian family but became a skeptic during high school and college years.  During the first year of his graduate study in Chicago, he returned to his childhood faith by God's grace.  He studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS, Fort Worth, TX) part-time and received his M.Div. degree in 1989.  He resigned his position as a full professor at the University of Maryland Medical School in 2001 and studied in Ph.D. programs at SWBTS for three years.   He was the Chinese pastor of 聖路易中華福音教會St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church in 2004-2008, the Mandarin pastor of 新澤西主恩堂 Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey (Parsippany) in 2008-2013, and the pastor of 曼城华人基督教会恩典堂 Grace Chinese Christian Church of Greater Memphis (Collierville)  2013-2017.  He received a Ph.D. in theology from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (Cordova, TN) in 2018. He now resides in Houston, TX and is an itinerant preacher and Bible teacher.  He married Meei-ming Li 黎美明 fifty years ago, and they have two grown sons, one granddaughter, and one grandson.  

陈达牧师出生于福建,生长于台湾,在台湾大学毕业后,1967年来美国,得芝加哥大学统计学硕士博士。曾任德州大学M.D. Anderson 癌症中心助教授,马里兰大学医学院正教授。有学术论文百多篇。在1997 被选为美国统计学会荣誉会士(ASA Fellow)。在1999年担任泛华统计学会会长(ICSA President),及北京大学客座教授。在他来美国的第一年,神的恩典使他浪子回头。他参加很多教会事奉,1989年在美西南浸信会神学院道学硕士毕业,2004年开始牧养教会。曾任圣路易中华福音教会中文牧师四年,新泽西主恩堂国语堂牧师四年半,曼城华人基督教会恩典堂牧师四年半。2018年在美中浸信会神学院得神学博士。目前他住在休斯顿,是自由传道。师母黎美明,有几个硕士学位,保括图书管理,医药资讯,心理辅导。牧师师母结婚五十年,有两个儿子,有一位孙女,一位孙儿。陈牧师大前年出版"基督教基本教义讲道集",2016. ISBN 978-957-43-4102-3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/957434102X ;前年出版"马太福音讲道集" ,2017. ISBN 978-957-43-4978-4, https://www.amazon.com/dp/9574349780;去年出版"约翰福音讲道集" ,2018. ISBN 978-957-43-6210-3, 

假如你想听我的讲道,请你上网站 https://hellochurch.org/ttchen/#home/homeInfo/1859


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