Finding Truth In Humanity

What We Stand For...

The goal for Trumanity is to promote awareness to the masses. We hope by organizing shows and events we can help to stamp out Violence, Predjudice, Racism not to mention Cultural and Spiritual barriers in our society. We hope one day to make this an international event.

A percentage of money raised from each event will go towards three separate charities which promote Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Rights. These are three very important issues to us. Respect for not only yourself but for people and species everywhere coupled with respect for your environment and atmosphere. Respect in general is the main thought we will explore to the fullest.

By organizing annual events which touch on various subjects we hope to bring insight, for instance: religion, culture, spirituality, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, non-violence, quantum physics, many of the mysteries of life and of the world in which we reside, creativity, music, love, peace, understanding, history, and much more.

For a more indepth outline as to what will be taking place at these events, please visit the Events section of this website.

Thank you for your interest in Trumanity,

Peace to all,

Kanaska Carter
Scottie Carter
Devon Smith
Fabien Melanson

The Trumanity Team