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Trikke 3CV extreme sports vehicle

Trikke - what it is and why you need one!

The Trikke is a cambering vehicle (3CV technology) which means you propel it by turning the front wheel back and forth and shifting weight on the two back wheels. It's a three wheeled ride so it can be enjoyed by all ages. The oldest trikke rider on record is over 90!

The several models available include the Trikke 7/8 (with polyurethane wheels), the trikke 8 Sport and the Trikke 12 (which is the street trikke with 12 inch tires).  There is also a power-assisted or electric trikke available.

The Trikke-ski is a trikke you can skii the mountains with!

You might want a trikke because it's a great workout which works both upper and lower body and it feels like skiing or surfing or inline skating. In other words, it's good for you but it's fun too!

Caution - this vehicle can be addictive! :)


What's New!

Trikke on TV!  Trikkes were mentioned on "the Doctors" as well as several other TV shows!
The doctors claimed that riding a trikke burns 500 calories an hour and they definitely found out that it is fun. And they showed one of the electric trikkes also! 

The Santa Barbara Police Department has switched some of their officers to riding trikkes. It brings them closer to the people and is a great conversation starter, say the trikke-ing officers.

Former President Jimmy Carter owns a trikke and keeps fit by riding regularly!

Trikke Ski meets and competitions are a regular feature of Winter Time... for more information and trikke conversation check out Trikke Academy on Facebook (must be a member of Facebook)

To see all the different types of trikkes, including the Trikke hybrid (power assisted trikkes and kits, visit the Trikke Showroom!


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