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As with anyone that breeds horses, their girls are very near and dear to their hearts.  Our girls are no exception.  We've come to love the arabian breed for their beauty, intelligence, personable nature, athletic ability and heart.  We're so proud to have these girls as a part of our program!

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SAS Arielle

We found "Arielle" in Springfield, Ohio in February of 2008.  She was bred by Pam and Eric Stowe of Stowe Arabians.  Pam & Eric didn't know what hit them when we called them inquiring about Al-Marah Horatio fillies that they might have for sale.  Arielle wasn't for sale at the time, but by the grace of God, Pam explored our website and fell in love with our stallion, Shiner Dun It and the wheels in her head started turning.  Arielle was their "dream filly" and they had worked hard and waited a long time to get her.  Poor Pam is still somewhat in disbelief that she's agreed to let this girl go, but we here at Trickle Creek Ranch are sure glad she said that she would (and we kept the email documentation to prove it)!  

We just can't get enough of these good-minded Al-Marah horses and Arielle is no exception!  She has a gorgeous head, just like her daddy and a killer hip, just like her momma (we like big butts)!  We couldn't have asked for more if we pieced her together ourselves!  We are proud as heck of this filly and we can't wait to get her into the show ring.  After seeing her natural born abilities, we believe she's going to be a superstar!  She is already proving herself as a broodmare as well.  Check out Arielle's foal page to see what she's producing!   

Arielle's Gallery

Pedigree for SAS Arielle


Kenlyn Belladonna

We purchased Bella in November of 2010.  Bella struck Stacey's fancy as we were not only looking for bay or black mares at the time to cross with Shiner for some buckskin foals, but Bella provided the opportunity to own a very versitile mare with one heck of a pedigree!  Bella's amazing!  She's the prettiest black purebred (non-egyptian) that we've ever laid eyes on!  Granted, she's a youngster right now, but we'll break her when the time comes and certainly enjoy her in the interim!  She's tall, leggy and has a booty like Jennifer Lopez (lovin' it)!  Additionally, she has a fabulous disposition!  While we believe her strong suit is going to be sport horse and jumping, we're sure she'll make quite the western pleasure horse and possibly show trail horse as well!  We've even recently caught her tracking our dogs along the fence line, so who knows...maybe there's some working cow in her future!  We're pleased as can be with her!  Check out Bella's foal page to see what she's been producing!


Bella's Gallery

Pedigree for Kenlyn Belladonna

TR Sumerbrez

We came across Breezy through some great friends of ours, the Quinns (Rising Q Ranch).  Troy Quinn has been shoeing our horses since about 2006 and he's the best darn shoer I've had since I started in this business!  That aside, he's a pretty nice guy, too.  Over time, we came to meet his family.  His wife Veronica is now a dear friend and their daughter Nichole is a great kid!  Through them, we learned more about the Russian lines of the Arabian horse and learned that they'd been doing business with Rick Taylor of Taylor Ranch for years.  They were kind enough to introduce us to Isaac Taylor, Rick's son, at the Scottsdale show in 2009.  As conversations progressed, the Taylors were kind enough to allow us to lease a mare from them so we could breed her to our own stallion and see what the Russian horses could do with the lines we were promoting. 

We fell in love with Breezy from the start.  She was so personable!  And that face...we couldn't get over her face!  After getting her in foal, we found out that she was also broke to ride, so we started riding her out on short trail rides.  We were amazed at the fact that she was only green broke, but was so obedient and well-mannered.  She didn't spook at anything and was even safe enough for Dan & Camden to ride out by themselves on the trail!  It was only our intention to lease her and return her after she foaled, but when we added up the fact that she was so lovable, was broke enough for my boys to ride, and she threw the most incredible foal out of Shiner, we just had to inquire about keeping her!  Of course, as the Quinns had told us, Isaac and his father Rick are very easy people to deal with...and it looks like Breezy has found a new home here at Trickle Creek Ranch!  We're elated!  Check out Breezy's foal page to see what she's been producing!

15 hands    1050 lbs


Breezy's Gallery

Pedigree for TR Sumerbrez

All Laced Up

We acquired Lacey through a series of trades.  Our intention at the time was to just have another horse around to ride and enjoy, however, my parents decided they wanted to breed her to Shiner to see what they would come up with.  Lacey produced what I consider to be one of the best foals we've had as of yet!  Her 2012 foal, TCR I Dunit Myself (aka Mya), is simply stunning!  Her face could put many purebreds to shame!  Along with that, she has a killer quarter horse body and a refined neck.  As if that wasn't enough, she's catty and quick and has a stellar personality!  We're just thrilled with what Lacey put on the ground and we can't say enough about her filly by Shiner!  We've bred her back to Shiner for another foal and can't wait to see what this one turns out to be!  In the interim, we will trail ride Lacey and play with her at team pennings and sortings to see what kind of money we can earn on her!  Check out Lacey's foal page to see what she's been producing!


14.3 hands     1100 lbs 

 Lacey's Gallery

Pedigree for All Laced Up 


Kaibars Lovleo

We purchased Love back in 2006 and through some difficult financial times were forces to sell her in 2010.  Amazingly, she came up for sale again in 2013 and we were able to re-purchase her!  We missed this girl SO badly...she was such a family member to us!  Stacey had showed her to a 3rd place in working cow at the Scottsdale show back in 2007 and thereafter, showed her in team sorting, where she earned over $500 in ONE show!  This mare is highly trained and highly athletic.  She produced a great colt in 2010 by a Khemosabi son.  We will find some new blood to cross her with and offer more foals for sale by her in the future.  Check out Love's foal page to see what she's been producing!


14.3 hands     1100 lbs  


Love's Gallery

Pedigree for Kaibars Lovleo 


Red Nectar

We acquired "Red" from Al-Marah in June of 2005.  She was in foal to AM Power Raid++\ and produced a gorgeous gray colt, DS Powereddy, that you can view on her foal page.  Red has proven to be everything we've hoped for and expected from her breeding.  She has now produced four Half Arabian foals by our stallion, Shiner Dun It, the first of which is now showing and doing a great job in her reining classes!  This cross is dynamic and gets better and better with each foal!  Please see all of the foals she has produced for us on Red's foal page.  


14.1 hands    950 lbs 

Red's Gallery

Pedigree for Red Nectar