Satellite TV in Tavira

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The alternatives.

There are currently three alternative ways to continue receiving the mainstream UK TV channels.

1) Cheapest. Have your existing dish re-aligned to a different satellite (TF-Sat) and change your set-top-box (Digibox). This will give you BBC1, 2, 3 & 4 plus ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. And not much else. No on-going charges. NB Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Freesat boxes will NOT work. 

2) Optimum. ADD a second dish and change your set-top-box. This will give you the channels mentioned above, plus a good number of the channels you currently receive. Again, no on-going charges. 

Options 1 & 2 require a special decoder/receiver box. Due to the uncertain future of this system, we are no longer stocking these boxes, but you are welcome to source your own and we will install it for you. Please ask for details using the red CONTACT button.

3) Get IPTV. This requires no satellite dish, but it does need a good, stable broadband internet connection AND you have to may have to pay a monthly subscription. This type of system gives a reasonable choice of channels and sometimes gives you catch-up TV. This is usually a subscription service- normally payable quarterly, half-yearly or annually, usually in advance. Picture quality is not the best, but is watchable. Due to PT's poor internet reliability, we do not offer any services of this type.

 Please drop us a message by clicking on the red  CONTACT   button to the right of the page for more information.