Satellite TV in Tavira

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For a number of years, we have been able to receive the UK's BBC, ITV and other Public Service Broadcasts from Astra 2, often referred to as the Sky satellite. "Astra 2" actually consists of 4 satellites, all co-located at around 28.2° East. Some of these craft are now getting old (2A is past it's sell-by date by over a year) and are soon to be replaced. 

These changes are not going to adversely affect viewers in the UK- in fact they will benefit from stronger signals and improved services (more HD for example). But here in southern Europe it's a different story. The replacement satellites are being built to order and the broadcasters have specified that they want to reduce the overspill into Europe as much as possible.

The new satellites (Astra 2 F, E and G) all come equipped with a tight 'UK' beam, reducing the footprint to the British Isles and not much else.

Astra 2F launched late 2012, and it took a few channels which of course disappeared from our screens. The subsequent 2E has been dogged with delay after delay, but it looks like it is finally going to come into service during the spring of 2014. 2G is scheduled for launch later in 2014, but nobody is holding their breath!

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