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TrendyTush Diapers


                                               TrendyTush Diapers


TrendyTush offers decorative tabs using touchtape (a strong form of hook and loop closure). All my touchtape is cut with rounded corners so no rough edges are present to rub on babies tender skin causing raw spots.

I also do have a side snapping diaper but this does not have the decorative tabs available.


The fabrics used in my diapers are an outer layer of 1mil PUL which is the waterproof layer, the absorbent layer is a mix of hemp and microfiber then the layer against babies skin is a soft natural  sherpa . I do offer Bamboo in the absorbent layer for an extra $1.50 and upon special request.

They are an AIO diaper…which means All In One. They include an outer waterproof layer, then an inner soft layer with a flap out soaker that is absorbent. The flap out soaker can either be sewn in or snap in, they are made with snaps unless sewn in is requested. I make the soaker flap out so it will dry quickly as opposed to the AIO’s with the soaker completely hidden within the inner fabric. These diapers go on just like a disposable, only difference is you wash them and reuse them, so environmentally friendly. They also feature a pass-thru pocket from back to front where you can add extra absorbency. This pass-thru pocket also ensures quicker drying times and you can  check to be sure the sewn in soaker is completely dry.



Ordering info:

Custom orders can be determined through email at

My main store home is on hyenacart 

store name Moondrops Way


Sizes:  newborn (6-15lbs), small (10-21lbs),medium (14-28lbs), m/l (20-32lbs), large (24-35lbs), X-large (30+lbs)



newborn and small = $13.50

medium  and m/l = $14.50

large and x-lg= $15.50

discounts for volume ordering, email for prices. 

bamboo instead of hemp in the soakers adds $1.00 per diaper                             



$8.50 each for small $9.50 each for medium and $10.00 each for large


I suggest you add insurance when shipping in order to protect your product from loss in the mail, I can't be held responsible for shipments once I leave them at the post office.



*NEW* pass-thru pocket diapers

Trendy Tush is now offering a pass-thru pocket diaper. These diapers are exactly like the regular Trendy Tush AIO's but the absorbent layer isn't sewn or snap in at all. They come with a separate insert that can be either put inside the pocket or the pocket part can be used as a shell with the insert laid inside.

choosing fabric

I have pictures of all my fabrics in the fabrics album. I do not always have these fabrics available, please click on the image to enlarge when you pick what you like and the caption will tell you if it's available or the limited amounts. I'm trying to make it easy on all of us for when you order.