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Project Potemkin Open House

Project Potemkin held it's open house Saturday October 12th, 2013 at Stellar Video Services, Albany, GA. Doctor's Orders Episode

Star Trek Grissom news

The planned release of Star Trek Grissom 103, will now not take place on Jan 3rd. This is due to both myself and Bodo Hartwig being mega busy in November/December with other Trek (Angeles, Intrepid) and comic related (The Wren) projects. All projects going extremely well!

FEAR NOT, the episode will launch February coming.This will allow time for Bodo Hartwig to finish weaving his magic with the wonderful performances of our 26 strong international ensemble cast, and for our public relations guru Rick Pike to get us promoted to the fan community. Andrew Foster has already laid down the episode art, which you may have seen on the Star Trek Grissom FB page! Do check it out!

Watch the Star Trek Grissom website forums, HFP, Lexington, and Intrepid forums for more details of the release, and continue to check out our pages on Face Book and Trekspace pages where we will post updates also

SeŠn Paul Teeling
Producer, Star Trek Grissom

Claudia Christian has a Convention in the UK

Actress Claudia Christian has her own convention coming to the UK!  Sign up now!

Alabama Ghostbusters: Alabama Theatre GBII

Ghostbusters II Screening,Saturday, July 30th, 2011.  Alabama Ghost Busters:  Costuming for good at Birmingham's Alabama Theatre

Tornado relief auction on ebay and at the Theatre

Who ya gonna call?  Ghostbusters.

For more Ghost Busting,Greek Goddesses,Star Wars and more.  Click on:


Tim Carr,Photographer


Janine Melnitz, Reporting!

Boo at Birmingham,AL Zoo




It is that time of year again,Halloween.  And the Birmingham,Alabama Zoo,once again kicks off Boo at the Zoo.  Star Trek Lexington,along with other Alabama Fandom Groups will be on hand during the BATZ events. 

If you live in the area,or you are a tourist in Birmingham,AL during October?  Stop on by Boo at the Zoo,doors open at 5pmCST.

Trek Movie for 2009

It looks like another pre-quel for the powers that be in Star Trekdom.  With J.J. Abrams taking over the Great Bird of the Galaxy seat.  Abrams of Mission Impossible III.  To direct and produce the eleventh Star Trek Movie,slated for Movie theatres in 2008.

Also, the producing team of Bryan Burk,Damon Lindelof in the production team as well.

This new trek movie will be written by Abrams and also have some writers from Mission Impossible three,in Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

The pre-qual will center around the lives of Young James T. Kirk and Spock.  And reports suggest it will herald in their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and encompass each young Officer's first Starfleet Space Mission.

It is the hopes of Paramount Chief Brad Grey and Gail Berman to energize the Star Trek Genre which turned 40, September,2006.  The Original Star Trek of 78 episodes launched a large fan base and many conventions as well ask books,movies and other merchandise.  The Motion Picture of 1979 grossed 263 million domestic.  Paramount started the Next Generation in 1987, with Rick Berman and Roddenberry co-executive producers.

So, Star Trek is 40 and by the time this new movie hits theatres in 2009, she will be 42.  Can going back to the past energize Star Trek?

Or would the powers that be; would be better served perhaps to take us in a different direction?  Say the future?

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.  I just hope Paramount remembers that.

This reporter says.  "Second star to the right and straight on to the future."

T'Moya, Reporting.


*For Variety's  full indepth coverage of the Trek Pre-Qual go to this link.  htp://


Are Older Federation Ships Obsolete?



In this article we will focus on the older Federation classes and try and answer the following questions?

Has the Federation wasted billions of credits and resources?

Looking at this question I have to say while there is a need to have the latest systems and improvement on Federation ships as otherwise they would never survive an attack by a hostile species but I still have to say they have massively wasted mass credits and resources when discarding the older vessels or relegating them to such meagre jobs as cargo carriers etc.


Has the Federation built ships for building sake?

2200 -2300 = 27 ships including refits

2300 Ė 2400 = 32 ships

Can the older ships be augmented to serve within the Federation Fleet (Circa 2376)?

When looking at this question my answer again is yes as below I will show one good example of why and how they could augment said Ship back into service instead of the federation mass building new ships.

To case an example:

If you look at the Miranda class you will note that most of the main armaments are located as part of the Roll bar (Phasers either side of the Roll bar with the torpedoes in the centre of the Roll bar).

With the various new technologies available to the Federation such as ablative armour (as created in the defiant class) and the various available pods (As created in Nebula Class)

Another idea again an older classed used idea in the Excelsior class which her commanding officer Captain Hikaru Sulu suggested was to install a set of side mounted sensors\scanners which would serve this ship well in a exploration or scientific missions.

Now everyone will be looking at the fact that the said refit of the Miranda in 2270 only gave the Miranda class a upgrade of being capable of Warp 9.2 for 12 hours but in looking at this problem I think the common designers view of adding another nacelle solves this problem as would make the Miranda class Warp 9.6 capable (Due to the pod warp is restricted to 9.6)


Like most things it has always been easier to create than to modify but given the fact that Federation lost a lot of ship in the Dominion war I think this idea of using older ships augmented in the short term to create the backbone of the fleet while it focus it effort and stockpiles resources to improve there Defences as well as if needed build new classes although in the short term I doubt it is as proved here with a little time in the yards some of the older ships could perform a valuable service even if Star fleet Command consider them out of date and obsolete.

Reporter:  Gareth Ellershaw aka Gaz

If you need a Super Hero!!!

The bull pen of the Daily Planet was a hub of activity.  There were wars,rumors of wars in the middle east and across the globe that is Earth. Perry White sat at his desk, chewing some Kava leaves to assist in lowering his to high blood pressure.

"Olsen!" White barked out.

Jimmy Olsen looked up,color draining from his face as he strode from his desk to Mr. White's office.  "Ah, yes Sir!"  He said with broken,high pitched voice.

"Olsen, did you fix that talking mounted fish of mine?"

"Yes, Mr. White."

"Olsen, did you get the tickets to the Elvis contest for myself and Alice?"

"Yes I did Sir."

Perry grinned. "Good, son.. Good. Now run along down to the obituary side and finish the column. After all,a good obit is a great place to start in this business."

Jimmy's face fell as he took his camera off his neck. "Obituaries, I should have guessed."  He took the elevator down to the basement where the obituary reporters worked.


Lois Lane looked up from her typing and noticed that Kent had arrived. Smiling she ask. "Late date with the DA?"

Clark smiled and said. "A gentleman never kisses and tells, Lois; you know that."

Lois smirked and said. "Ahhh huh and I suppose you will next tell me that it was a wonderful evening?"

Clark smiled and winked.

Catherine Grant strode in,wearing leather boots,pants and a halter top.  "OooooHhhhh, Clark. Thanks for a great evening."  She winked and blew Clark a kiss.

Clark played along and caught the kiss and put it to his lips.

Lois livid stormed out of the bull pen to the elevator. "Kent, if you can start thinking with the head on your shoulders,we have an investigation to do."

Clark smiled and winked at Cat.

Catherine Grant smiled and sat down at her desk. "Oh, don't you just love seeing her like that?"

Clark chuckled. "Yes well, I should really get to  the investigation."

Cat chuckled and said. "Yeah well just don't let Lois take the entire line this time. Remember Bi line means more than one reporter."

Clark smiled. "I shall try to remember that. Cat."

//Metropolis Morgue//

Clark looked around as the Medical Examiner gave Lois the file on the deceased. "We are still trying to determine just how the Judge was killed and if foul play was involved.  We also know that Mayson Drake's home was bombed and similar trace elements in her home are also on this badly burned cadiver of the Judge."

Clark looked at the body with his x-ray vision,noting small fibers and traces of wires like he found at Mayson's home.  He looked at Lois and ask.  "Find anything in the file?"

"Clark, this reads just like the report on Mayson's home even down to the smell of the room. And had Mayson been home when that thing went off. Well, she would have ended up."  Lois stopped as she gulped down the last words.

Clark nodded.  "Which is why I keep telling you that you need to be careful, these same guys know you are on the story and you have already been run off the road."

"Oh Clark, I don't need police protection. If I get into trouble I can always yell.. Help Superman." Lois said and winked.

Clark shook his head. "Still, I would feel better if you would at least let me sleep on your sofa for the night?"

Lois looked at him and rolled her eyes. "Clark Kent, I am fully capable of taking care of myself."

Mayson Drake walked in and smiled. "Clark you can sleep on my sofa any night."

Clark smiled at her and said. "Well at least you let the police put guards on you."

Mayson smiled and said. "Yes and Lois has them to now. No arguments, Lois. These people play for keeps and keeps to them is six feet under."


The 214th SF/VHC Black Sheep

Fleet Admiral T'Moya sat at her desk.  The USS Allied Zorro NCC 1120 would depart the 214th docks soon.  She thumbed through Padd page after page.  Her keen Vulcan eyes scanning the ship wide status reports.

T'Moya listened to Serron who sat telling her about the day he had spent on Colony 119.  She nodded and continued her read. Her curly hair,long and unruly she had contained into a strong Vulcan barrette.  She ran nimble finger's through her hair and looked up as the yoeman entered the Ready Room to hand her the current mission status.

They would depart Colony 119,where the 214th docks orbited and depart for the Orlon colony.  T'Moya sensed that the crew was on edge,due to the severity of the casulties in this war.

She stood up and looked at Serron. "Perhaps we should give the crew an entertainment night enroute to the destination."

Serron looked at her with raised blonde eyebrow and replied. "That is agreeable and logical,T'Moya."


Flagship of the 214th SF/VHC Black Sheep

Fleet Admiral T'Moya,CO

If you seek adventure and boldly going where no one has gone before?  The Black Sheep SF/VHC Heavy Medical and Support Fleet is for you.

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